What is going on right now?!

What is going on right now?!

So many of you are commenting on higher anxiety and stress in your life. Even other experts in their field are focusing on the anxiety that is so prevalent right now.

This too shall pass, but this moment, before we go any further, I invite you to place one hand over heart and the other over your stomach.


Breathe deeply.


Feel your stomach expand as it sends oxygen to your back as your robs expand.


Feel you shoulders relax as you exhale, and your shoulder blades sink deeper down your back as your neck elongates.


Keep repeating this as you continue reading.


Stress and anxiety happen when your soul temporarily leaves your physical body, and all those fears that can run amuck take over and momentarily become a truth.


Things like:

  • I'll never get ahead
  • I'll never find a romantic partner
  • I'm not worthy to have that
  • I can't
  • Who am I kidding?
  • I just researched, and I KNOW I have...

Parts of these statements may be accurate, but only because you have been telling yourself or hearing this for so long that you now believe it/them to be true.


Can I please share this in hopes you will embrace this very important truth:





The feelings of being overwhelmed are genuine, and I am not about to belittle you.


Feelings of unworthiness are very real and dictate how you operate in life.


The internet is a wondrous and yet vile thing. Do your due diligence, but talk with a trusted practitioner. Even if what they say doesn't 100% resonate, get a second opinion.


Stress and anxiety can be addressed easily daily to help lessen their impact.


Implement the breathing technique offered above, thanks to Haniel, The Angel of Manifestation. If you are unaware of Haniel, she oversees your etheric heart chakra and beautiful lungs. In fact, there is a core in the Angel Chatter Oracle Deck dedicated to breathing, thanks to her.


Take that deep breath and get outside.


Enter Sandalphon, Angel of Grounding. Have you ever noticed that when you start feeling high anxiety, you can literally feel yourself disengaging from reality? It feels real and surreal at the same time. This is why it so beneficial to get outside. If possible, remove those shoes and let your feet the grass, dirt, sand, and rocs beneath them. This sensory tactic alerts your physical body, and it checks in to what is going on. This is called grounding and is beneficial to keeping all four of your energetic bodies in the same place.


If you can take this practice even deeper, lay on the ground. The soles of your feet are only so big, so by connecting more of you to the ground, you can relax and re-enter your body with greater ease. It's okay if you fall asleep. You need it.


Let's go over some very human things you can control to help alleviate or eliminate your stress and anxiety:


  • Watch he caffeine intake! I am no stranger to coffee, but there is a solid limit of two per day. Typically, the second, if there is one, is decaf. Yes. I know there is still caffeine in there, but sometimes a goddess needs a bit of caffeine. Ironically, I often drink decaf in the morning as well!
  • Clutter. I've certainly harped on this a bunch! Feelings of being an old fish woman harking my wares sometimes come to the surface, but clearing your clutter is that important! Clutter hold energy, and if a bunch of it surrounds you, how can you think clearly? IF triggers you, I'm sorry and yet I'm glad. It means you are ready to clear. Consider enrolling in The Break Up With Clutter ProgramThere is none other like it in the world; we talk feng shui, and I walk you through a sacred ritual to get rid of clutter and how to put your room back together. Zen is your new middle name. So your life becomes a bit more stress-free.
  • Sleep. As much as possible, stick to a firm sleep schedule. You intuitively know your circadian rhythms the best to know if going to bed late is best for you of if you are early to bed and early to rise kind of soul. I'm more the latter. I've initiated a rather strict personal sacred time first thing in the morning. By so doing, I am honoring myself, and it makes my day flow more smoothly. Lights out, and am conversing with the Sandman by 9:30. Why is this so important? Lack of sleep will cause more anxiety, guaranteed. Shamael is your go-to angel for this assignment- the Angel of Harmony. Her sacred mister is sometimes used to help bring in those relaxing energies if I feel bogged down at bedtime.
  • Don't ignore you! If you ignore you, guess what happens? Everyone follows you lead and begins to ignore you as well. Please, Please, PLEASE tend yo your need; sleep, proper food, exercise, meditation, and more are imperative to live a less stressful life. Hoping you know by now this is Chamuel's territory. On those days I need a reminder, I wear her necklace. I can fidget with it, and as my hands glide over her sigil, I am reminded of what is important: me.


You know best where your stress comes from. Can you change any of all of it? Maybe, maybe not. It depends on the source. What you can change is how you act and react to it. With the tools offered above, you can start breathing more easily, sleep more soundly, and make yourself a priority every single day.


If you have any questions, please ask below!

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