What is Love?

What is Love? - Angel Chatter

Love is such a funny word. 

It is a word that is tossed about freely with phrases such as:

OMG, I LOVE this dip!

I love that car.

I love how that dress looks on you - MUST get

and so on.

However, when it comes to personal relationships, we start throwing in the word unconditional when associated with Love. Or use phrases such as luv ya! Of course this takes away the intensity of the true emotion. It diminishes the purity of this most powerful emotion. Much like it takes it away when you say I love you honey. While rather sweet, it doesn't hit home the same way if you used their birth name. 

So What to do what to do... Remember, Love IS LOVE... there are NO conditions. Period. The End. However, most simply don't seem to get that concept, so to offer hopefully more insight using the above examples:

Do you tell the dip you would love it more if it had more paprika in it?

Do you tell the car you would love it more if it were a different color?

Do you tell your friend that you would love that dress more if it were ...

Thought so.

Why are conditions placed on Love?

If you think of the above examples, there is no danger of it hurting you. When does dip go out of its way to hurt or belittle you? It is an inanimate object! Of course it has no agenda, recourse or ulterior motive. It is what it is. Therefore, in my humble opinion, folks go all willy nilly and throw Love at dip, houses, cars, clothing and more and leave behind humankind.

Why is that?

Humans have ego. Humans have agenda. Humans have history, personal history that can dictate how one moves about their life. Do you go timidly, testing the waters? Or do you blaze ahead and spread Love droplets everywhere you go?

I remember years ago, a young girl was so filled with Love, she hugged all; family, strangers and friends. However, her friends, at a very young age thought she was weird. Who hugs so much and tells them they're happy to see them... all the time? They would push her away and make weird faces behind her back. From that moment, she began to pull back. She kept more to herself, she even labeled herself as weird the older she got. Luckily, she has great parents who continued to encourage her 'weirdness' and today she is a very HAPPY adult. 

But why does this even have to happen in the first place?

What makes people so afraid of LOVE? What makes people put conditions on Love? A babe comes in all gooshy and loving and is ready to give and give and give, so what happens along the way?

Things to ponder about society and within.

Where Does Love Start?

It has to; it must start within. It starts by honoring who you are. Remembering you are perfectly imperfect, just as it everyone else who is walking the planet at this time. 

It starts by honoring your energy levels. It is about knowing your imperfections. Imperfections are not an excuse. They are a fact, but ones that can help propel you to where you desire. I just watched a video of America's Got Talent. This young man was diagnosed with leukemia at a very young age. He was then bullied for being different and horrible rumors spread that his cancer was contagious (really?). He was given a sign, a sign he could have easily ignored, for free violin lessons. He jumped on it and is now on his way to the final rounds of AGT.

He could have easily wallowed and ultimately let cancer win. He did not use his diagnosis as an excuse. He used it as a tool to never give up. He loved himself more to take the next step and the next and the next. 

What are your truths that you may use as an excuse? If you are using any of these kinds of excuses as a way to keep you playing small, it is allowing another to dictate your ability to honor you and through it LOVE you more. Please never allow that to happen again. Will you go forth immediately? Most likely not, but you can continue to blossom and remember to BE. BE You.

True, many reading this have been hurt via insults from someone trusted, ignored by someone trusted, left behind by, you got it, someone trusted. The hurt is real. However, by allowing the hurt to dictate how you move forward is beneath you. You can rise above this and reclaim your beautiful essence. 

It starts by better understanding your WHYS... why you desire this or that, why you want to do 'it', why oh why oh why.

What Love Angel to Chat With and Why

Hopefully it will come as no surprise that this week's angel focus is Chamuel, Angel of Self Love. 

It all, as mentioned above, starts withinNobody is responsible for loving another so they feel complete. Nobody. One only allows the love in for what they feel worth to receive. 

It starts with what is put in our sacred vessel, our body. Is your food fueling or dulling you? Really that simple of a question. You have control of the hand to mouth scenario. 

It starts with what you are surround by; uplifting folks or folks that feed the degrading machine? 

It starts with your sacred space; your home. How does it reflect you? Cluttered or clutter-free? Decorated with intention or all thrown together?

All this contributes and tells the world how much you love yourself and are therefore prepared to love another and assist them on their path. Assist via friendship, mentorship and more.

Chat the Chamuel daily and ask how you may Love yourself more today. Perhaps a walk in the woods, perhaps time out to read, perhaps tea out with a friend, perhaps a nap is in order, perhaps... 

Sit with Chamuel's sigil infused mandala below and I'll be surprised if you don't get insights. Be prepared and don't argue! Besides, you can't win an argument with an angel anyway - they do have your best interests at hand!

Archangel Chamuel Mandala - Angel of Self Love - Angel Chatter

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