What Kind of Life Are YOU Creating?

What Kind of Life Are YOU Creating? - Angel Chatter

BE aware, mini rant incoming. I am quite aware that this may cost me some followers, group members, and friends. While not OK, as a consummate Good Girl, but at times someone needs to speak the truth while harsh, it comes only from LOVE.

We all have stuff, some legitimate and some are plain excuses. 

I am a great observer. I enjoy watching people; we are a very fascinating breed. I still remember watching people at a metaphysical show, who are there for enlightenment, stumbling along eating funnel cake.

True story. 

Do you see the irony here? When did funnel cake become an enlightened food? Even funnier, they were vendors!

So many operate throughout life numb-like. We ask for good juju, but updates are rare. We ask for information, but don’t use it. I’ve given scholarships for The BE You Program that go unused and therefore unappreciated. Of course this does not apply to all, and I will not name names. That serves no purpose.

It appears that many, note I do not say most, do not wish to do the work to make their life better. They would rather complain, whine, and bitch.

That saddens and befuddles me. 

A friend calls it Sport Bitching. Let’s complain together; nothing gets changed and now? Heavy energy encapsulates us all involved. 

Seriously, do you feel better after an episode of Sport Bitching? 

I don’t and it’s why I don’t participate any more and haven’t in years.

This includes gossiping.

Isn’t there enough of that kind of energy around without contributing more of it? Just stop it; stop the bitching and do something about it, about you. Change your routines, change your mindset, change your expectations. 

Stop claiming Victimhood. Yes, I just said that; stop. The minute you commit to taking your life in your hands and stop giving your power to another, major shifts will happen. All for the better.

I’ve witnessed these beautiful shifts countless times with students, mentees, and customers.

There are many wonderful books, coaches, and programs, not just me or mine that can assist. Find one that ignites a spark within you. Talk to current participates (if a program), read the reviews. 

I’ve witnessed the Mean Girl Club and Queen Bee and her wannaBEs.

It ain’t pretty, but yet they are considered ‘spiritual’.

Maybe in the third dimension they are, but not in the Fifth Dimension. The Fifth is about true support, holding out a hand to steady another and perhaps lift up. The Fifth is about collaboration and empowerment of self and others. There is ownership of self in the Fifth; the knowing that if I desire change, it starts within me. 

Harsh truth; there is no magic pill, book, or even a wand that is going to fix anything for you. 

The Loving Truth, is within you. That is where GREAT power lies, because it is your truth. 

You have a choice. You may stay stuck in wallowing or BEcome whom you are destined to BE.

I now stand before you holding out a hand and wing to lift you up. If you are ready to move forward, take charge of your life and create it as YOU desire and are committed to stop the Sport Bitching, reach out. I’ve many choices from which you may chose. 



  • Vicki Simpson

    Wow! Powerful msg!! I need a map…like step 1. do this step 2. do this I’ve realized, I’m a plodder… I just do what’s expected, but also and this isn’t self-pity, it’s truth… I have no amazing talent. Not like 99% of the women that were at the live wkend. What are my strengths? I’m kind, compassionate, empathetic…. but so are a million other people… I can be me but how does that help anyone which I’ve always felt was the point… So yeah, lots of Sport Bitching! Wing slap noted!

  • CL

    Whew! Preach it! We need to be more supportive of one another! 🙂

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