Have I Ever Told You? April 19 2016 2 Comments



The angels woke me this morning with clear instructions that I was to 'pop out' a blog and include things that you may not have heard ... ever or in a long while.

So here we go:

Did I ever tell you:

* I used to call myself psycho?! Not very empowering, was it?

* That term affected my children and from that day forward I became more empowered for them.

* That I was petrified, yes petrified, to tell folks what I am - an angel intuitive for fear of judgement

* That I started out doing psychic fairs at $1/minute

* That I thought I hit pay dirt when a raise was given to $2/minute!

* That one step at a time has and is making lasting results for my own personal growth and it will for yours too

* I think you are pretty magnificent even if I haven't met you?

* That YOU deserve to live life on your terms.

* That the angels love all always and in all ways.