What is Love?

What is Love? - Angel Chatter

As the latest winter storm rages outside, The Magdalene pulled me closer to discuss Love.

We, she and I, are diving deeper into the topics that so many of us talk about; peace, love, grace, and community, but rarely delve deep into their true essence. We are quick to throw these words around to sound impressive, but rarely fully integrate them into a very busy life. Her and my relationship is becoming clearer; therefore, more tools, books, etc. will be forthcoming in the days ahead. The angels are forever by my side; we are simply expanding the BEings that I share with you.

As mentioned, words are often tossed about, but how many of us really understand the depth of their meaning? This week, we are delving a bit deeper into LOVE. This topic, this energy itself can take the rest of your life to master, therefore for some this may be rudimentary. For some eye-opening. For some, pure hogwash. 

Permit yourself to hear her words, through me.

For example, how often do you say

Love ya!


Luv you


Luv ya




These phrases are often uttered without a thought.

Without a thought.

When we close a conversation, Luv ya blurts out.

We end an email signed xoxox. I will state I do this and initially it was a random sign off. Now? I take a mere few seconds and send that person hugs, love, and kisses. Even if we aren't romantically inclined for that is reserved for my husband of 35+ years. ;) 

How often do you find yourself signing off in this manner?

I bet it's more often than you realize. 

Let's Go Deeper

BE honest. 

If you are using these supposedly terms of love without thought, with others, how do you think you are honoring you?

Think about it. If you rush the utterance of three little words that pack a LOT of power, how are you shortchanging the most important person in your world?


How often are you so rushed, that your needs come last or pushed to another day?

How often?

Love, like all energies, starts within.

What do you resonate with:

  • Doing something quickly so you may accomplish more in a day?
  • Or spending luxurious time immersed? 

Obviously they led you to the appropriate answer with the term luxurious time, but the decision is yours. 

How often does a day come to a close and you find yourself uttering, where did the time go? How did it get to be dinnertime already? 

Life can get busy. It can get busy to the point you are unsure of the day of the week because you spend much time immersed in doing vs. BEing.

We all fall prey to this way of living/surviving at some point. The key, according to The Magdalene, is to noticed when you drift away from the center, LOVE, and allow time to stand still.

Dimensional Differences

We discussed the third, fourth and fifth dimension in a recent blog post, so I won't bore you by repeating the minute details. However, The Magdalene does wish to point out that yes, YOU are a spiritual soul. However, do not get caught up in spirituality superiority. Dissing another along their path because they don't know better. Who is to stay who is right or wrong.

All walk their own path.

All, hopefully, are doing the work as best they can. 

All desire better. 

Do not be a spiritual superior. 

Permit yourself to BE. When witnessing another's foibles, yours come into view as well. Remembering your imperfections is not wallowing. It is acknowledging the past and growing from it. Holding out a hand, even if you feel it is ignored, to another to help lift them up. 

With that in mind, here is my hand. I hold it out to you lovingly to help uplift, inspire and empower.

What is LOVE?

Love is indeed the strongest energy. Love cures all. Love empowers all. 

Love is.

Love is not judgmental nor conditional.

It is those teachers or others who say unconditional Love that have not experienced pure love. 

It is time to experience LOVE at its finest. 

No conditions.

The Magdalene's Message

The card shared with you this week comes from her deck, The Empowered Heart.

As the card shares, Success is through the essence of LOVE.

YOU are successful Darling Child when you are steeped in LOVE in the creation of any and all things. 

You are successful as you walk away when another ignores you vs. altering your energy in an effort to garner their appreciation of you.

You are successful when you are content to spend time alone.

You are successful when you LOVE what you do.

You are successful when you support another. 

You are successful when you promote another. 

You are successful when you accept another for whom they are at this moment.
You are successful when you tend to you and the fruition of your dreams.

You are successful when you do not concern yourself with what others are doing that are in your field. 

You are successful when you honor you and therefore all other sentient BEings.

You are successful when YOU LOVE YOU. 
We are complete, for now.
I remain The Magdalene

Does Love Cause Discomfort?

Does Love cause discomfort? 

Yes AND No.

Yes, Love is uncomfortable when it is conditional. If you have permitted yourself to play and own and hold the victim persona of another's drama, then yes it is uncomfortable. It becomes and stays uncomfortable for you are confining and conforming yourself to another's whim and will. THAT is not Love. THAT is control. Repeat, this type of 'love' is not love under any guise. 

For the NO portion of this answer:

If you decide to let LOVE guide you. Even in the above share, you walk away, wish them well, and decide that YOU matter more.

That is LOVE at its finest; empowering, healing, inspiring. 

Love allows another to, well 'do' them. Love empowers you to speak up. Love empowers you to tend to your desires and dreams. Love is LOVE. 

Remember, Love has no conditions.

Love heals.

Love inspires.

Love is LOVE.

Love will succeed. 

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