Mentorship Program With Angel Intuitive Christine Alexandria – Angel Chatter

Mentorship Program

$ 950.00

Many have asked to work privately with me in a mentorship relationship. I'm honored and we listened. Introducing the Angel Chatter Mentorship Program. The program is designed to run month to month, with no contract for continuing each month. This offers ease as well as extra assistance during a growth spurt in your life energetically.

The Mentorship Program includes, but not limited to:

* Four hours of one on one with me. Each segment can be as little as 30 minutes each. (valued over $1,000)

* Unlimited email access. Perfect for those quick questions (priceless)

* 15% discount off all merchandise while enrolled as a mentee

* A special gift chosen just for you based on your needs and energy of the moment. (minimum value of $30)


 What Others are Saying:

I feel supported, empowered and held in the sacred space she holds for me. The angels are direct, and don't hold back. That's what love about working with Chris; she presents this counsel with great conviction, grace, and wit that fuels clarity and courage to be you, living from a place of pure love where you can do anything you desire. She is very accessible and gracious with her time. Also, her presence on her Facebook fan page Angel Chatter is so comforting and encouraging; it's a true sacred cyber space that I feel very connected to.
Our last session was extremely powerful. I was moved beyond words. I look forward to working with Christine more in the future, and the many more miracles that are in store and already unfolding. 
~ A. Olesky, 2017


You know it's hard to get thru all the kaka in ones life especially alone. Working with Christine Alexandria has been a gift i have been giving to myself. from first working with her at our various 'spirit fairs' to finally taking the financial plunge of a package. and I've just purchased my second set. i think Christine's own personal experiences in life and business, not to mention her angelic guidances, have helped me peel the many layers in my life to find the authentic Cathy. 
C. Kamsler

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