The Day the Elephant Danced...

The Day the Elephant Danced...

I'm sure you've heard of the phrase regarding March's energy...

In like a lamb and out like a lion

This past March lived up to this and more. We had just returned from a show in Charlotte, NC and were visiting my parents for a few days. My dad had scampered off to one of his volunteer jobs in Colonial Williamsburg to give tours. I drove mom to an eye appointment. Honey Guy was working. Upon our return from the eye appointment, dad still wasn't home... rather unusual given the time of day.

Mom checked her messages; dad had a heart attack and was in the hospital. 

Turns out the heart attack was a massive one as it took the EMTs over 20 minutes to stabilize him in the ambulance prior to departing for the hospital. Once there, they performed an emergency stent procedure to open up his 'kinked valve'. The next morning dad is giving the nurses dancing lessons in the ICU ward. Yes, literally showing them the steps. He was not only up and walking, but dancing!

Dad is now the Miracle Man in my eyes. While the event was traumatic for us all, it could not have happened in a more fortuitous way:

* Dad was volunteering with EMTs literally blocks from him and not at home by himself

* Mom was oblivious to the situation until it was all cleared saving her from unnecessary stress

* The hospital was waiting for his arrival and were able to act promptly to save his life

The elephant was dancing on dad's chest and he kicked its butt to the curb.

What's the reason I'm sharing all this? Everything DOES happen for a reason; whether we fully understand in that moment or not. Since then, Dad is forced to behave himself and take it easy; no easy feat for a man always on the go. His Elephant Adventure has had a small rippling affect into the family; we are more aware of the food we are consuming and making a concerted effort to exercise more and put self care first.

Most importantly we learned that every day is truly a gift. Cliche? Perhaps, but trust me, you never know what is going to happen the next day, next week, let alone the next hour and how it could change your life forever. Cherish each day. Not crazy about the circumstances or situation? How can you change your energy to alter how you perceive it?

Yup, it does go back to you. How you respond to any situation is how it ultimately affects you. I stayed strong the entire week there. I kept them both busy in a variety of ways; drove Mr. & Miss Daisy to all appointments. Made sure mom did daily self care; massages, walks, even got her to go to the pool to relax. I didn't realize how depleted I was until Honey Guy returned from a week of work that I had my Rock of Gibraltar back and cried to allow myself to be a bit vulnerable and taken care of. We can all benefit from a release, the love and support of another. You don't have to do it alone. Remember that as well please.

Until next time, I promise to start doing these blog posts more often, I wish you a great non-elephant day filled with lots of love, support and joy.


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