You may not ever sage again after you read this: (A Sage Ritual)

You may not ever sage again after you read this: (A Sage Ritual)

Did I get your attention?


I hope so! 


Like many of you, I was taught to sage to clear space of our home. Nobody in the family liked the smell, so I would sage as soon as the girls scampered off to school, and seven hours later, they'd walk and say:


Oh, you did that thing again today, didn't you?


Guilty as charged. But I persevered because it was a good for us all!


I even tried Palo Santo for a bit but got extremely frustrated because the wood would rarely stay lit! I like easy, and this was not easy, so I respectfully buried each piece I had to clear the land.


Back to sage, I went, until.


We were living in the Baltimore, Maryland, area at the time, and while the house we lived in was lovely, it had an odd energy. From day one, our daughter heard voiced calling to her from the woods directly behind the house. They were not warm and fuzzy either.


Only after we moved in did we learn the house had caught on fire a few years back and had of it was destroyed. Obviously had we known that, we never would have moved in; to rent or buy.


I upped the ante of clearing the space; I was the Saging Fool; the house was constantly smoky with the residual from each ritual. My family put up with me as best they could because the house did feel better, but only momentarily.


Then we had a young man move in with us who had his own set of life demons, and what happened next cemented in my knowing, and I don't foresee a time when I shall ever use sage in our home again.




Keep reading.


Every time I saged our home while he lived with us, the energy got better. For about 24 hours.


Then? All hell would break loose. He got more depressed, lashed out, and drank heavily.


NOT a good scenario. For anyone.


During a deep meditation, Zadkiel, The Angel of Transmutation, came forward and invited me to sit within the flame with him. As we sat, he showed me why the sage wasn't working; part of the land we lived on was cursed by Native Americans, and they were not happy as the sage belonged to them. Being a good Polish girl, I did not fit the criteria, nor did I have the right to infringe on their ceremonial rituals.


I can respect that.


We also had other entities in the woods behind us that feed on the energies of sage; no need to go into that now, but suffice it to say they weren't pretty in appearance or energetically. In fact, they were quite nasty.


Zadkiel is the reason we now have an entire sacred aromatherapy line and specifically the candle line.


It's thanks to the pure essential oils combined with the crystals and angel sigils on the labels that bring forth the pure energies of each angel and goddess. Zadkiel, combined with the Violet Flame, transmuted lower energies back to their original state of purity.


It's the only sacred clearing tool I use and guides all students and clients to use as well.



Use your front door as a reference, go to the farthest corner to the left of your door on the lowest level. You're good to go if you are only one floor with no basement! If you have a basement, down you go.


When you clear energy, you are unwinding it; therefore, you work in a counter-clockwise direction.


Starting in this far left corner of your space, working in a counter-clockwise direction:

  • Thank Michael for protecting you as you clear the space of all energies not born in Love.


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