What is a Dream Activator?

What is a Dream Activator?

Did I just make up a term?




Don't care.


I've realized that this is who I am, but before we ger into all that this means, permit me to tell you a story.


It's the story of a small girl who had a big dreams; she was going to be a prima ballerina like many small girls of that generation and studied for over a decade with a classically trained professional who had worked in the movies at MGM and took dance classes with Fred Astaire.


Then the girl grew and grew and grew. She became much too tall to be a dancer, and those dreams danced away to be replaced by many others over the years.


There were a few things that she kept coming back to:

  • World Peace
  • Wishing others could see and own the magic and power she saw in them.


She didn't know it then, but one of her superpowers was empathy. She could feel deep into another's soul and see if they were happy or unhappy. It confused this girl, now a teenager, that so many had forgotten their magic. They seemed to be caught up in making sure their bellbottoms were the correct width (covering their shoes) and had a date for the prom (She got a pity date thanks to friends). It confused her when more didn't go along. The name-calling and the belittling, all done in 'jest', had strong passive-aggressive undertones, which bothered this peace-seeking love-based child.


As life progressed, she began to see what was wrong.

People had forgotten.

They had forgotten their true self and had gotten caught up in the game of life, as it were, and were busy performing out, outliving, outshining others in such ways that screamed insecurities.

Fear of being alone
Fear of not being worthy to live as they desired, they made up more obtainable goals that fit into the schematics of society's expectations so they could be accepted.
Fear of being vulnerable and sharing who they were

They were afraid to be true to themselves.

That was a knife to this, now woman's soul. How could others not see their beauty, their strength, their power?

The belittling across all genres, politics, neighborhoods, and spiritually based communities was still running amuck. She grew wary of Love & Light, for those who tended to use this phrase were the most significant false prophets of supposedly doing good work but preying on fear instead of empowering others.

She felt utterly alone at times. She attempted to fit in and listened to those 'wiser' than her regarding her business, only to find it was now ringing false in her heart. She stumbled and realized she had perhaps failed those who had trusted her to guide them.

She pulled back to regroup. It took a year of family medical mishaps and her being preoccupied for her to regain her soul's path.

The path of love and empowering others through this energy and gently yet powerfully healing clients and students so they too could walk their talk.

She realized over this forced sabbatical that she was a dream activator. She had been saying for years that she wasn't just a healer. She just wasn't a channel. She just wasn't a teacher.

She realized that she had a way for those ready to listen openly to help pry open the sealed door that had been shut for years and permit their gifts to emerge.

As their gifts started coming out to play, they began to remember what would feed their soul and fill the emptiness that hadn't been able to be filled.

They began to heal on every level: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. They realized that each layer affects the other three, and in this process, they became more awake than they had in years.

They began to feel alive, and in this awakening, they began to honor more around them and their path. They realized that others were struggling differently than they had and found they were judging less and being more compassionate to those around them as they witnessed others coming to terms with their gifts while still navigating their own personal naysayers.

Their dreams began to get activated. Seeds were being firmly planted and taking root.

Then magic entered on every level; their dreams were beginning to manifest. Small at first. Some still argued and played human frequently, but they had done enough inner work that, despite their human self, their dreams were coming true. They stopped in wonder and remembered.

They remembered and began to embrace and build upon all that was good in their life to create more.

Their soul woke up.

This girl, now woman, is me. I am The Dream Activator. I have worked with some A-list celebrities in Hollywood and helped fill the hole in their hearts. I've worked with lesser-known celebrities like you, who now operate more consciously from their soul and teach others by their example to do the same.

This is why I am here: to inspire and empower you to live the life of your dreams. I'm not selling; I'm not boasting. This is me.

There is no pressure on rates going up at the moment. Still, I will share that only members of our sacred community on Facebook, Angel Chatter will be gifted discount codes shortly for private sessions with me. So please join us there. As this community also rebuilds, I call forward those of similar vibration so we may raise together. 

In Love,


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