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Angel Chatter Authorization Course

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Angel Card Reading 'Certification' and MUCH more


Whether you wish to become certified, or in this case, authorized as an angel card reader or simply wish to know the angelic realm more intimately, this course is for you. As you immerse yourself in each angel's energy, you BEcome aware of their presence, you BEcome aware of how they have been involved in your life to date, you BEcome aware and know that all is possible for you to manifest thus empowering you to live the life of your dreams. 

The Angel Chatter Intuitive Authorization Course is like none other. This course has been designed through the insistence from not only clients, students, and customers, but The Gang (the angels) themselves. It takes all the angels in the Angel Chatter Oracle Deck and brings them to life in such a way to empower you and instill the knowing you ARE chatting with them and can confidently relay their messages to your clients.

Your course, for that is how I feel, it is YOURS, will last close to EIGHT MONTHS (no other online course goes into such detail or offers ongoing support) and includes over 16 modules of study. While the course may take eight months, you have a full twelve months to complete. Why? Life can get messy, complicated, busy and my intention is to never overload you with more responsibilities. 


You will journey and learn about:

    • Fourteen archangels. Within each of these sections you will better understand how they individually help you in your life and the life of your clients. Which angels? Michael, Gabriel, Chamuel, Metatron, Sandalphon, etc. Keep scrolling down to see each module.
    • Each module includes several pages of material, a channeled mandala, chakra connection, areas of expertise, guided meditation, homework assignment, and more. Your homework will vary according to the angel, but does include meditation, coloring the angel's mandala, and more out of the box assignments. Completion can be defined as finishing your homework and turning it in for approval. Each module is designed to be a two week immersion into that angel's energy, but all may work at their own pace. However based on student requests, we shall advance, as a group to the next angel, their mission, etc. every two weeks as a group. Students have learned that by moving together as a unit all can continue to cheer the others on and work together.

Modules Covered
In the Order of Your Course Studies:

    • Michael - The Angel of Protection I always start with Big Mike; I wish to know you have more information to protect yourself energetically as you grow in your powers.
    • The various realms of angels
      • Chakras
      • Definition of terms
      • and much more
    • Sandalphon - The Angel of Grounding. BE ever present with life is his mission.
    • Uriel - The Angel of Safety. The reminder that you are safe to BE you.
    • Gabriel - The Angel of Miracles. It's time to wake up to life, BE sensual, sexual, creative and give birth to new ideas and concepts.
    • Jophiel - The Angel of Joy-Filled Power. Remember, you are your most powerful when in JOY.
    • Chamuel - The Angel of Self Love. This seems to be the toughest module; loving one's self more.
    • Raphael - The Angel of Healing. Healing on all levels; physical, spiritual, emotional and mental.
    • Haniel - The Angel of Manifestation. Isn't it time to better harness the Law of Attraction and live life as you desire?
    • Raziel - The Angel of Intuition. Enhance all you 'clairs'.
    • Zadkiel - The Angel of Transmutation. Implementing the powers of the Violet Flame.
    • Metatron - The Angel of Motivation. Not only does Metatron motivate you into your soul's yearning, but will point out synchronocities along the way.
    • Auriel - The Angel of Luna. The moon is more powerful than given credit for. Understand better how she influences you.
    • Shamael - The Angel of Harmony. Life does indeed ebb and flow; remember you are the center of it all. 
    • Thuriel - The Angel of Animals. Whether you are an animal lover or not, animals are part of your daily existence from the wild to domestic.
    • Guardian Angel - Your Winged and Haloed Bestie. 
  • Angelic signs that are presented daily and lastly,
  • How you can help your clients through angelic assistance.

Many angels wished a new section to be added within the course. As an example, within Sandalphon's module, the Kabbalah is discussed. Gabriel brought forth The Cosmic Rays. And so on.... These modules greatly add to the information brought forth in my latest book, Angel Chatter...Heavenly Guidance.


A Secret Facebook Group has been established to allow all students to chat amongst themselves freely, ask questions and gain support from others across the world. We shall meet via Facebook LIVE for tele-conferencing at least once a month.

The materials you will receive via mail include:

You will receive a Certificate of Completion upon completing the course; at this level you are not yet Authorized. This simply states you have finished the course and what an accomplishment that is!

You will become an Authorized Angel Chatter Intuitive once the final requirements are met. The requirement is as follows: perform twenty-five documented readings with different clients (a form is supplied to be filled out for each client). The twenty-sixth will be for Christine Alexandria. 

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The Course will commence full wings ahead on February 5, 2019.

This date has been specifically chosen as being auspicious for ALL involved. 

 For now, you may pop over this private link to watch and watch a video recording on YouTube.


 Testimonials From Former Students

2018 Student Raves:

"Christine Alexandria’s course is well developed and thorough – if you are truly looking to learn more about each of the Archangels, as well as honing in on your own skills, this is the course for you. Each section is sent to you individually after you finish the one before. It is also done so you can do this self-paced. It does not mean there are no deadlines, but, you have plenty of time to do your meditations and homework in such a way that it doesn’t compromise the quality of your work. I have made such amazing strides in my work with this course. I have enjoyed the challenge of pacing myself with each section/angel, and simply getting to know each one has been a delight. Also, do not be surprised if you have small miracles occurring to you during your time with this course. Being open to the angels, and to your own gifts, a whole new world of possibilities opens up. On top of all this, you have a great mentor you can ask anything about. Christine is always there for you, and as an added bonus, she will not let you wallow or sit in complacency. She helps you in gearing yourself forward, for your own betterment. It is lovely! I truly believe the investment of this course is one you cannot regret to make. If you mean to move forward with your own practice, or simply to better your life, it is always a good choice. "
D. Messing, Texas


I found this course, Angel Chatter Communication Authorization, exciting, very interesting, answered questions I had and helped me in getting connected to the Archangels and more. This course went deeper/beyond any course I have ever taken. It also allowed me to discover who I am. Christine Alexandria teaches from the heart. She truly cares about her students and helps you to succeed not just with the course, but guidance in what you are seeking. I highly recommend this course. A fantastic learning tool you will use forever.

K. Connelly

2017 Students:

I would highly recommend taking this course. This has been so informative. I knew I had angels with me, but now I know who and how to access them. I am most grateful for her course.  All I can say is thank you for coming into my life.
P. Garner


Some of you maybe thinking about taking the Angel Chatter Authorization Course. I have taken courses before from different teachers to get in touch with the angels. The truth is I spent a lot of money and was left as alienated and disconnected as before the courses. With Christine's course you are making an investment that will multiply ten fold. I had a very basic knowledge of some of the angels. Big Mike for protection. Yes, I would ask for protection while driving my car, or when I felt uncomfortable. I never felt a connection to him. While working on his chapter, I was taking a walk and felt a large presence behind me and to the right. In my ear, I heard, "I've got your back." With every chapter and new angel, I am making a connection to that angel. The fun part is hearing the experiences of others in the course. They are all different, and we are all different, but we are all exactly where we need to be. This course was co-created by Christine and the Gang. I can truly say there is nothing like it out there. I see my life changing for the better. Chapter by chapter, angel by angel, my own gang is growing. In Uriel's lesson as I practice his meditation, I feel layers of negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings burning off. Each and every time I come out of this meditation feeling 100% better than when I went into it. If you hate to sit still and meditate like me, each angel's meditation is under 5 minutes. Too busy to take the course, nope that's an excuse. You take the course at your own pace. But even at my busiest, taking even ten minutes to work on the course is uplifting. Oh and every time I said I would only take 10 minutes, I would discover when I stopped for the day that I had spent a minimum of 30 minutes. Yes, the course draws you in. If you are on the fence, with your ego saying you don't have the money, the time, or it's telling you that you will not do the work, etc. Ask yourself if you would like a closer relationship with the angels? Is what you are doing now working for you? If not, I urge you to take that leap of faith and I guarantee the angels will catch you.
Barbara Civin
Connecting Guardian Angels with their one.


If you're interested in learning more about the angels and learning more about yourself in the process, this is definitely a course you should be taking.  It's about so much more than learning how to read angel cards although that is definitely part of it.  It's about learning how loved we are by the angels and the universe.  It's about learning how to be kind to ourselves and unlearning a lot of the negativity that we've taken into ourselves.  You also get to connect with an amazing group of like-minded people and share and learn and laugh and cry together. Christine is always there for you as well, with group get-togethers online and any questions you may have through email. I haven't completed the course yet, but I can tell you that it just keeps getting better and better.


I started this course with great expectations but they have been exceeded. My soul found a home that was nourishing and loving. Thank You Thank You Thank You.
Jeanette Saproni MT ASCP
Canine Massage Educator
Newest path: Working with the Angels


 Some 2016 Students:

     I want to tell you that I loved, loved, loved taking this course. I love the way you explain each Archangel in great detail with love and zeal. It's evident that you are so knowledgeable of the angelic realm. The way you explain it, I felt that you were talking directly to me with all the Archangels there with us the whole time.  I also enjoyed reading about the stones they associate with as well as the energy of their symbols. You explain it with ease so I never had a problem understanding. Each one being distinct. Each time I would read an excerpt, I felt that I was entering an adventure. I loved it. And I learned so much about The Gang, I know now that they are involved in every aspect of my life. Thank you so much for introducing them to me. I feel so privileged as well as empowered in knowing that not only that they have my back in whatever I do, but that I know so much about them.
Love and Light.
I. Campo-Laredo
As I was growing up I knew that I was connecting with 'something' but I didn't know what.  As I grew up I realized that I was connecting to angels.  I started to learn more about them by taking classes.  Most of the classes that were available were given by Dr. Doreen Virtue. I took every class I could. I learned how to read cards but there was something missing.  What was missing was HOW to tell WHO I was connecting to. That's where Christine Alexandria came in. Through her course I was able to learn how to tell which of the Archangels were working with me. I was able to connect more fully and have a personal one on one relationship with each one. I now know who to call on for specific situations. I have more confidence in my abilities because I know where the messages are coming from and am able to share that with my clients. As a professional Angel Intuitive I have found that the readings I give have more depth to them.  But this course is not just for those who give professional readings, it's for anyone wishing to have a deeper connection to the angels. This course has truly been a blessing in my life.
K. McAllister
Rainbow Wings Consulting