Angel Chatter Authorization Course

Angel Chatter Authorization Course

$ 777.00 $ 1,200.00

The Gang Has a Set of Wings for You

The Angel Chatter Intuitive Authorization Course is like none other. This course has been designed through the insistence from not only clients, students, and customers, but The Gang (the angels) themselves.

Your course, for that is how I feel, it is YOURS, will last over six months and includes over 16 modules of study.

We will journey and learn about:

    • Fourteen archangels. Within each of these sections you will better understand how they individually help you in your life and the life of your clients. 
    • Each module is several pages of material and includes a channeled mandala, chakra connection, areas of expertise, guided meditation, homework assignment, and more. Your homework will vary according to the angel. Each also includes an assignment of meditating with that angel for a minimum of five days and recording your experiences. Upon completion and approval of each module, you will be forwarded the next. Completion can be defined as literally finalizing your homework and turning it in for approval. Each module is designed to be completed in two weeks, but all may work at their own pace. The modules are as follows:
    • Michael
    • The various realms of angels
      • Chakras
      • Definition of terms
      • and much more
    • Sandalphon
    • Uriel
    • Gabriel
    • Jophiel
    • Raphael
    • Chamuel
    • Haniel
    • Raziel
    • Zadkiel
    • Metatron
    • Auriel
    • Shamael
    • Thuriel
  • The Guardian Angel
  • The signs they leave on a daily basis and lastly,
  • How you can help your clients through angelic assistance.

Many angels wished a new section to be added within the course. As an example, within Sandalphon, the kabbala is discussed. Gabriel brought forth The Cosmic Rays. And so on....

A Secret Facebook Group is already established to allow all to chat amongst themselves freely, ask questions and gain support from other students across the world. We shall meet via Zoom for tele-conferencing at least once a month.

You will also receive as part of your course:

  • The Angel Chatter Oracle Deck
  • The Askfirmations Book
  • Daily Askfirmation Deck
  • A Collection of Crystals that connects to each angel individually
  • An exclusive Student Discount to purchase Angel Chatter products throughout the course

You will receive a Certificate of Completion upon completing the course; at this level you are not yet Authorized. This simply states you have finished the course!

You will become an Authorized Angel Chatter Intuitive once the final requirements are met. Twenty-five documented readings with different clients. The twenty-sixth will be for Christine Alexandria. You will have a standard form to fill out for each of your readings. Who they were, what would you have done, if anything, differently, their response, etc. 

The introductory investment fee for 2017 is $777. In 2018 the price will increase.


Official Enrollment begins on May 5, 2017.

The Course will commence full wings ahead on June 13, 2017.

These dates have been specifically chosen as being auspicious for ALL involved. 

 For now, you may pop over this private link to watch and listen in via a video recording on YouTube.


 Testimonials From Former Students

I had the pleasure of being part of the Beta testing for this course and was able to become better acquainted with the Arch Angels.
     Even if you think you are quite aware of the Arch Angels, please know that each module will take you deeper and deeper into the knowledge of the fourteen (also known as “The Gang”) as well as what Chakras and Crystals they are associated with.  You will be amazed, as I was how you will feel the gentle breeze of wings about you, peace, the wit they can have, and most of all LOVE from these angelic beings. Gentle nudges are also given if needed.  Your intuitiveness will become heightened, and the peacefulness that surrounds you will encompass you with more LOVE than you have felt before.    
    This course is the beginning of your journey to becoming an authorized Angel Chatter Intuitive.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about this course and what I have learned from each AA.  After all, we are all students and will continue to learn new things as we ascend into higher consciousness and higher beings ourselves.  I wish you all love and light in your journey.
Debrah Castaneda
Usui Reiki Master
Master Crystal Healer



     I felt compelled to tell you that I participated in the Beta Study for the Authorization course. 
     I want to tell you that I loved, loved, loved taking this course. I love the way you explain each Archangel in great detail with love and zeal. It's evident that you are so knowledgeable of the angelic realm. The way you explain it, I felt that you were talking directly to me with all the Archangels there with us the whole time.  I also enjoyed reading about the stones they associate with as well as the energy of their symbols. You explain it with ease so I never had a problem understanding. Each one being distinct. Each time I would read an excerpt, I felt that I was entering an adventure. I loved it. And I learned so much about The Gang, I know now that they are involved in every aspect of my life. Thank you so much for introducing them to me. I feel so privileged as well as empowered in knowing that not only that they have my back in whatever I do, but that I know so much about them.
Love and Light.
I. Campo-Laredo
As I was growing up I knew that I was connecting with 'something' but I didn't know what.  As I grew up I realized that I was connecting to angels.  I started to learn more about them by taking classes.  Most of the classes that were available were given by Dr. Doreen Virtue. I took every class I could. I learned how to read cards but there was something missing.  What was missing was HOW to tell WHO I was connecting to. That's where Christine Alexandria came in. Through her course I was able to learn how to tell which of the Archangels were working with me. I was able to connect more fully and have a personal one on one relationship with each one. I now know who to call on for specific situations. I have more confidence in my abilities because I know where the messages are coming from and am able to share that with my clients. As a professional Angel Intuitive I have found that the readings I give have more depth to them.  But this course is not just for those who give professional readings, it's for anyone wishing to have a deeper connection to the angels. This course has truly been a blessing in my life.
K. McAllister