You’ve Been Hiding

You’ve Been Hiding
I have a serious question for you.
Are you living the life you dreamt about as a child?
I don’t necessarily mean down to the nitty gritty details, but ultimately are you happy?
Are you sharing your Sparkle Zone that fills the hole in your heart?
I get to do whatever I feel like doing because I AM listening to my heart and sharing my Sparkle Zone, and there are days, especially in recent times when I get very teary-eyed because I am so happy. Just last week, I sat in our gardens and had tears streaming down my face because I felt so fulfilled and was in the present moment of universal magic and Love.
I so desire this for you. I do. If everyone felt this way, or at least most of the world’s population did, can you imagine how much happier, safer, and friendlier the world would BE?
Just imagine.
It took me a while to get here, I will confess. 
It took a while because I couldn’t remember what lit me up; what was my Sparkle Zone? What was I here to do? I felt a bigger pull and purpose to fulfill, but life was happening all around me, and I was sucked into doing vs. BEing. Unfortunately, there are plenty of you that can resonate with this. 
So here’s my second question:
 What is YOUR Sparkle Zone?
There are three general answers to this question:
  1. If you know and are implementing it in your life, CONGRATULATIONS! Seriously, congratulations. You are in the minority and very blessed. 
  2. Perhaps you know your Sparkle Zone, but it is not woven into your life. It sits on the shelf, and it is something you shall explore more in-depth when you can get around to it, have time, or retire from the job. This is quite typical. Perhaps your Sparkle Zone isn’t considered the norm, such as an accountant, corporate leader, doctor, etc., and society says you’re weird for wanting differently. First of all, you are so not weird. YOU? You are absolutely amazing, and the world awaits your magic. 
  3. Then there is a larger contingent of the population that has gotten so caught up in life and performing the expected tasks that they are entirely unaware of their Sparkle Zone. I lovingly hope you are not in this camp. If you are, while it is not okay, there is still plenty of time left to remember what lights you up, and I bet it is something glorious.
    I was in Camp #2. I knew I was an empath and intuitive and could see, hear, and feel things others couldn’t. I was called weird at the ripe old age of six while playing in my bedroom with two friends. At that moment, 
    Bing Bang, Boom, I shut down everything that made me sparkle. Weirdness overload happened, and I dared not deviate from the expected or normal path; color guard flag captain, court reporting school, administrative assistant, wife, and mom. 
    While I did have fun along the way, I was not ultimately happy nor fulfilled. The soul-digging commenced.
    Since then, a few lessons have settled in, okay, more than a few. Lean in to read what The Gang has shared with me:
    When you hide your gifts
    You are miserable
    When you hide your gifts
    You are being selfish
    When you hide your gifts
    You are hiding in fear
    When you hide your gifts
    You feel incomplete
    When you hide your gifts
    You aren’t BEing
    It’s frustrating to have a job that is just a job. Certainly, and hopefully, there are people at your employment that make it all worthwhile because there are many wonderful people out there. Those moments you hang out to share a private joke, share your day, that kind of thing. They help the day go by pleasantly and contribute to your life.
    And yet, you feel unsatisfied, and the days run together; wake up, go to work, come home, have dinner, watch TV, and maybe squeeze in some exercise class or a night out periodically. Conversations with others tend to be around the TV shows you are watching vs. something you are experiencing or learning in life. 
    This is where Jeremiel comes into play. Jeremiel is known as The Keeper of the Key. He safely and lovingly keeps the key to the door where you have hidden your gifts. 
    He is heavily loaded with keys from everyone walking the earth right now. All it takes is sitting with him/her periodically and requesting that your door is unlocked and your gifts BE revealed to you. 
    Take a breath right now. Look deep inside. Can you feel a door that is closed within you? Perhaps the door is locked? Maybe the door’s hinges are a bit rusty from lack of use? 
    When the door is pried open, it is liberating. The world shifts, and you begin to see things differently. Your world becomes energized and brighter. 
     You feel excited and reborn. 
    Change is afoot, and you now know it is nothing to fear. You aren’t sure how you will change but know that change is inevitable, and you can’t wait for it all to start.
    You have begun to remember who you are and promise never to close the door again. Your Sparkle Zone helps to define you like no other personality trait. It has been squashed, forgotten, and perhaps ridiculed over the years, but never shall it be again.
    Your happiness is at stake, and by pivoting and returning to you, you only desire to have people around you that support you because you deserve those kinds of relationships. 
    You know a much higher source is leading you, and while it is the unknown, there is no turning back because you feel this hole in your heart greedily receiving this kind of Love that propels you forward. 
    You go through your day, and things fall into your lap; people, courses, chance meetings, etc. 
    You get those confirmation tears that encourage you to keep going and never to give up. 
    You are fulfilling your soul’s mission; there is no better magic than that. 
    That kind of change happens only when you say YES and permit yourself to shift. 
    This is the kind of change that can take some courage and encouragement from trusted souls around you. 
    Pssst, if they don’t cheer you on, they are not your peeps. 
    You have the courage within you to leap. Set aside a few moments for yourself. Breathe quietly, and as you breathe, feel your body relax and your eyes soften. Enter and sit within your heart and soul’s essence to BE reminded of your Sparkle and what you came here to do. It can be a decisive moment and can be the beginning of you changing how you live your life.
    It’s the beginning of the world righting itself on its axis. 
    It’s worth the shift and the fear. The reward? 
    It is exhilarating. 

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