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April's Full Pink Moon and How to Get Ready March 29 2017 2 Comments

How convenient that the first full moon in Spring is in April and known as a Pink Moon! Convenient? Yes indeedy, it's my birthday month and pink is my favorite color.

Enough about me though... how will this moon impact you?

The name “pink moon” is a native name, derived from the early pink blooms of phlox. Other names for the April full moon include egg moon and sprouting grass moon. Will the moon literally look pink? It might in your neck of the woods, but the name comes from the Native Americans and how they could reference the moon to others.

This specific full moon falls within the retrograding of Mercury (April 9 - May 3, 2017). As with most retrogrades, the opportunity to go within is magnified. This will become even more imperative with the full moon that is full of pink self love.

With all this pink and self love energy pouring in, is it any wonder romantic energies are also wrapped up in this moon? It is an ideal time to set up a love altar or if you already have one, clean it up (literally) and amp up its energy so your twin flame can find you more easily.

New to setting up an altar? Not a problem. As with all things, it is best to represent all elements; fire, water, air, earth and wood. Think about it, if you only put in the element of fire, your romance will be quite intense and could burn up quickly!

Your altar is a place of sacredness. It is a place that you place your objects that remind you of love. It can be an end table, top of bookshelf, mantle, dresser, etc. It does not become cluttered with unused notes, pens, etc. as you go about your day. It is a place you visit daily to reflect and feel the universe conspiring with you to manifest your truest loving desires.

Here's a trick question, how many people are involved as a couple?

Two, right? Therefore, you will have TWO of everything you place on your altar. One invites being solo and three... well let's just not go there; it will be inviting ultimately unwanted added folks to your romance.

Here are some ideas that connect to the various elements that you may place on your altar:

  • Earth - Crystals! I LOVE (pun soooo intended) two rose quartz hearts for this exercise. No need to limit to just rose quartz. What other stones scream love to you? Remember two of each!
  • Air - Feathers. Allowing your love to soar on angel wings!
  • Fire - Candles. Since you will be burning these candles regularly, go with the colors you are drawn to. They will reflect your energy of the moment; be sure to look up the color's meaning after you have chosen.
  • Water - Aquamarine crystals offer the energies of peace, hope and yes self love. Or perhaps a small fish bowl with two fish that is filled with beautiful stones
  • Wood - I love flowers, that is not a secret. You can keep the energy flowing on your sacred altar by having fresh flowers adorning it. The philosophy would be the same for the color of the candles; get the flowers that speak to you now and then look up their meaning. I adore the book, The Victorian Flower Dictionary .

The key is for you to be creative in your altar making. After all, it is your altar and you are attracting your love; not mine. You may also write your love a letter dated five years into the future. Spend some time on this one. Describe your day spent together. How happy you are. How you love it when they look at you when they think you're not observing kind of thing. Expand on your perfect day together; what did you do? How did you act? Where did you go (if any where)? On the night of glorious pink moon, burn up the letter. This is releasing your desires to the angels and putting them to work on your mission.

Also use the Askfirmation:

Why is is so easy for me to live my life with my soulmate?

Chat with The Gang, all of them. There are so many nuances that tap into romantic love, it is difficult to pinpoint one specific one. Still grappling? It just may be time to have a full on session with me. To toot my horn a bit, a client has invited me to their wedding because they like me and I saw them together well over a year before they found each other. Pretty cool, eh?



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Labels, oh how we succumb March 01 2017

Have you ever noticed that when you meet a new person, potential friend, that we will start off asking what they DO?

We immediate label them; entrepreneur, stay at home parent, garbage collector, plumber, angel goddess, etc.

That label stays and if we don't like what we hear either through fear or judgment (also fear) we look for an escape route. 'They are not our peeps!'

How often have you called some other driver an idiot (or worse)? True, they may not be driving consciously, but perhaps they just got bad news and are rushing to a loved ones side. Perhaps a relative is going into labor. Perhaps... 

We've all done it, don't lie. We've all experienced it. I remember a neighborhood gathering a few years back that included a buffet dinner and a chance for the entire neighborhood to gather - they ALL came! As a couple sat down next to me on the couch, they asked the most popular question, 'What do you do?' 

Another friend started chuckling and said, 'I LOVE to watch folks faces when you tell them.' I rolled my eyes and shared; very briefly.

They looked at each other and could not leave the couch fast enough.

'Nuf said?

It's gotten to the extreme lately; social media is a 'safe place' to body shame or shame another that is not of your ilk. THAT'S shameful... Not bothering to know of another's history, what gets THEM juiced up, how do they BE (vs. DOing) before throwing those judgment rocks.

Here's a new challenge for you:

Initially, just notice how often you label folks; fat, slovenly, gorgeous, nerdy, etc. I just finished reading a auto-biography of sorts written by Marilyn Monroe. My Story. It takes this blog post (which ironically I've been playing with for over one month) and succinctly shares how she was labeled from her perspective and not really given the chance to BE. Once you notice how often society labels and then bring it down on how often you label, you just may be in for an awakening. 

No judgment - REALLY! It is what it is. However, now BEing a bit more enlightened, how can you switch it up? May I suggest you chat with Zadkiel. He will help to clear the kaka of labels so you may see the truth.

Super New Moon ~ January 20, 2015 January 20 2015

Dearest Chatterers ~

Today marks the beginning of the rest of the year on so many levels. We will experience a Super New Moon today and the energies are without a doubt intense in that very expansive sort of way. Expansion can be daunting for so many and if you are feeling a bit off kilter and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d, then please sit down, close your eyes and b-r-e-a-t-h-e.It can be that simple and within that simple act, profound insights can occur.

We had a day of pure sunshine today; temperatures higher than average and I took full advantage of it. Gabi, our fearless yogi dog, and I sat out on our deck. Me without a coat, and since she wears hers... well you know. After lunch, I continued to soak up the sun and the surrounding energy. Gabi then became my sentry and laid there as a sphinx guarding her territory.

I completely relaxed and felt my body sway in the pulsations offered, within each pulse another glimpse of the very near future was shared. Upon reflection there were probably about twenty or so 'glimpses'; a very quick slide show indeed! Ironically it never felt rushed. Each glimpse felt very settled, real and when I emerged, I truly expected to hear the great news from my honey. Or a phone call or...

I know what I saw was real. Just as your vision of your future can be. So here is your challenge:

Take ten minutes. Relax into a comfy chair, a beam of sunshine and allow yourself to be transported and experience how life is truly meant to be for you. Yes you - all the love, health, joy and yes even vast financial abundance is yours for the asking. 

This is a bit of a nagging reminder, but there is still time to make your vision board for 2015. Have fun with it, enjoy your dreams taking flight. For it is time for you to soar like no other time.


Is love unconditional or conditional? May 20 2014

We, as humans, have made love conditional. See if any of these statements feel or sound familiar:

“I love you. Be careful.”

“I’d love him/her more if only he/she did (or didn’t) do...”

“I’d love you if you’d stop nagging me!”

Seriously, do any of those remotely sound like love to you? Me neither. As humans, we each have an ego. Egos run amuck and have made love conditional and unconditional. But real love, unconditional love, is pure. Love is honest, sweet, deep, intense, lollipops and rainbows, fireworks, joy and oh so much more.

Love is not conditional. No conditions are ever put on love, unless a human puts it there. 

Think of it this way - if you have a pet, does it put any demands on you? Well, besides being fed, loved on and the periodic brushing? Probably not. He or she is ecstatic that you are simply in their life. Period. That is love at its purest level. Your pet lights up when you walk in the room, even if you have only been gone for a few moments. They go berserk (okay, my dog Gabi does) at the mere mention of going for a walk.

Try this - for a few days when you say "I love you" to someone, do you wish to keep talking by adding a condition on it? We do it more often than we realize. Since I’ve noticed this, I have found I will literally cover my mouth to quiet myself and let love do its thang with no strings attached.

Give it a heartfelt whirl and let me know how it went!

What can I expect during meditation? May 13 2014

We all meditate to bring our conscious self closer to the angels and source. It’s a way to take a break and come back to our heart and when done consistently, we can take our meditative practice “off the cushion,” so to speak, and make it a part of our daily lives.

Part of what a regular meditation practice offers is spiritual insight through symbols, signs, and colors. For example, many of you have inquired where the symbols on our Archangel Oracle Cards came from. The answer? They were given and received during meditation. A friend and I sat down one evening and channeled the symbols in a matter of two hours.

And the same can happen with you.

What propels you to meditate? Is it simply taking five minutes for yourself and concentrating on your breath? Is it to gain insight and knowledge from the angels? Is it to garner advice on life in the here and now?

You can also feel an expansion of your soul during meditation that allows colors, scents, images, and yes even symbols to come to you. The more adept you become at meditating, the deeper you allow yourself to go and to expand beyond the room you are sitting in.

Have you ever felt like you were flying during meditation? As you fly, do you look down and see the world below you? This is what is commonly known as “astral travel,” and it allows you to gain even deeper insights to the universe.

Before meditating or beginning any spiritual work, call on Archangel Michael to protect your energetic space. Simply ask him and his legions to stand shoulder to shoulder to protect your space during meditation, which will prevent lower energies from disturbing your work. By calling on Big Mike, you make your space protected from these kinds of energies and this allows you to go more freely into a meditative state.

Starting a meditative practice or continuing one is a life-long affair with you. It can take you to where no man has gone before and beyond. Expect the unexpected and life as you know it will become more glorious.

Use this Askfirmation:

Why is it so easy for me to have a profound meditative practice?

Now allow the angels to answer and support you.