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Have I Ever Told You? April 19 2016 2 Comments



The angels woke me this morning with clear instructions that I was to 'pop out' a blog and include things that you may not have heard ... ever or in a long while.

So here we go:

Did I ever tell you:

* I used to call myself psycho?! Not very empowering, was it?

* That term affected my children and from that day forward I became more empowered for them.

* That I was petrified, yes petrified, to tell folks what I am - an angel intuitive for fear of judgement

* That I started out doing psychic fairs at $1/minute

* That I thought I hit pay dirt when a raise was given to $2/minute!

* That one step at a time has and is making lasting results for my own personal growth and it will for yours too

* I think you are pretty magnificent even if I haven't met you?

* That YOU deserve to live life on your terms.

* That the angels love all always and in all ways.



Ba BAM!! January 28 2016

Are you feeling the blessings pouring down too? Does this most recent shift feel like you are being pulled, drained or ....

I know so many of you (and even me to a certain degree) are feeling a tad out of whack; dreams, sleep issues, emotional tug and war, feeling like you have entered a new realm.

Well you HAVE.

The key to slide on through this latest upshift is to stay present. Stay in that alignment of Oneness that is so touted and thrown out there with glee, but no insight as to HOW.

Here's what you can do...

* SLEEP when you can
* NO ALCOHOL - as tempting as it may be to dull senses. It will only set you back at present time

* NO WHITE - as in sugar, flour, etc. at the very least cut waaaay back. This too dulls the senses and makes those emotions heightened

* PAMPER - yes PAMPER .. do something for yourself DAILY. It could be sitting on your front porch for a breather, call a friend - no whining zone, but simply to chat. Find a FUN topic and go from there, Bubble Bath, I know those of you that know are hardly surprised by this one, but I tell ya, there is nothing like a luxurious bubble bath to help to detox the mind, body and soul while giving back while relaxing!

* MEDITATE - this is an obvious choice, but oh so difficult to do in the 'midst' of it all, isn't it? More imperative than ever to connect to the angels, source, and the universe.

* ENERGY CLEAR your space - many of you know I'm not a huge fan of sage (can annoy certain energies and make them stronger. I know from personal experience). Incense of choice, Clearing Sacred Mister (yes a shameless plug, but only because it works), Candles (yes same plug, OR infuse your candle with HIGH energies)

MOVE as in walking, yoga, dancing, jogging. Anything to get your body going. This helps to release endorphins that make you feel so much better.

It's all good. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Repeat as often as necessary.

Feel better?

Meanwhile, chat with the entire gang - for each person is experiencing something different, so this is not a 'One Angel Fits All' Scenario. The angels will and are responding to all of the '911' pleas; just hush so you can hear them.


Time to WRITE to the angels January 16 2016 3 Comments

One can get inspired in the most unexpected ways and from unexpected folks.

We were at an expo recently and a lecture participant asked how to send letters to the angels. She wasn't happy with the ritual of writing and burning the letter. She wanted to mail a letter to the angels and feel comfortable it wasn't ending up in the Dead Letter Office at her local Post Office.

I got stumped.

Speechless even!

Another participant suggested that she write an email to them. Brilliant. However, there isn't a place to send an email to the angels - unless of course you send it to yourself. I felt that this was more of a band-aid solution and wanted to provide an actual email address for those that wished to write them.


That is exactly what we have done. We now offer you the email address:

This is a safe place for you to write to the angels with no fear or being judged, ridiculed or more. You know it is going to the angels for as you soon as you hit 'send' on your email, it is released to the ethers.

Keep in mind that this email address is not humanly monitored, so if you do get a response, please let us know!