You are Divinely Protected

You are Divinely Protected

I have a story to share that recently happened in our home.


We have a guest staying with us for approximately three weeks. She is part of the cast in an upcoming production of Don Giovanni that will be performed locally in mid-May. Yes, we have a opera here in Williamsburg! Talented people come from all over the world, Argentina, the United States, Israel, and more, to participate and share their gifts here. We went to a performance last August, which was fabulous, and they sang Happy Birthday to my husband. It was a night to remember.


Our guest is a very talented pianist, a delight to have in our sacred space, and is on a trajectory to have a fabulous career in the opera world. As this posts is being written, I am being unbeknownst serenaded by her talent.


She went to her home state last weekend for a wedding and returned late Sunday night. She exited the highway and was ten minutes from home when a truck ran a red light and ran into her little car.

Her car was totaled. This isn't the insurance total that frequently happens but totaled as in TOTALED.


The following day we drove past the scene on out wat to the towing company, and I saw the remains of the accident. I saw what remained of the car. It is nothing short of a miracle that she escaped with only minor bruising and abrasions.


She was and is divinely protected.


As are you.


Here's the funny twist. She has accepted a job in New York and no longer needs a car. She has shared that she couldn't imagine another person driving her car because she loved it so much. She has even said it may be better to give it away.


The Universe, Poppa, and The Gang listened. The car is going to nobody else. It is totaled.

But she still gets money for it and her injuries from the accident.


She was and is divinely protected, as are you.

She had embrace a significant change in her life but had this one hiccup; letter her car go to another.


The Universe listened and granted her desires.


She trusted.


Indeed, the event was traumatic and quite theatrical - The Gang has me now chuckling. Get it - theatrical? Who says angels don't have a send of humor?


Here's where you lessons enters.


Change need not be traumatic not theatrical unless, of course, that is your vibe.

Change can BE easy.

Change can BE joyful.

Change can BE oh-so fascinating.


It is up to you, your perception of the changes, and all that it offers. It can be scary - your decision. It can BE glorious - your decision. 


It is up to you to take those first steps. That is the moment you say YES to  you and commit to it. This isn't a fleeting commitment to lose weight as you stuff your mouth with chips, ice cream, or nachos. This is the commitment to you.


That is the biggest, most humongous, and most loving declaration you will ever make.


A commitment to you.


The next action? Step aside.


Allow The Gang, Poppa, The , and all of your guides to chat, coordinate, and a plot a plan to assist you in experiencing your desires in the here and now.


You must notices their signs, messages, numbers, feathers, songs, etc., to keep you going in the right direction. Don't fret if you miss one sign; they keep them coming! If at first, you don't succeed, try, try again is one of their mottos. The signs are always in front, behind, and beside you. They never leave your side. It is up to us humans to BE observant and present with life.


Will you allow yourself to change?

Will you BE OK with letting go of some old, outdated mindsets, relationships, and beliefs?


Will you permit yourself to raise your vibration of self-love so you may experience the things your souls yearns to have in your life so you may blossom and live life to its fullest?


It all comes back to you, Dearest. It all comes back to you.

Remember, you are divinely protected and always will BE.

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