What is Ikigai and how will it affect your life?

Archangel Haniel Mandala, Angel Chatter

I discovered a new word this week and in essence it summarized what I LOVE helping folks do; discover their true essence. The word?


Ikigai, as you may have surmised, is a Japanese word and it's rudimentary definition is to embrace your reason for BEing. It is what drives you. It is what can keep you up at night in an expansive, giddy sort of way. It is your soul's passion in this life.

As with many other empowering words and concepts there are multiple layers to Ikigai. As we venture a bit into Ikigai, keep the sacred geometry tool, Vesica Piscis, in mind:

Vesica Piscis, Angel Chatter

As a refresher, the Vescia Piscis illustrates 'Two BEcoming One'. It is the base of the Flower of Life:

Flower of Life, Angel Chatter


When one delves into the Flower of Life Image, you cannot help to see it is composed of Vesica Piscis upon Vesica Piscis upon Vesica Piscis. Each maintaining their own identity, but contributing to the whole. 

The First Component to Ikigai

What do you LOVE? Certainly you love nature, family, friends and more. But what is your passion? What do you get excited to learn more about? Could it BE:

  • Technology
  • Sewing
  • Gardening
  • Math
  • Medicine/Healing/The Science behind it
  • Helping Others
  • Carpentry
  • Business
  • Etc.

As each one of you reading this is divinely unique, it only stands to reason so are your innate gifts. As you hopefully know full well, I LOVE inspiring and empowering YOU. 

However, how I do this varies from client to client, student to student, customer to customer. I will incorporate crystals, angels obviously, the goddesses, tools to BE implemented within your personal life, etc. As each soul is different, so will their guidance. True, there are overlapping (Vesica Piscis) that can assist ALL, but deviating as needed to help each one live life as they desire. 

What is your passion(s)? Not sure? Write done everything you LOVE exploring, sharing, learning, implementing in your life. Write it ALL down, no matter how silly ir insignificant you may think it is. 

The Second Component to Ikigai

This takes the things you LOVE and now adds a layer to it. Are you good at 'it'?

Everything you LOVE to do, you may not necessary BE great at. As another example, I LOVE baking and had a small baking catering business years ago. I am good, but far from great and I realized I am not passionate enough about baking to take intense classes to learn how to make puff pastry and then share with others. IF I take a class, it is for pure frivolity and enjoyment. This is scratched off my Ikigai List.

Can you see the difference as it pertains in your life?

Go back to the list you compiled a few moments ago. Those things you LOVE but aren't necessary great at and not passionate enough at 'it' to take further training to get better. This doesn't mean you are lazy by any stretch of the imagination, but an honoring of YOU.

The Third Component to Ikigai

The third component of Ikigai is what does the Universe need?

If you use the baking as an example, does the world really need another baker? I of course say unequivocally YES... who doesn't LOVE gooey, yummy, homemade something baked to make them go ahhhh? 

Certainly the world has plenty of angel intuitives, channelers of goddesses, coaches, bakers, carpenters, business coaches and more. One could paralyze themselves if they think the world is saturated with others with the same kind of passion. 

However, the missing component is YOU. When you shine YOU, everything shifts. You discover your niches within this arena that share more intimately your gifts. As an example, apparently one of my gifts is channeling glyphs/sigils for specific energies. Who knew? I certainly didn't growing up. As this is so far off base from your run of the mill angel goddess, it is a trait I've had to get more comfortable in sharing and explaining their meaning more in depth. Until I did, it was a powerful trait that remained hidden and I was one of thousands 'angel card readers'. Now I stand apart, timidly at times, but stronger than ever. 

Does the universe need more sigils and glyphs? Of course. For each one of those symbols helps the user to deepen their connection with that energy for it aligns with them thus empowering them. This stays in alignment with what I LOVE; inspiring and empowering. 

Look over your list yet again and cross out those other items that the universe may not need.

The Fourth Component to Ikigai

The Fourth Component of Ikigai is this: Can you make a living with the passionate parts of you left?

Bottom line?

Of course you can. 

It may require small to massive shifts within your mindset, geographic location (hard to be an oceanographer if you are living in a landlocked locale as example), taking more classes to BE more confident, sharing your gifts using your words. 

That is typically a hard one to venture into. After all aren't there others out there living their passion that is similar to yours? Of course there is, but when you capitalize on their wording, first it's rather illegal. Second, you are doing yourself a major injustice by not allowing YOU to shine. 

Humans, as a rule, spend a majority of their entire life working. Wouldn't you rather BE involved in a job/career that you love vs. settling?

I do hope you said a resounding YES to that one. This actually may be the hardest part to own. Why is that? It puts you more out there; whether to you decide to work for a company, corporation, store, or go out on your own. Humans, as a rule have been trained and programmed to not shine so much; play small. As a result many are downright miserable for they know they can do more with their life and yet they stay...stuck. 

Play with this last component on your own. How could you make copious amounts (keep in mind copious is left up to the beholder) of money allowing you live life more freely, joyfully and of course lovingly?

What Angel to Chat with to Unveil your Ikigai?

Wings down the angel to chat with to unleash your own Ikigai is Haniel. The Angel of Manifestation. The Angel to inspire you to live life on your terms. The Angel to assist you in living your Heaven on Earth Reality.

That's Who.

Archangel Haniel Mandala, Angel Chatter

Meditate on this powerful mandala that has his sigil woven in the artistry making this a powerful work of art. Call upon him as you go through the various components of Ikigai to discover, embrace and unleash yours. 

If you need any help discovering this, remember this is one of my passions and here to serve. 



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