It's Time... for a bit of R&R

It's Time... for a bit of R&R

Okay, I get it, I'm not the best blogger in the universe. I can be erratic in posting. It's not that I don't care, but like you, my life can be over the top busy. We just finished a run of three expos back to back. WHEW! We really enjoy the shows; I get to see you, some new and some not so new Chatterers. Help to empower others through lectures and private readings.
But then... need a break are simply tired's okay to say ENOUGH and I'm taking the day off.
This certainly applies to you! Change is upon us. BIG change actually. Most of it extremely great stuff, so I'll focus on that. We'll never see the opportunities if we aren't rested. If we can't see them, how in the world can we accept them? If we can't see them to accept them, how will we embrace them? If we can't see them, accept them, embrace them, how in the world can we manifest our dreams?!
(I feel like this is the diddy...'There's a hole in my bucket')... but it just goes to show in a silly sort of way that one thing does beget another. One small event of taking care of one first before another event can be recognized, accepted, embraced, fully received and acted upon. 
So what ARE you waiting for? Grab your journal. Put up your feet. Relax and start writing. Write down what it is you desire (no item is ever big enough when it comes from your heart). Sit with your musings. How does it feel? Take a nap dreaming about them. Rest, Rejuvenate, Replenish. All required today.
Not sure how to do this? Chat with Chamuel, the Angel of Self Love. It's more than OKAY to love yourself first. If you haven't already used our candles,  I cannot recommend them enough; especially Love Central AND Chamuel. Both are imbued with high energies to help break through any barrier preventing you to take care of you.
You deserve it.

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