What is in Store for July's Blood Moon?

July 27, 2018 - The Longest Lunar Eclipse This Century

This coming Friday, July 27, 2018 marks yet another memorable event...in the skies.

Not only is it a lunar eclipse, but is targeted to BE the longest lunar eclipse this century. This also coincides with the Full Blood Moon AND it happens the day after Mercury does its backward dance; it goes retrograde.

It's not what it seems this Mercury in Retrograde Dance

Before you head to your bed and are tempted to pull the covers up over your head in fear of the sky falling, read on:

Mercury is not the only planet retrograde at the moment. Oh NO! In fact other planets are retrograding and most are considered masculine in their energy and traits:

Mars - goes Direct on August 27, 2018
Saturn - goes Direct on September 6, 2018
Pluto - goes Direct on September 30, 2018


Mercury is like the tofu of the solar system; it emits the traits of the other planets that are in retrograde at that time. This meaning that the energy we are now entering is going backward in masculinity. Think about that...the masculine is going backwards in energy.

As a side note, the only feminine planet in retrograde at the moment is Neptune. Her traits include inspiration, magical ways that BEcome enchanting and the subsconscious. Her energy is sweet, sublime and cannot tolerate coarseness. Isn't that a beautiful analogy of what we at large are experiencing in the world right now? 

Coarseness. No wonder she went into hiding!

If you are curious, she goes direct on November 24, 2018. 

Assimilate the Energies of This Mercury in Retrograde

Sit back a moment, think about it. If many of the masculine planets are in retrograde and the softest energy feminine planet is also in hiding, how does this reflect and affect you now?

I pondered this greatly last night and this morning and asked not only The Gang, aka the Angels, but Mary Magdalene, who apparently is one of my newest besties. 

Here is what they had to say:

As we return to purity

As we return to LOVE

The masculine must take a proverbial backset in order for the feminine,

The Divine Feminine to come forward and BE


Balanced with the Masculine

(this is not a battle of who is stronger)

but a union for both to shine

It is a time of reflection

It is a time to soften

It is a time to go within and BE strong

in your Softness

BE strong 

in your Love

BE strong

in your Joy

It is a time to honor both, but first the masculine must soften its grip and the feminine must feel her own divinity and know she is worthy to meet the masculine. The masculine must loosen his grip on control and allow the feminine to BE his partner. 

It is time.

It is this Blood Moon that Sangreal comes to mind, doesn't it?

The Royal Blood or as many call it the Holy Grail.

Without getting into specifics, many hold the energy of Sangreal within themselves. For they are the Divine and are exude the purity that is needed at this time. 


You Have Time

Mercury and all the planets listed above are in retrograde until August 19, 2018, this being when Mercury goes direct. Take advantage of this moment, this profound moment in our history is the time to embrace your feminine side; your intuition. Create your own magic. Dream and take no prisoners for this is your dream, your reality, and your life. As John Lennon sang, Imagine all the people living in a world of peace.

If turmoil settles in, step back. Reflect. Ponder. Chat with your soul by placing your hands over your heart and asking what is the next best thing for you to BE at this moment. 

The last thing you need to do is join the fray of turmoil and fear. That defeats everything you desire. That will keep you on that blasted gerbil wheel for the remainder of your life. Take the leap off that wheel and honor you and your needs and most importantly your dreams. 

I know I am.

Will you join me? 


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