You made me cry

Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

It has taken me a few weeks to process and own this story I'm about to share. It's going to BE a quick read, but hopefully give you a bit more insight to how I operate with The Divine.

You know me, well enough to know that I don't lie well; unless of course it revolves around surprising you. Then? Total brat mode.

Typically, you may find me:

  • CHEERING you on
  • Sharing I have happy tears at your great news
  • Planting seeds so you may gobble them up, in your own time to BE your most authentic self.

Onto to story time:

Two weeks ago I was on a group coaching call with my mentor and her other goddesses. 

As typical, my coach called on me and I thought - 'I've nothing to talk about today, I'm good.'

Suuuurreeee. The angels and The Magdalene wanted to prove their point; as usual.

I honestly forget the prompt, but I broke down into TEARS on the call as soon as I said I AM giddy and so fulfilled when I witness my students, clients and customers living their dreamy life. Me, once again, crying in public. It's simply not my jam, but there I was on an international call, crying.

Witnessing your blossoming. It's such a gift. While I HAVE been saying that for what seems like foreva, it's the truth. I also know other leaders may say the same and while I cannot speak for their integrity, I speak for mine and it IS one of my truths.

I couldn't make up those tears if I tried.

I blubbered, did the hand fan on my face to dry them up, smiled and took many deep breaths. 

I had to sit with that energy for over two weeks before I could share with you. 

Look it, I KNOW you are bombarded with pitches to buy, participate, join every single day from so many sources all with various claims to make your life better, skin clearer, hair more voluminous (you know what I'm paying attention to ;) ), thinner, more empowered, more intuitive, etc. 

Life has changed greatly over the past two years. We've seen liars liars pants on fire emerge across the globe from high political places to those we love. I promise promise we will never never try to sell you something, anything, if we don't believe in it 1,000% and know it could help YOU. I've been known to recommend other coaches, products, and services because they will serve you better. Money out of my pocket? Perhaps, but there's karma and it just simply doesn't sit well within me to lie, gaslight and coerce you. Besides, there are ample snake oil salespeople out there to sell you dreck; I'm not one of them.

As a child of light it's what I do; stand tall, or small depending on the day, in my truth. That truth? LOVE. That truth is to empower you so you do live your dreamy life.

That statement may be as close as I ever get to share with you my true origins. 

For now I close this personal share and wish you a very blessed and joy-filled holiday season. 

I remain your Angel Goddess.






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