What is your home’s name?

What is your home’s name?
Seriously, what is the name of your home? If you don’t know, keep reading. If you do know, SHARE!
I’m so grateful to know ours, Prossy. I won’t bore you with how we got there and what her name represents, but we can now build a working and loving relationship with her because we know her name.
I remember when a house was just a house. It was a place we slept, ate, made love, watched TV, and sometimes fought. It wasn’t a place I wished to spend much time in or bothered adorning to any great extent.
Why? There was no energy connection. In many ways, we were parasites living within our host.
Not a very pleasant image, is it?
Then houses got elevated to a HOME. The word home invokes energies of coziness, love, laughter, and family, extended and biological. We began to take better pride in where we lived, adorning the house with art, certainly painting the walls (it’s one of my creative outlets), and gardening. Because we felt a deeper connection to this building, we got more inspired about what felt right to do or not do.
I studied feng shui, learning a thing or two about baguas, placement, colors, elements, and clutter clearing. Our home felt better overall, things flowed a bit easier, and the energy was more pleasant. https://tinyurl.com/BreakUpWithClutterProgram
However, something was still off.
When our home announced not only their personality but their name, things shifted into the magical world we now live in.
I carried this knowledge with me for nearly 15 years, from Massachusetts to Maryland, to two locations in Virginia, and ultimately in our now, finally, forever home.
When you build a relationship with your house that can be your home, subtle awarenesses begin to shift.
Your home isn’t a place to just flop, but an area in which to feel secure, content, and a place to dream. As a result? Arguments are pretty much a thing of the past; true story.
Prossy guides us in the next renovation, paint job, window treatments, etc., so her beauty can shine through. Because we honor her, she nurtures us, and our life has been nothing but magical happenings since we landed here just over one year ago.
This is one of the many areas I assist clients in living their dreamy life. This week this tidbit is free to you.
Discovering your home’s name, personality, and even sexual orientation is easy. Yep, I did just go there! A client’s home has recently presented as bisexual.
Here goes:
🏡Call on Big Mike and his legions for protection
🏡Set the intention of building a relationship with your home
🏡Ask their name - wait for an answer. It may surprise you, so no judging is allowed.
That’s it. Remember, I LOVE easy tools and rituals.
Here’s the fun part, start talking to them daily. Share your dreams, your desires, and what you see happening in your home - even if you are renting, you can still make subtle and powerful changes.
Listen openly to the inspired ideas you receive. Write them down; perhaps keeping a _____Insert Home’s Name Here____ Notebook.
The more you build your relationship with the very dwelling where you live, the more profound your life will become.
Have you ever felt like your house was just that a house? Now you can make a real relationship and take your life back.
You’re welcome.
Want more tips? Reach out, and let’s discuss your next viable steps.
Much Love Coming Your Way to you and your beautiful Home,

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