Shifting into 2015 ~ The Year of Abundance

Dearest Chatterers ~

Many of you have asked what is in store for next year. In a nutshell 2015 is the Year of Abundance. The only caveat is you define what kind of abundance. It can be all that yummy stuff; money, love, joy, health, etc. OR it can be the continuation of indecisiveness, debt, lethargy, illness and more.

How to switch things up? First step is to quiet your mind. Yes, this can be called meditation, prayer, studying your navel lint - whatever you call it, make it a focused time on asking the angels to illuminate what is your next step to jump start, launch, and/or continue you on your path of joy.

Second step ~ it's not too late or too early to make that vision board! I'm a firm believer in them. One of the reasons so many are not living their desired life and are busy running around on that gerbil wheel, feeling drained and not allowing themselves to be, is that they simply aren't clear on what it is that they do desire. A vision board can help with that tremendously. Again, ask the angels to help clarify what it is that you truly desire as you create yours (be sure to share them with me later). Of course we all wish money, love, health, joy, etc. but certainly it is your version that you desire for you, not somebody else's version. Wouldn't you agree? Don't you wish your version of love, home, career, abundance, etc.? Of course you do, we all do. The best part? Everyone deserves life on their terms.

Third step - begin using Askfirmations in earnest. Shameless plug? Nah, it is what it is. Customers and clients alike are experiencing profound results. Use these three to get you started:

* Why is it safe for me to be me? If you aren't living the life of your dreams, I'm pretty sure that there are parts of you that are still hiding and perhaps haven't seen the light of day in years. How can you possibly be living that life if parts of you are hiding?

* Why am I so supported? You wish the support of not only the universe, the angels, but those in physical form to help you along the way; friends, family, co-workers, chance meetings with strangers, etc. 

* Why am I worthy of all I desire? Society has spoon fed so many with phrases such as:

'You're getting too big for your britches.' or

'This is life, get use to it.' or

'You've got to know someone in order to succeed.' or

'Who do you think you are to have it all?' and so on.... So why not ask and receive the support you deserve?

Chat with the angels Michael, Haniel and Chamuel for protection, manifestation and self love respectively to further assist you.

Take the simple steps listed above and let me know how you're doing. I wish you nothing short of all that you yearn for. Yes, really.





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