Time to WRITE to the angels

Time to WRITE to the angels

One can get inspired in the most unexpected ways and from unexpected folks.

We were at an expo recently and a lecture participant asked how to send letters to the angels. She wasn't happy with the ritual of writing and burning the letter. She wanted to mail a letter to the angels and feel comfortable it wasn't ending up in the Dead Letter Office at her local Post Office.

I got stumped.

Speechless even!

Another participant suggested that she write an email to them. Brilliant. However, there isn't a place to send an email to the angels - unless of course you send it to yourself. I felt that this was more of a band-aid solution and wanted to provide an actual email address for those that wished to write them.


That is exactly what we have done. We now offer you the email address:


This is a safe place for you to write to the angels with no fear or being judged, ridiculed or more. You know it is going to the angels for as you soon as you hit 'send' on your email, it is released to the ethers.

Keep in mind that this email address is not humanly monitored, so if you do get a response, please let us know!




  • Elaine

    Brillant Idea….. Thank you Chris and Angel Gabriel

  • Dawn Rochester

    Very Cool Indeed

  • Retha

    Excellent my Sister Friend!! Realizing the Angels know our thoughts before they leave our minds, but for those that need written communication, and sometimes we do, sending them an email is wonderful. Love this idea!!

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