Have I Ever Told You?

Have I Ever Told You?



The angels woke me this morning with clear instructions that I was to 'pop out' a blog and include things that you may not have heard ... ever or in a long while.

So here we go:

Did I ever tell you:

* I used to call myself psycho?! Not very empowering, was it?

* That term affected my children and from that day forward I became more empowered for them.

* That I was petrified, yes petrified, to tell folks what I am - an angel intuitive for fear of judgement

* That I started out doing psychic fairs at $1/minute

* That I thought I hit pay dirt when a raise was given to $2/minute!

* That one step at a time has and is making lasting results for my own personal growth and it will for yours too

* I think you are pretty magnificent even if I haven't met you?

* That YOU deserve to live life on your terms.

* That the angels love all always and in all ways.




  • Amber

    You are such a gift! <3

  • Joanne

    Chris, I can understand why you might have thought you had psychosis so called yourself a psycho. Hearing voices inside your head or even outside that are not your own could be diagnosed as psychosis. And I am just now pondering how much courage yourself as an Angel Intuitive, channels and mediums etc have in even saying I am hearing guidance or sensing guidance. Even if that guidance is positive because it could be identified as being elated. Thus, even in my own family its taken a lot of courage for me to come out and say that I believe in angels. Especially given the history of mental illness present now and in the past in my family. Yet, given my experience what differentiates the so called voices of psychosis and spiritual guidance is the intent behind them and the consistency. The balance
    in the messages. They are not of extremes.

    And the charging and valuing of our gifts and having others value and pay for them, well that is a biggy! I think its about finding ‘our tribe’. When many in the world
    are not open to hearing from angels or their higher selves and don’t wish to change the status quo. It can be difficult to recognise that there are some who will value
    and can invest in your services, so patience is a must! As I have seen you model for us all. Myself I needed a steady income so I went to Health Care. Being self employed was just too risky given that there is only me paying my bills.

    Knowing that each step is supporting me in moving forwards really helps me especially today when I have to study for my Fundamentals Care Certificate. And it feels like a mountain to climb lol!!

    Thank you for always reminding me that The Angels and The Chatters have my back! Even when the volume of my mind is turned up a notch ;-) I thank you and them for your patience and persistence.

    Love Joanne <3

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