Wisdom Wednesday: August 9, 2023

Wisdom Wednesday: August 9, 2023
Yesterday I was clever
and wanted to change
The world.
Today  I AM wise and am 
Changing myself.
There is a key to creating a magical and beautiful life;
By incorporating gratitude throughout your day, you honor and love yourself more.
Experiencing gratitude is a step towards loving yourself more because you embrace the events that make you happy. That opens doors in magical ways so you may experience a life that is filled with wonder.
You are invited to partake the following ritual that will awaken your senses and soul:
When you awaken in the morning, place your hands over your heart and say it out loud:
The spoken words seep into your soul and gently energize it. It raises your vibration and empower you so you may experience life in profound and magical ways, even in the most simplistic of happenings . You can experience the magic throughout your day from sunrise to sunset in moments that can easily be overlooked, such as the dew on a blade of grass, the smile of a friend, and listening to the birds. When these moments are embraced, more becomes evident, and more events filter into your life so you live a life filled with gratitude and beauty.
Feel the energy of gratitude take hold and raise your cells; vibration, helping you walk gracefully along your path. BE thankful for all you have at this moment.
Remember, the more you are grateful, the more you will BE thankful for every day. It's the Law of Attraction at its finest like attracts like. Almost as if the universe is conspiring in your favor.
As you savor the energy of gratitude, you are invited to take it a step deeper.
Say out loud:
I love you
Bravo. You have, with these words, recognized your beauty. In this moment, you are loving yourself before you begin caring for others in your world. Remember, loving youself first is not selfish; it is imperative.
There is great beauty and power within the simplicity of this Act of Self Love. You may repeat this ritual throughout your day. Situations include sitting at a red light, before or after a stressful meeting or call, and as you drift to sleep. Recognizing you throughout your day reminds you of your importance, and others honor you more.
Loving yourself first is the greatest love story you will ever encounter and greatly contributes to you experiencing a beautiful life experience. The more you love yourself, you remember your dreams, desires, and goals. You honor yourself in ways you perhaps have forgotten and remember two little words; yes or no. You say yes to yourself and no  when something is not in alignment with whom you are.
What other ways could you incorporate this simple but powerful ritual?
How will you eat, speak, act, and adorn your body in ways that say I LOVE ME today?
Take your time. Journaling isn't for those with idle time. Journaling is for those who take themselves seriously and desire a better life, and are doing something about it.
As you experience your day, be mindful of how you share your light and expand your energy. Remember to honor your gifts and energy lovingly.
Now is the time to BE.
To honor you, your dreams, your health, your very essence. Chat with Uriel, Angel of Safety, if you wish assistance in remembering the power that you are safe to BE you.
You ARE courageous and brave and can let go of what is not in your best interests. Chat with Ariel, Angel of Courage, to ignite your inner fire.
You are protected to walk your chosen path, the path you agreed to walk before you came into his life. Chat with Michael, angel of Protection, to instill and own your protection.
You are gifted, loving, more powerful than you realize. Call upon your ancestors and other divine guides to support you every step of the way
You are so Loved,

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