What IF?

Metatron Mandala
Today's Channeled Message from Metatron seems to have hit a nerve with many of you...EXCELLENT! If you haven't seen it, here goes:

Little One ~

Let's play, shall we?

Let us play the What If Game?

What IF you won?
What IF 'it' worked?
What IF you said YES?
What IF you said NO?
What IF you left?
What IF you stayed?
What IF....

What are your What IFs? Write down the first one that comes to mind and allow me to show you What IF...



What IF YOU took that chance?

It was illuminating to read so many empowering responses after Metatron's push. For that is one of his gifts; pushing you where you ultimately desire for it IS your soul's calling. He pushes you to think, remember, dwell and pull up those big girl panties and move forward. 

So many of you felt that push and commented with powerful statements such as:


What IF I didn't care what others thought of me?

What IF I spoke my truth?

What IF I said YES and moved forward?


These are paraphrases from many of the comments, for the theme was universal. So many, and this greatly saddens me, are not living life as desired! You feel stuck, immobilized for fear of the unknown. That is indeed what it comes down to; fear of the unknown. 

The unknown is just that, the unknown. The best of plans simply cannot factor in all the possibilities. However, that is true on a normal day. If you have ever been in a car accident, did you plan it? Of course not. Likewise, did you plan on getting sick, laid off. break a toe as you made your bed? (that last one really happened to me years ago, just for the record). Of course you don't plan for those things and more, but life happens. 

Maybe it is because life happens that the immobilizing energy permeates deeply for who wants to add more unknown onto an already full plate?

What I've noticed in my short life is that the majority of us gravitate and embrace what is familiar. It does't matter if you like it or not, but it's familiar and there is comfort in that. Even if it is detrimental to your very essence. 

Here are Some Examples:

We all gravitate to what is familiar and I am no exception. We have moved often in our 35+ year marriage. We have lived in seven houses. SEVEN. No we are not military. Imagine my whoooaaa moment when I realized every single one of the houses we have lived in (apartments don't count) have all faced the direction of SouthWest. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. Ya think we gravitate towards the familiar? 

I've clients that were abused as children. Curls my stomach to dwell upon it, but unfortunately there are simply nasty people out there. Is it a stretch to see how that became a familiar pattern? 'Knowing' they weren't worthy of better; and therefore, metaphorically sought out relationships that were also abusive. Do they like being abused? Please, don't even go there. NOBODY likes that. However, it is what they have known. The fear of maybe that abuse was correct; maybe they weren't worth loving, respecting or living a life that they dreamed about.

It is a comfort of unworthiness. With lots of work, many have now walked away from that mindset and demand respect, recognition and love. They figured it out and said no more. 

Same goes the finances. So many are hurting financially. They desire better, but will leave comments as What IF I had more money? That's a lovely thing! BRAVO! However, when asked how they are BEing proactive in that scenario, the response were crickets chirping. For some the belief is so imbedded of financial woes they truly can't get ahead.

It is a comfort of lack. 

Same goes with career. Who has a job that they really don't enjoy? Who has a job they really don't enjoy but stay for fear of losing tenure, benefits and 'The devil you know is better than the one you don't.' Who has a job that they live for vacations and weekends just to escape the job?

Comfort of misery.

Do any of these above examples mean those people are not worthy of a loving relationship? Does it mean that they are not worthy to have vast prosperity? Does it mean that they can't have a job and career that excites them daily? Does it mean these people are fat, lazy and would rather whine than move forward?

Of course not.

Everyone and I do MEAN everyone is worthy to live life as they desire. Everyone can have love, prosperity, careers and so much more that lights them up. As long as one is true to themselves, what they desire can be experienced. 

How to Get From 'A' to 'B' and Beyond

Does one just wake up one morning and say "No more!" and change commences? It can, I won't lie. However, it take commitment for it's easy to fall back to the comfort of what is known. Change isn't always easy. One simply can't eat a pint of ice cream and then wonder why they aren't losing weight. 

Remember, Grace Always BEgins Inside. 

This goes for the commitment, the love of self and so on. 

It takes commitment to self to move forward and not allow the slide back. It takes a knowing and acceptance that life as you currently know it will indeed change. Change can and often does, include relationships with other people. Not everyone is going to cheer you on; remember not everyone desires to change; some simply enjoy their misery too much and don't realize that they are indeed miserable. So don't attempt to change another. Pay attention to YOU and the rest will tag along or get off your train. 

It takes commitment to say YES to yourself daily. As much as you may desire that ice cream, do you desire losing that ten pounds more? As much as you desire more space in your home, when is the last time you clutter cleared? As much as you desire more money, when is the last time you really did something about it? 

Sometimes those changes require investments. Investments in yourself. Perhaps a career counselor; one who can quickly point out your gifts and lay the groundwork for an actionable plan. Sometimes it may mean getting further training in your field of choice. Sometimes it means putting down that utensil and closing your mouth.

Sometimes it means you step into the Art of Allowing.

The Art of Allowing

The Art of Allowing can forever change your life; if you, excuse the pun, allow it guide you daily. 

How will you allow the angelics to guide you to the proper counselor, coach, class, etc.? How will you allow the angelics to guide you to knowing when it is time to jump and say YES. How will you allow yourself to simply BE guided daily in all areas of your life?

As example, I have a To Do List daily. It is a rare day that everything is accomplished on that list. Why? Have I overloaded myself that day? Some days yes. On other days, not so much. 


For me, each day is a new BEginning. I may have a game plan for that week's blog post, or I might not. I may have a game plan of going to the gym to practice yoga and it may or may not happen. 

The Ego

The ego will strive daily to keep you back. It will tempt you with ice cream. It will tempt you by telling you 'oh it's raining, best stay home.' It will tempt you by filling your day up with 'stuff' to the point the next thing you know it is bedtime and another day has gone by. 

Welcome to your personal Ground Hog Day with Ego as your director. 

This is where Askfirmations come in mighty handy. Implementing positive present-tense questions gently allows you to go in the direction you desire. When one implements Askfirmations, the ego is simply not equipped to answer a question. It loves to argue with statements. However, the ego is rather brilliant is spoonfeeding you not so good questions. Questions such as:

  • Why can't I get ahead?
  • Why does this always happen to me?
  • Why can't I find my soulmate?

And so on... Using those three above, switch it around to:

  • Why is it so easy to get ahead?
  • Why does life flow so harmoniously?
  • Why it is so easy to love and BE loved?

You see, one of the laws of the universe states it answers every question you ask literally. Doesn't interpret. To learn more, click away.


Angel to Chat with and WHY

It ought to come as no surprise that Metatron stepped forward. Certainly Chamuel, Angel of Self Love, plays a role here. First chat with Metatron and remember not only your whys but what gets you juiced up and excited about life. It takes allowing one's self to BE vulnerable. For so many that are hurt put on a mask of sarcasm as a deflection. 
Chat. Allow. Dig Deep. Allow. 
Rinse and repeat. 

 Metatron's Mandala 

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