Wisdom Wednesday: Words Matter

Wisdom Wednesday: Words Matter
Throughout March, each Wisdom Wednesday's edition will focus on the very hot topic of Manifestations. This week's edition is:
Words Matter
Have you ever done a small DIY project only to have it go awry?
While it seems to be going sideways, do you find yourself calling yourself an idiot or stupid or berating yourself in any other fashion?
Many do, so you are not alone.
Here's the kicker, these words seep into the soul. 
Why? You not only thought them but spoke them out loud. Your mind, body, and soul heard.
Over time you begin to believe you are an idiot, stupid and incapable. As these kinds of words settle in, more creep in. Words and phrases such as:
 I can't
  • It's not even worth my trying; I never win
  • I just can't get ahead
  • And so on
You are defeated before you get started. These phrases are often uttered out of frustration, but at that moment, you are pretty vulnerable and receptive to these words. You begin to believe them. 
You believe them so; naturally, you share them with others during a conversation. Conversations can go something like this one:
Friend ~ I just saw a hypnotherapy program that could help you lose weight/stop smoking/quit drinking.
You ~ I did that once, years ago, and nothing happened. I can't lose weight/stop smoking/, and I enjoy my nightly glass of wine! (And more) Thanks, but no thanks. It's not worth the money. The only ones who benefit from this; are the folks selling whatever it is you saw. 
Friend ~ Have you heard of this program? It can help you determine your strengths to have a career you LOVE vs. a job.
You ~ Seriously? What a bunch of hooey. It's not worth taking those standardized tests. They'll tell me I'm only equipped to be a street cleaner. I just can't get ahead. Pass the chips, would ya?
Can you see how your mindset and words set you up for failure before you even start? 
Manifesting or experiencing your desires in real time is also affected. 
If you find yourself making a great time on this gerbil wheel, being in constant motion, but nothing changes, lean in. 
Look at those statements shared above; I can't, I never, I just can't.
Not very powerful, are they?
They certainly aren't empowering. 
The more you think and utter these words, these statements, your soul leans in and hears, listens, and believes. 
You get more of the very thing you don't desire; more frustration, aggravation, and lack of support from the world and universe. 
This mindset continues, and you morph into asking yourself questions such as:
 Why can't I ever get a break?
  • Why can't I get ahead?
  • Why am I so stupid? I should have known better?!
And so on.
There are many laws of the universe, but one of the strongest is your words, especially when they are in the form of a question. 
When you ask Why can't I ever get a break? The universe doesn't seem to understand sarcasm and thinks you are sincere in this question. Walls continue to be built around you, and blockades form along your path. Folks seem to ignore you, and while great at your job, you are often overlooked for promotions or that coveted dream job. 
The cycle continues. 
You begin to own this self-proclaimed stupidity and unworthiness, and settle for what is handed to you like a worn-out hand-me-down. 
This is life, and get used to it. 
What if you switched your words?
What if you switched them to ones of positivity?
Certainly, you have bought into being undervalued; therefore, if you switched to a phrase such as I AM sought after and highly regarded, you'll get the proverbial Bronx cheer.
You don't believe one word of that statement. Not one word. 
You could switch to a phrase like;  I AM open to new growth/romantic/prosperity opportunities. That is a truth your mind can live with, wouldn't you agree?
Let's take this a step further and deeper by asking a positive present-tense question, or as I call them.
Of course, there is a long back story on how Askfirmations came to BE. For that, click here, and you may read about it in the book. 
Suffice it to say questions have great power. 
Why is that? Our brains, our egos, cannot argue with a question. They are left somewhat befuddled momentarily, allowing the universe to move the glorious mountains in your favor. 
You have to ask nicely and positively. 
Oh, and let's add the word ease into the mix since humankind has also bought into the silly notion that everything worth having can only be achieved and experienced if you work hard. 
Now THAT is a bunch of hooey.
Let's go back to the original examples shared:
Self-defeating questions:
 Why can't I ever get a break?
  • Why can't I get ahead?
  • Why am I so stupid? I should have known better?!


  • Why is it so easy for doors to open that benefit me?
  • Why is it so easy to get ahead?
  • Why is it so easy for my natural intelligence to shine? 
These are just a few examples, and these words may still not resonate with you, and that's OK. Switch the words to those that make you smile or at least exhale while allowing the possibilities to enter. 
I've had clients and students use Askfirmations to catch a flight! True story. At our last in-person student retreat, some flight connections were sketchy. They used their Askfirmations; why is it so easy for me to catch my original flight? Guess what? They quickly caught their flight and arrived in our locale in a great mood, filled with ease. 
The same goes for parking spots.
Increasing your bank account.
Finding their dream job.
And so on.
Implementing Askfirmations has been proven to me in my personal life, as well as those of clients and students. 
Here's the thing, keep at it!
It's so easy to grab onto the next shiny thing waving at you and think it will be easier. While there is great merit in implementing additional methods, it doesn't get much easier to relax into using questions. 
It certainly takes practice and being self-aware. Self-awareness is recognizing when you slip, and you will. Knowing that when you are tired is the prime time for those self-defeating thoughts to creep back in and take hold. They will take hold, too, because it is familiar. Humankind isn't a fan of change, no matter how much it may be desired. So slipping back to the known can be relaxing. Before you know it, you are sitting on your laurels, and it feels good in a bizarre sort of way.
Bizarre because while resting, the complaining begins anew. 
The complaining begins anew as you slip. Remember, it's an ongoing adventure to eradicate the nasty words woven into your psyche over decades.
But it's worth it; it's so worth it. It's worth recognizing the slip, laughing at it, and moving forward. 
Each step forward is just that; a step forward. While you may slip periodically, you consistently move forward and create a new way to BE.
You become eager for more magic to enter.
And more magic.
And more magic. 
Now that's a cycle we can get behind, wouldn't you agree?
Hope so. 
Then manifesting becomes easier.
Haniel, The Angel of Manifestation, becomes your new BFF.
Signing up for the Itty Bitty Course of Manifestation is a no-brainer.
It's your time Chatterer, yes yours. 
Time to say YES to you, step into your magical sparkle zone and become a manifesting magnet. 
You are designed to experience your deepest desires. 
Next week, we'll chat about BEing proactive in creating your dreamy life. 
Until then, grab your own Askfirmations set, and sign up for the Itty Bitty Course.

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