When things don’t go according to plan, expect BETTER!

When things don’t go according to plan, expect BETTER!
When things don’t go according to plan, expect BETTER!
Another holiday season has come and almost gone.
I share a brief story of how when things went awry, it only got better. I found a great moral of the story so to speak; to not get bogged down when things go sideways, you are actually staying on track, but your energy shifted and you deserve better!
After Christmas, Honey Guy and I left town to visit family across The Bay. We traversed the Eastern Shore and got to travel on the Chesapeake Bay/Bridge Tunnel. It’s an engineering work of art and one that I adore.
The Bay was calm, nary a ripple or wave. The sun glistened and one could imagine the sea slyphs dancing in the water. They were setting the stage for what was to become a magical time away for just the two of us.
We were on our way to spend time with honorary family and godchildren; two Love Nuggets that have completely stolen our hearts.
Initially we were to gather the day we arrived and a bit of the day after before heading back home.
Things shifted and our plans changed.
Instead, we arrived at our hotel, rested, and they picked us up a few hours later and treated us to one of the best Italian dinners we have had in a while. A nondescript restaurant that the town has grown up around as it maintained its culinary presence to those lucky enough to know of its existence. The owner, Vince, is 92, yes 92 years young and still quite active in the kitchen and greets and treats his guests like family. While initially I was disappointed to not have play time with the children as soon as we landed, this was better for everyone. The children got a chance to see us for a short amount of time which allowed the youngest one some integration time with these strangers.
The following day we spent several hours together and were gifted with a work of art that now graces our refrigerator amongst other goodies. Sadly it was the time together was too short and we headed back towards home with a planned detour in Virginia Beach to see their famed boardwalk holiday light display and drive another hour to home and Zeke.
The lights were indeed magical; filled with Santa surfing, penguins fishing, and the reindeer frolicking overhead as we drove through tunnels made of lights. While this may not sound very Christmasy to you, keep in mind we were at the beach, so having Santa in swim trunks after a hard night in the sleigh makes perfect sense to me.
Honey Guy then surprised me and had made plans for us to spend the night at a hotel on the beach.
It’s the second time our plans shifted, for the better.
We checked into the hotel without a hitch.
We took the elevator up to our hotel room on the 18th floor and the key did not work. This isn’t our first rodeo and this has certainly happened before. I stayed behind, to hold up the proverbial wall and supervise the suitcase so it didn’t wander off while Honey Guy went back to have our key programmed.
Once returned, we attempt again, and on the third try it opens!
Another guest was already in the room, kicking back and watching TV.
Oh boy.
We apologized and quickly shut the door.
Back down we went with the suitcase in tow.
The front desk goddess was embarrassed and befuddled. Not to worry, she quickly upgraded us to an empty ocean front suite with a skyline view of the lights we just drove through and views of Luna dancing on the calm seas.
What an upgrade!
Our ‘roommate’ then joined the front desk party and was comped with hotel points for his surprise roommate situation and a few more things that only hotels can do. I’d say he got an upgrade too, for a 20 second ‘surprise’.
The following morning, I woke at sunrise. I quietly opened the curtains and stepped out onto the balcony to witness a large pod of dolphins swimming lazily for the next hour, right in front of me!
The seas were still calm. The slyphs still creating the sparkles on the water’s edge. People were walking with their dogs, flying kites, and enjoying the last full day of 2023. I couldn’t imagine a better way to close out what had been a very chaotic year for our family.
The Gang beckoned. As Ijoined them in meditation, they reminded me that 2024, The Year of Harmony, is here.
Embrace smooth seas.
Embrace the calm and ease.
Embrace the shifts, even if they don’t seem like it is going in your favor in the moment.
Embrace the power of looking down from above to witness the larger picture so you know the best path for you that will guide you forward in harmony.
It’s time.
My personal word has come forward for this year.
I will only work on and worth with people whom I LOVE. It’s okay to be ‘picky’ not only with clients, but with mentors.
Same goes for you.
I will only expand on projects that I LOVE.
Same goes for you.
I will only eat foods that I LOVE and Love me back; healthier with a smattering of comfort. But who is to say healthier isn’t comforting?
I start 2024 off with channeling the roadmaps for the many clients that have already purchased. I am once again healthy, it was such a long month of imbalance and final clearing, but now know it all happened as it was suppose to and now?
These roadmaps will be clear, concise, and filled with much LOVE that I am beyond excited to compile them.
As I finish the rough draft of this musing, a bluebird, A BLUEBIRD, was flirting with me through the window.
Now if that’s not a sign, I’m not sure what is.
Let us embrace the energy of this message; The Bluebird of Happiness, smooth seas, and the knowing we can see the larger picture to take confident steps as we go forward on our soul’s journey of Love.
I wish you this and much more in the days and months ahead.
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