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Today's the Day February 13 2015

The first thing I heard this morning upon awakening was...

Today's The Day

For what? I asked. This is when they got really chatty...

  • To stop using others as an excuse for you not being where you wish to be
  • To sit and be
  • To go after your dreams with a full heart, not head
  • Take everything in its entirety, one step, one event, one task at a time. Don't get wrapped up in the schematics of it all at once. Address each one as it stands alone. This goes to for the celebrations. CELEBRATE, then move on. There is much in store for you and all of the those actively going after their dreams.

Today's the Day

Super New Moon ~ January 20, 2015 January 20 2015

Dearest Chatterers ~

Today marks the beginning of the rest of the year on so many levels. We will experience a Super New Moon today and the energies are without a doubt intense in that very expansive sort of way. Expansion can be daunting for so many and if you are feeling a bit off kilter and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d, then please sit down, close your eyes and b-r-e-a-t-h-e.It can be that simple and within that simple act, profound insights can occur.

We had a day of pure sunshine today; temperatures higher than average and I took full advantage of it. Gabi, our fearless yogi dog, and I sat out on our deck. Me without a coat, and since she wears hers... well you know. After lunch, I continued to soak up the sun and the surrounding energy. Gabi then became my sentry and laid there as a sphinx guarding her territory.

I completely relaxed and felt my body sway in the pulsations offered, within each pulse another glimpse of the very near future was shared. Upon reflection there were probably about twenty or so 'glimpses'; a very quick slide show indeed! Ironically it never felt rushed. Each glimpse felt very settled, real and when I emerged, I truly expected to hear the great news from my honey. Or a phone call or...

I know what I saw was real. Just as your vision of your future can be. So here is your challenge:

Take ten minutes. Relax into a comfy chair, a beam of sunshine and allow yourself to be transported and experience how life is truly meant to be for you. Yes you - all the love, health, joy and yes even vast financial abundance is yours for the asking. 

This is a bit of a nagging reminder, but there is still time to make your vision board for 2015. Have fun with it, enjoy your dreams taking flight. For it is time for you to soar like no other time.


Shifting into 2015 ~ The Year of Abundance December 02 2014

Many of you have asked what is in store for next year. Abundance is the theme, but it's up to you what form the abundance takes...

What can I expect during meditation? May 13 2014

We all meditate to bring our conscious self closer to the angels and source. It’s a way to take a break and come back to our heart and when done consistently, we can take our meditative practice “off the cushion,” so to speak, and make it a part of our daily lives.

Part of what a regular meditation practice offers is spiritual insight through symbols, signs, and colors. For example, many of you have inquired where the symbols on our Archangel Oracle Cards came from. The answer? They were given and received during meditation. A friend and I sat down one evening and channeled the symbols in a matter of two hours.

And the same can happen with you.

What propels you to meditate? Is it simply taking five minutes for yourself and concentrating on your breath? Is it to gain insight and knowledge from the angels? Is it to garner advice on life in the here and now?

You can also feel an expansion of your soul during meditation that allows colors, scents, images, and yes even symbols to come to you. The more adept you become at meditating, the deeper you allow yourself to go and to expand beyond the room you are sitting in.

Have you ever felt like you were flying during meditation? As you fly, do you look down and see the world below you? This is what is commonly known as “astral travel,” and it allows you to gain even deeper insights to the universe.

Before meditating or beginning any spiritual work, call on Archangel Michael to protect your energetic space. Simply ask him and his legions to stand shoulder to shoulder to protect your space during meditation, which will prevent lower energies from disturbing your work. By calling on Big Mike, you make your space protected from these kinds of energies and this allows you to go more freely into a meditative state.

Starting a meditative practice or continuing one is a life-long affair with you. It can take you to where no man has gone before and beyond. Expect the unexpected and life as you know it will become more glorious.

Use this Askfirmation:

Why is it so easy for me to have a profound meditative practice?

Now allow the angels to answer and support you.