Wishing an all purpose crystal? Check out Tiger Eye

Wishing an all purpose crystal? Check out Tiger Eye

The crystal, Tiger Eye, has long been a favorite of mine. I remember going on school field trips that ended in the science gift shop, I couldn't wait to get my hands on more Tiger Eye. This beautiful crystal illuminates layers within and melds light and dark in such a dance it's difficult to not be captivated by it and its energies.

The more easily found version of this stone comes in various shades of brown and once spied it is easy to understand why it gets its name as you can see a 'tiger's eye' staring back at you as the light dances across the stone and reflecting the prisms within with great light. This version of Tiger Eye has always made me feel centered, grounded and very alive. The energies of this stone helps to weld our innate power wisely while infusing that very power with great love. Those luscious browns mixed with gold can also bring in great monetary wealth especially when focusing on your passion and soul's mission. It is also a great stone to carry while traveling thanks to its natural protective energies. 

One might think that the natural brown version of Tiger Eye would connect with the Earthstar Chakra and Sandalphon and that would be a lovely, but wrong guess. This stone because of the protective energies (as it reflects back to those nasty naysayers and ill wishers), the centeredness, the confidence, the courageous energy, the ease in which you can see the cause and effect of situations, the creative inspirations, the ability to manifest at the highest level (your soul), healing for all chakras (that's a hint) it is a stone worth having in your personal collection! As you can most likely tell by now, Natural Tiger Eye doesn't connect with one chakra directly, but rather many (note not all). Many experts would agree that it connects with some, but I would disagree and make an argument that Tiger Eye is the most ideal stone to have as it does connect with all the chakras (the ten I work with and more).


Tiger Eye


As most stones, Tiger Eye is known to be also found in shades of blue which naturally resonates with your throat as well as you third eye chakra. The blue version of Tiger Eye brings about great integrity as you communicate in any form; speech, written, prose, etc. As you are a creative person, it can be difficult to know which project to address first, if at all. Blue Tiger Eye will help to shine light on the most appropriate one(s) for you specifically. As you most likely know by now, the color blue is associated with Archangel Michael. However, not all blue stones connect with Big Mike, but Blue Tiger Eye does and therefore, offers protective energies as you go about your day.


Blue Tiger Eye


The other color that Tiger Eye comes in is red. Red Tiger Eye connects strongly to the root chakra and enhances your life force and brings about a sense of vitality when it is near you or on you. Just like all blue stones don't connect with Big Mike, all red stones don't connect with Uriel. Once again, however, because of Red Tiger Eye's energies; aiding in returning to life with zest, putting you first with the knowledge you can then tend to others with greater energy.

Red Tiger Eye


Both red and blue Tiger Eye hold dear the properties that are found in the brown version. So all are a stone of monetary prosperity, protection and offer clarity and integrity. You of course can fine tune or expand upon this by choosing to work with red or blue. Such choices!



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  • Ruth Ann

    Interesting I purchased some of the crystals you asked to get. The booth I purchased from gave me a tigers eye braclet. Guess Metatron was there knowing I needed that. Thank you

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