What is Da’at

No, I am not suddenly using poor English as in ‘dat.’ 
Da’at is the void, the expansion, the nothingness within the Tree of Life. 
How it started
Like most events, this exploration into Data started innocently enough. 
With a client. 
As information was channeled for her, Sandalphon (who oversees the Kabbalah) told me to pay attention
It is in the Sea of Nothingness 
That mysticism becomes known.
At this moment, all of the sephiroth are unified and complete
It is the beginning and end of times.
It is the wholeness
It is the ever-knowing and everlasting energy of 
It is BEing
At this moment, all the past merges with the present and the future.
ALL becomes possible.
The unification of the soul and the physical BEcome One
The mysteries are revealed
The soul speaks and
The body receives
It is in this moment that ALL becomes possible. 
You can be reborn and embrace your soul’s mission in the void of nothingness. This isn’t the mission laid before by a coach, teacher, parent, friends, etc. It is laid out for you By. Your. Soul. 
Remember, your soul’s birthplace is your heart, which knows your truth. It always speaks the truth. That truth?
How Da’at Continued to Show Itself In The Weather
Today’s weather forecast was the typical beginning of summer. Warm, humid, and in the mid-80s. 
It is anything but that.
It is cloudy and cool. 
There is a fire burning hundreds of miles away, and it is affecting our weather. Use this imagery. YOU are creating ripples that are felt by many. We are in the shadows today, the space before dawn when all is possible.
In the nothingness, you are complete. 
In the ego, you are constricted. 
How are you sharing your nothingness?
The Magdalene Speaks
Even The Magdalene had something to say about this poignant moment. 
As I was in my office earlier today, she reminded me to look at my year’s forecast she laid out before me in December. (Yes, this is an offering you too may enjoy, but not until December of this year for the year following).
My card she chose for this month?
Enter The Cave card

She is simply reinforcing the Da’at.
It is within The Cave's stillness and darkness that ALL becomes illuminated. 
⚜️ It is a time of reflection.
⚜️ It is time to clean house metaphorically
⚜️ It is time to rejuvenate
⚜️ When ready, you shall re-emerge empowered and focused on your next viable steps.
How Does This Pertain to You?
Have you felt drained and perhaps wished to withdraw from society and social media?
You are not alone. 
More and more of you are standing by, wishing to know your next steps but wary of whom to trust. You want to trust those you know best, but often they are too bogged down in human-ness to be of service to a spiritual soul like yourself. 
Listen to the whisperings of your soul. Ask what or who may be best suited to you at this moment. If need be, ask for a confirmation, and then? BE open to receiving. 
Do not second-guess these whisperings. Your soul knows the truth and only speaks the truth. 
Little can be accomplished at the snap of your fingers, the blink of your beautiful eye, or by wishing it to happen.
You, my darling, must be proactive in your life. 
Sit in the nothingness and allow ALL to BE revealed. 
With great love,
PS - I am not a Kabbalah expert by any stretch of anyone’s imagination. I only share as Sandalphon shared here and more within his module in The BE You Program. Link here: https://angelchatteracademy.newzenler.com/courses/the-be-you-program

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