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November 11 = 11:11 Another Magical Gateway. How will affect you? November 09 2017 2 Comments

Oh those numbers.

Those magical numbers that are in our face every single day constantly offer insights and tidbits into the various ways we can BE and what can be in store for us all.

The upcoming Gateway is no exception.

November 11.

November is the 11th month and on the 11th day a doorway is once more opening for those ready to step more into their Mastery of BEing.

There is no end to this, ahem, race. There is no gold medal to get there first. Therefore take your time and enjoy the ride.

The Gateway is a powerful opportunity to sit in reflection and meditate while focusing on the energies of LOVE.

Start with LOVE of self. Chat with Chamuel, the Angel of Self Love, to pry open your heart allowing LOVE to enter. It is through loving self more that more of what is desired is seen and embraced by each of you reading this. 

What we desire? Yes. 

Perhaps a romantic relationship.

Perhaps financial freedom.

Perhaps great ease of health to allow more physical activity.


As the saying goes, it does start within. Remember, nobody can love you more than you love yourself; including the universe. That is not to say it is not presented and offered on a daily basis, but if you are not feeling worthy to receive it, you will push it away. It gets pushed away via self sabotage, degrading self talk, anger and more. Oh the excuses are freely offered as to the why it cannot happen.


I will continue to remind you until the day I drop dead that 

You Are Worthy of ALL You Desire

Sit with that little ol' sentence until you feel a shift within. It may take a moment or two. They are not asking you to hear the choir of angels singing your praises, but just enough of a shift that it makes you smile. This is the first step of knowing that you are indeed worthy. The first step towards manifesting what is desired and no longer settling.

 I'm lighting a Chamuel Candle in honor of YOU. That is how committed I am to helping to inspire and empower YOU. Sit with the picture below and feel its energy coming to you. Allow the LOVE to permeate into every cell within.



You Are Loved




The Harvest Moon - What are you 'harvesting'? October 06 2017

Luna was in her full glory last night, heralding in the energies of the Harvest Moon. This trends back to the 'olden' times when many crops were harvested to add to the bounty that would get them through the harsher times of the winter months. 

This still holds true today in a myriad of ways though. Many of us are not farmers and do not pretend to be given in account how abundant food is throughout the year. Although many of us still will 'play farmer' and enjoy canning sauce, vegetables, etc. to add some summer freshness in during those long dark days of winter.

However, let's talk of the spiritual or personal harvest. What kind of seeds have you been planting? This is the no judgment zone remember, but really look at the seeds you have been sowing.

Are they ones of fear?

Are they ones of lack?

Are they ones of insecurity or low self worth?


Are they ones of excitement?

Are they ones of renewal?

Are they ones of vast abundance?

You see where I'm going with this. It is the Law of Attraction at its finest. What you put out there is ricocheted back to you. The difference it is coming back at ya ten fold. MANY are reporting back with feelings of unease, a depth of tiredness not known before (this includes me; I slept close to ten hours that past two nights! I rarely did this, even as a teenager!). 




I have some answers, but as you well know, one size does not fit all. This I do know for sure:

We are slipping into the energies of 2018 - afterall we are in the last quarter of 2017. Our senses are heightening. Our sense of urgency is coming in at the speed of light. It IS happening. As you may remember, The Gang pronounced 2018 as The Year of Love. While one may think of gooey, romantic love (and that's true), what about love of self as the primary love? 


Remember, loving self first is not selfish, it is imperative. You're going to be hearing this a lot from me via The Gang for many, many months, so get use to it. You MUST love yourself first. Period. You MUST honor your desires and needs. If you need sleep, SLEEP. If you need to eat, EAT (healthily of course). If you need to say no, SAY NO. And so on. Honoring your emotions does not give permission to own the emotions. Think of this way:

I am doing tiredness vs. I am tired.

I am doing hunger vs. I am hungry.

I am doing confusion vs. I am confused.

A simple word switcheroo can make a big difference in how you feel. For those that have been with me a bit know of the should vs. could war. This is the same kind of situation. 

You empaths are really feeling this. You desire to go into seclusion. Please don't. Sit with your feelings. This is a HUGE growth spurt for you. Honor what you are feeling. If you don't have a journal, get thee to your closest office supply store and get one. It really doesn't matter what it looks like. What matters is that you are better able to process the energy swirling around you and journaling helps. a. lot.

Another tool is our Crystal Sceptres  I cannot recommend them enough. My first was gifted to me and the energy is lovely, empowering and yet soft. I daily immerse mine in my water. I also do this for Gabi and the 'lions' water bowls. Each day a different angel steps forward to offer guidance and through that guidance the sceptre is chosen. I meditate with it; this greatly helps to quiet my mind and offer 'out of the box' solutions to a vast array of situations.

Bottom line is to stay true to yourself. Small sentence, BIG impact. This may take the rest of your life to master and then some, so BE patient. 

I look forward to reading your responses and feel free to share the post!


Crystal Sceptre


April's Full Pink Moon and How to Get Ready March 29 2017 2 Comments

How convenient that the first full moon in Spring is in April and known as a Pink Moon! Convenient? Yes indeedy, it's my birthday month and pink is my favorite color.

Enough about me though... how will this moon impact you?

The name “pink moon” is a native name, derived from the early pink blooms of phlox. Other names for the April full moon include egg moon and sprouting grass moon. Will the moon literally look pink? It might in your neck of the woods, but the name comes from the Native Americans and how they could reference the moon to others.

This specific full moon falls within the retrograding of Mercury (April 9 - May 3, 2017). As with most retrogrades, the opportunity to go within is magnified. This will become even more imperative with the full moon that is full of pink self love.

With all this pink and self love energy pouring in, is it any wonder romantic energies are also wrapped up in this moon? It is an ideal time to set up a love altar or if you already have one, clean it up (literally) and amp up its energy so your twin flame can find you more easily.

New to setting up an altar? Not a problem. As with all things, it is best to represent all elements; fire, water, air, earth and wood. Think about it, if you only put in the element of fire, your romance will be quite intense and could burn up quickly!

Your altar is a place of sacredness. It is a place that you place your objects that remind you of love. It can be an end table, top of bookshelf, mantle, dresser, etc. It does not become cluttered with unused notes, pens, etc. as you go about your day. It is a place you visit daily to reflect and feel the universe conspiring with you to manifest your truest loving desires.

Here's a trick question, how many people are involved as a couple?

Two, right? Therefore, you will have TWO of everything you place on your altar. One invites being solo and three... well let's just not go there; it will be inviting ultimately unwanted added folks to your romance.

Here are some ideas that connect to the various elements that you may place on your altar:

  • Earth - Crystals! I LOVE (pun soooo intended) two rose quartz hearts for this exercise. No need to limit to just rose quartz. What other stones scream love to you? Remember two of each!
  • Air - Feathers. Allowing your love to soar on angel wings!
  • Fire - Candles. Since you will be burning these candles regularly, go with the colors you are drawn to. They will reflect your energy of the moment; be sure to look up the color's meaning after you have chosen.
  • Water - Aquamarine crystals offer the energies of peace, hope and yes self love. Or perhaps a small fish bowl with two fish that is filled with beautiful stones
  • Wood - I love flowers, that is not a secret. You can keep the energy flowing on your sacred altar by having fresh flowers adorning it. The philosophy would be the same for the color of the candles; get the flowers that speak to you now and then look up their meaning. I adore the book, The Victorian Flower Dictionary .

The key is for you to be creative in your altar making. After all, it is your altar and you are attracting your love; not mine. You may also write your love a letter dated five years into the future. Spend some time on this one. Describe your day spent together. How happy you are. How you love it when they look at you when they think you're not observing kind of thing. Expand on your perfect day together; what did you do? How did you act? Where did you go (if any where)? On the night of glorious pink moon, burn up the letter. This is releasing your desires to the angels and putting them to work on your mission.

Also use the Askfirmation:

Why is is so easy for me to live my life with my soulmate?

Chat with The Gang, all of them. There are so many nuances that tap into romantic love, it is difficult to pinpoint one specific one. Still grappling? It just may be time to have a full on session with me. To toot my horn a bit, a client has invited me to their wedding because they like me and I saw them together well over a year before they found each other. Pretty cool, eh?



Like this blog and/or wish to add some other ideas? Please post below - it helps raise our ranking so others may find us!


It's a Balancing Act... March 20 2017 2 Comments

The energy has been all over the map. A great client called it a Mac Truck Hit and Run...she wasn't far off...

Today is the first day of spring and only as you already do... let's bring in a bit more support for all; especially ourselves. Be gentle on yourself. Do those Daily Acts of Self Love ... it was a warning... everything I share with you is not to 'hear myself talk'; it's done with you in mind and only your highest well being, safety (Big Mike for protection), Chamuel for Self Love, Uriel for safety to shine your brightest light

Lower Energies are amping up their power by actually working together... do NOT dabble in this arena... it's not an easy feat nor for the faint of heart... seriously. It's why the  Atlantis Pendant is out... so all may benefit from its protective energies...

Here's a list of suggestions that can help you stay true to you and maintain a semblance of balance.

  • Lay low when needed and when possible
  • Eat HEALTHY foods (comfort food lowers your vibration, no matter how yummy they taste. This of course is null if comfort foods in your world are high energy, high protein; salads, etc.)
  • Sleep - get to bed earlier. You can turn the TV off; the world most likely will not end while you sleep
  • Use the Sacred Clearing Mister. It's infused with the energies of Violet Flame and will kick out some of the nasty stuff.
  • If you are into crystals, and let's face it, who isn't... Here are a couple of recommendations; Rose Quartz - Self Love. Tektites- Protection. Yellow Calcite-Happy Power. Boji Stones-Balance. Let me know below in your comments others you love.
  • Use the Sacred Clearing Mister. It's infused with the energies of Violet Flame and will kick out some of the nasty stuff.
  • Exercise - makes you feel great and raises your chi
  1.  Yoga - HUGE fan of yoga, but even I chose to miss one class last week due to my  energy levels being low
  2.  Walks - fast paced ones to get your heart excited
  3.  Kickboxing or some other form of aerobics - it does feel good to legitimately punch something once in a while
  4. HOWEVER, and it's a BIG however, don't push yourself beyond your limits. It's one thing to exercise to feel better. It's quite another
  5. Let me know some of your favorites and why in the comments below.

and remember, we are all in this together and you are safe in our Facebook group. If you are not a member of the group, come and join us!


Want clearer and more angelic energy? Try Selenite! August 23 2016

Selenite is one of those unsung heroes in my mind. Its sublime energies offer great clarity, amazing angelic connection and it clears its area (and therefore yours) of lower energies.

What more could you ask for?

Selenite does come in many colors, green, orange and grey blue. However, it is most easily found in the opaque white version. This variety is found throughout the world which makes it very accessible and affordable as it comes in a variety of sizes from a few inches to a few feet.

Selenite, as I mentioned, strengthens your connection to the angels. I was gifted the one below many years ago:


Does it remind you of your favorite Angel Goddess' logo? That's exactly why it was given to me; selenite in the form of angel wings! For those that have had a private session with me at the expos we do around the country, will have met this beauty as it adorns my reading table. I travel with this angel to keep my crystals clear and high in energy as well as to keep my channel pristine for each and every client that sits before me. 

The word 'selenite' comes from the Greek word, moon. You might easily see how this came to be as its natural glow is very moon-like. You might also think it would then be associated with the Moon Angel, Auriel. It does, but not just Auriel; it really doesn't connect with any one specific angel for it enhances all angelic communication. It offers greater clarity, chatting and enhanced visualization with the entire angelic realm.

We also keep Selenite near every major electronic equipment we have in our home; TV as well as computers. The crystal works diligently to keep those radio waves (EMF) from hitting us and doing ultimate harm. Some of these are more hidden; within the entertainment unit while another is in full display as a massive (2' in height) twin tower in our family room. They all help to block those kaka energies that are physically unseen while clearing the others that we may inadvertently bring back home while out and about.

Do you have your own business or frequently work from home? Place a log of Selenite on your desk to make truer decisions and increase the ability to listen to another's input. It also helps to make wise choices; the right folks to work with, the next new project, timing of projects, etc. It promotes honesty and the ability to see it or lack thereof from others that you are working with. 

We also have four smaller logs, one at each bedpost, to support our marriage. Selenite with its natural truth serum helps keep communication pure between loved ones and reminds you that you are here to learn and listen wisely to others in your inner circle.

Perhaps now you may better understand the power of the gentle stone and why it was time to sing its praises!



Want to bring in more joy AND abundance? August 17 2016

Sunstone is almost  a one stop shopping kind of crystal. It offers such a wide array of energies it's a wonder that everyone isn't wearing it and/or have it near them.

It's a stone that has such beautiful natural sparkles it's hard not to smile when you see it. Check out the ones below:




Seriously, how can you NOT smile looking at those beauties?! Those sparkles make me want to giggle and that of course is the energy of great joy. Joy is one of the many energies that sunstone offers you. It also offers great internal strength and can help you stand tall and strong especially if you have found yourself becoming co-dependent on others.

It offers such nurturing energy that you are reminded to tend to you first thus allowing you to tend to others with a great reserve of love to offer. This of course doesn't matter if you are in the healing industry, teacher, domestic goddess, corporate executive, etc. All businesses tend to be of service when you get right down to it. If you chose to wear sunstone, having it on your receiving hand (tends to the left) you are reminded to tend to you first. If it is on your giving hand (tends to be the right) you are offering healing energies on all levels to all you touch. Worn as a necklace? You are then radiating your joy out into the world. 

Sunstone can offer such energy that you feel more compelled to exercise and focus so much so that you may not need coffee! Okay you didn't just hear me say that as you know I do love my morning cappuccino.

Do you have your own business? Then place a piece of Sunstone near your computer, cash register or entrance of your business to allow yourself to be seen, recognized and valued for all the talents and gifts you offer, no matter what your business is. This is also bundled up with the energies of dissolving those of unworthiness, self-sabotage and thinking others are 'out to get you' via discrimination, etc. It helps to shed light on old belief systems that are not really serving you (and most likely never did) so you can toot your horn with glee.

If you have been following me for a bit, this all begins to sound like the angel Jophiel and you would be correct. Jophiel is the Joy-Filled Angel; reminding you that you are your most powerful when you are in your joy. She helps you to stand strong and be proud of who you are with no regrets. Sunstone is one of the many stones that are in complete alignment with her energies.


Citrine, it's not just a sparkly stone August 08 2016 2 Comments

This week's crystal choice is citrine.

Did you know that most citrine is actually heated amethyst? During this process, the stone literally gets bleached out and reveals the gorgeous golden sparkles that most have come to associate with citrine. 

Natural citrine is a very dark translucent brown that is often confused with brown tourmaline. Here's a picture of a natural citrine to share what I mean as a picture can speak much better than words at times:



You can see the underlying golden sparkles, but yet it naturally feels a bit heavier. I have a rather large natural specimen in my collection that is adored and often have it sitting near me as I create new products or course offerings.

Now compare the natural to its altered counterpart:

Both are indeed citrine! Both will work predominantly with the sacral chakra and deal with abundance. However, since they are different in their looks, very different as you will agree, they are also different in their energetic offerings.

The natural version will offer more grounded energy. It is darker, think more earthstar chakra; therefore more grounded. It also offers energy to help you overcome that squeamish feelings of not being good enough. In other words, it offers you courage!

The heated version will be lighter in its tactics to get you motivated in reaping abundance in all its glory. Due to its lighter coloring, it offers you to also be lighter in your energy and while doing so help to create better boundaries. Boundaries? Yes so you are better able to stand strong and no longer be that doormat that folks can mistake you for periodically.

To my knowledge the natural version is only available, or certainly more readily available, in its raw state. Therefore, if you find it in jewelry, it will most likely be wire wrapped.

The heated version can be found in its raw state or as the picture above, polished. Jewelry stores, even the higher end ones, will most likely carry polished, heated citrine in their inventory. This option makes the heated version quite easy to find at any well respected metaphysical, jewelry and healing business. 

Both kinds of citrine work well with Gabriel's energy. Heightening your creative juices will creating an 'empire' of your liking whether it's an empire of joy, money, health, and of course love. 

 Enjoy your citrine, it is a lovely stone that wished to be shared this week; it woke me up as I had asked which one was to be this week's topic. Who's next? Only they know at the moment. 

Change August 05 2016 1 Comment

Change is often coveted and chatted (and dare I say whined) about daily:

* I wish my life was more abundant

* I wish I had my soulmate

* I wish I was ten pounds lighter

* I wish...

These are all desires of change, right? Right. If that is the case, and it is, why do folks drag and I do mean DRAG in changing circumstances so they can get what is desired?

Do you really expect things to change if you aren't? (Yes, this is one of those things that make me chuckle.) It just simply doesn't work that way. Want more abundance? Look for higher paying jobs or taking a course to help you get there. Want true love? It all starts within first. Want to lose weight? You know the drill; more exercise and better food.

And so on.

I get it, inertia is a wonderful mind numbing thing. I go there too; doesn't It feel more cozy to snuggle up with a great book? Good book vs getting up early to tackling the next task at hand; more course offerings, making memes, blog posts not to mention my domestic goddess duties? Luckily at this exact moment I have the best of both worlds; one cat is snuggled in close while I write so it's a bit of work and love going hand in hand.

Change is inevitable even if you are the Inertia Goddess/God; change is going to happen. How things change and how pro-active you are in its event and how you respond is up to you. You can make it difficult or certainly more joyful. 

It comes down to, as most things do, how much do you love yourself in order to activate the changes YOU wish. Chamuel is my go to angel for this; The Angel of Self Love. Remember, the more you love yourself, the more you give yourself permission to ask for what you desire AND receive it. As the other angelic gang members, Chamuel resonates with the crystal Rose Quartz; see my blog from earlier this week on this juicy crystal that is chock full of loving yumminess to kickstart your life in magical ways.









Change isn't always easy and can take a while. However, as the old fable goes, 'Slow and Steady Wins The Race'. Taking one step daily towards your goal will result in the ultimate Big MAGICAL Changes that you yearn for. 

Take me for an example, as many of you know we just moved; well Stage One of The Move has been completed. Once again, I did not go gently into this change. I LOVE our beach home (which we are not giving up - so many of you have asked), and going to the 'Big City' was 'eh', in my book. However, our new home has great, great energy. Things we've been carting around for years have already found a great home; it was like that spot was made for 'it'. The new home is surrounded by trees, lots of trees and a gorgeous pond just a few moments of a walk away. Gabi and I have already explored the immediate surroundings and look forward to more as the days begin to cool that allow longer walks. The vision is constantly changing, but I now have officially my own office! This is a first ever! Instead of carting my laptop to whatever spot felt great; there is a designated room getting filled with crystals, sacred objects and tools and you know what? It feels glorious. 

I changed and what I expected and allowed myself to receive changed.

I've thanked my husband countless times for finding this beauty and he just beams. I know it is time for me and us to share our gifts in a larger and bigger way and we're ready. In order for that to happen, we needed to get off our island for longer periods of time but in an area that was more populated and yet offered peace.

Change. It's a good thing. Give it a try.

Let's Chat Crystals! August 01 2016

I'm often asked which is the best crystal to start with when a newbie to working with stones?

The answer is an easy one; Rose Quartz


It's very easy, incredibly easy in fact, to find and its very essence makes it less complicated for a person to keep stepping forward on their chosen path. You see, rose quartz is the premier stone of Self Love. The more one loves themselves, the more they allow to ask and receive for what is deeply desired. 

If you think about it, it's an epidemic of sorts; ALL could love themselves more. In fact, that is one of my theories of why this beauty, that comes in all shapes, sizes and finishes is so readily available. It's true, you may find raw versions like you see in the photo below. You may find rose quartz in polished versions that include various shapes such as hearts, geometric, etc. Lastly, you may find rose quartz woven into jewelry in its polished or raw state. So it is really up to you and your personal tastes as well as your goal for each piece you obtain. As an example, I have a beautiful bracelet that includes polished rose quartz. Likewise we have 7lb raw chunks throughout our home to keep the love going for all who enter.



Look at these beauties! That soft pink color (also the color of self love) exudes gentleness, softness, and yes love. However, don't under-estimate all the gooey love stuff for weakness! This stone, in its gentleness, is a power house of crystals.

IF you are new to acquiring and working with crystals, I strongly suggest you visit your nearest metaphysical store to pick them out. See which one(s) catch your eye or simply feel good to you. Once you are more comfortable with picking out the right stones for you, you can then venture more safely and securely into ordering online through trusted sources. 

Let me know how you love your rose quartz and how you have implemented its energies into your life; it's a great journey once started.