YOU ARE Ahead of the Curve

Archangel Uriel Mandala, Christine Alexandria

That's true. Read the blog post title again: 

You ARE Ahead of the Curve

This is often hard to believe and BE, embrace and own your power when seemingly all focus is on social media following, sales and ratings and those numbers don't reflect what you know to BE true. Of course this doesn't even touch upon your very personal life during those times when you seem to be adrift to sea in a one person boat with no life jacket.


While Pashaw doesn't pay the bills, and trust me I get that, take comfort in knowing you are a leader, no matter how big, small or insignificant you may consider yourself to BE. Remember, when you are BEing you, you are unstoppable in all areas of your life. ALL.

Let me tell you a story, or two...

I've been an avid follower and practitioner of sorts of the Law of Attraction for longer than I truly remember. I pondered on how to make it more effective and through simple sharing help/tips/tools to raise another's awareness and vibration. Gratitude is a relatively easy thing for me so I tend to start there for I find there is so much to BE grateful for. As example, one of our cats, Schroeder, is nestled in the crook of my arm at this very moment and I LOVE IT.  How could one deny the love, security and trust in this one simple act. Gratitude Goddess, all Gratitude. 

Queries often are asked if I am always this happy. Answer? Pretty much. 

I strive to help another unleash this aspect within themselves. Why? For when one is in gratitude, they are Happy and this is definitely Jophiel's arena (Angel of Joy-Filled Power). To further support this, when one is in JOY, there isn't a thing wrong at that moment and one can more easily attain the goals desired. All energy that is given attention towards at that moment BEcomes easier. When it is difficult, face rubbing and other frustrating tactics emerge, it is time to take a literal break from that task. Take a walk on the wild side and go outdoors to commune with nature. Ease settles in, shoulders relax and those answers? Seem to float right to you. 

Story Une

However, as usual, I'm a tad ahead of myself. Story Time!

Years ago, when we lived on the island, going back over five years by my estimation, I started a weekly gratitude posting and encouraged others to share theirs. You know things that they could be grateful for in their life.

Things were shared like the fingerless gloves my daughter had made me, the amazing quilt I slept under at my daughter's place that my mom had made her, and so on. 

It fell FLAT. Crickets chirped.

Nobody else wanted to play. I got more reaction by talking to my hand.

Okay then. I stopped and guess what? Not a soul remarked that they missed it. 

Story Deux

Askfirmation Monday then emerged. Posting memes with one Askfirmation that one could focus on for the week. 

Guess what happened?

Crickets chirped again; although not quite as loudly as the first time. So, there was a bit more progress; however, these posts got little traction, reaction let alone engagement from anyone.

Guess what I did?

Dropped it. 

Guess what? Not one soul commented that they missed it.

Story Trois

I started a weekly group meditation in our Facebook Group.  

This was a group ritual that all were invited to share what they wished to manifest in their lives either for the coming week or throughout their life.

Some participated. Progress!

Some shared, as encouraged, what they saw in their meditation on Friday (for we posted our desires on Thursday). 

THEN crickets started chirping again. Softly at first, then louder.

It felt off. Many of the posts came from the energy of lack, desperation and self loathing. If you are aware of the Law of Attraction, that really isn't going to help anyone manifest what they truly desire. You've got to agree on that. Please agree.

Whiny simply begets more whiny. The energy of the meditation practice was sinking and less were participating. 

Sooo, in turn it got dropped too. Guess what? Nobody commented for over one year. Well that was at least progress; somebody missed enough to say something although it took them a while to say so. Progress was indeed made!

During that hiatus I reflected on how another's energy could be altered more easily without expense. 

Back to Story Une

After the year's hiatus, Meditation Friday resumed. Chatterers posted on Thursday what they desired; we picked up back where we left off; folks posting in a lower vibratory way. Harumpf. There is no blame here to BE felt, it's how one, so many, have been trained. 

Back to raising vibration time. But what to do?

Wing slap time. The Gang came forward and trust me, light does dawn on marble head slowly at times. Time to connect the dots...

AHHH... connect what I do naturally as a happy person, always saying thank you for even the smallest of things. I do this throughout ever day; thank you for taking out the trash, thank YOU for the dinner, thank YOU for... to the point it becomes annoying for some folks. I took this run of the mill practice and passed it on to the group at large. 

We switched. The group was encouraged to begin their meditation requests with 'Thank you for' . By stating the 'Thank YOU' prior to the desire, it broke the shell of unworthiness. Perhaps only minutely, but broke it did. Magic started happening. 

The Story Continues

We now also have Grateful Monday in our group. This involves What/How are you already grateful for things in your life. True some things are logical, practical, very human. However, the posts are enlightening. Simply by BEing grateful for what is already in your life, you know for those things you take for granted; nice roof over your head, electricity, food, etc., this open doors of what else you could BE grateful for. Slowly the door opens wider and more of what already is BEcomes acknowledged and visible. And you? More grateful.


Why this? It raises your vibration. It reminds one of what already is. It helps one to relax more into the energies and allow more to enter. Clink, another piece of the unworthiness shell dropping off. Bit by bit, yard by yard, one may emerge into full allowing.

Why Share ALLLL This and what IS the morale?

I have come to realize I am a story teller of sorts, not the best mind you, but a story teller. For within stories one can garner the lesson more easily than tools shared directly. 

The morale? Often it takes TIME for others to catch up. You, yes YOU, are a leader, no matter how large, small and/or insignificant you consider yourself to BE. Others are watching you; how you act, react, speak, present yourself and more. 

You teach by BEing. 

You teach by DOing.

At times crickets chirp, or are they? Maybe a seed is simply BEing planted. Those seeds may take a while to germinate, gather strength to break through the soil or in this case, mindset. 

As example, for those of you that have seen us at the countless metaphysical shows over the years, know we dress for business while at these shows.  99.9% of the time I am in a dress and professional looking. It is in alignment of whom we are. When we first started shows, other vendors would look at us, smile and go on their way often shaking their heads and uttering comments on how could I possibly wear those high heeled shoes all day? You see, they were dressed for comfort and in this case their persona often exuded 'I just rolled out of bed and there ya go.' Forward many years ahead, more vendors are now dressing and taking greater pride in their appearance. Of course I had not noticed this shift until others pointed it out. 

Dig Deeper

Think about it, am I the only person chatting about the Law of Attraction, gratitude, inspiration, empowerment and of course angels?


But I've learned a thing or two along the way and the more I AM ME, the easier it becomes. I dig a bit deeper to emerge. However, if the energy slips and I emulate another, crickets. Why? The energy isn't in alignment. Of course I have mimicked others, who hasn't at some point? Bleh, bad taste in the mouth for every word I typed felt wrong, disingenuous and more. Have you ever felt that way? Be honest with yourself. The moment you feel that, back off and ask the angels how to BE more you, in this area whether it is gratitude, cooking, angels, gardening, healing, etc. How to use this lesson, concept, idea and make it yours.

What do YOU do now?



This goes back to those Blessed WHYS I've often chatted about. WHY do you wish this or that? 

Homework Time!

This is exercise will not be accomplished easily in under five minutes. Its sole purpose is to remind YOU of YOUR whys. You are digging deeper to remember, embrace and own whom YOU are.

It often helps to have a playmate for this assignment. Your partner's only job is to ask: 


You start with why you wish to BE something. WHY? Keep answering. WHY? Dig deeper. WHY? It gets difficult, trust me! I had the students attending the student retreat do this very exercise last year and many got teary-eyed.


That is your soul rejoicing for the truth is now oozing forward. 

Trust me, you will thank me later. 

What Angel to Chat with and WHY

So many of The Gang are involved in this scenario, but the one that comes forward most clearly is Uriel, The Angel of Safety. 

It is scary to BE vulnerable.

It is scary to BE sseemingly standing on your own at times.

It is scary to share personal stuff. Let's not get too personal here Chatterers, one really doesn't need to know what you're watching on TV, unless asked.


Uriel can help you through those scary moments. Uriel can help you to remember your true essence.

Uriel can certainly help you to remember your WHYS.


Archangel Uriel Mandala, Christine Alexandria


As you create your list of BEings and remembering your WHYS, meditate with Uriel and focus on his mandala above. 

Until next week, please share your experiences, your whys and how oh so very grateful you are in your life NOW. You are lovingly invited to join us on Facebook in our very sacred space, Angel Chatter.

Here's a parting thought; remember, sometimes it can take a while for others to catch up, that's why rest is required in your personal world; it allows you to catch your breath and others to find you.








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