Want clearer and more angelic energy? Try Selenite!

Want clearer and more angelic energy? Try Selenite!

Selenite is one of those unsung heroes in my mind. Its sublime energies offer great clarity, amazing angelic connection and it clears its area (and therefore yours) of lower energies.

What more could you ask for?

Selenite does come in many colors, green, orange and grey blue. However, it is most easily found in the opaque white version. This variety is found throughout the world which makes it very accessible and affordable as it comes in a variety of sizes from a few inches to a few feet.

Selenite, as I mentioned, strengthens your connection to the angels. I was gifted the one below many years ago:


Does it remind you of your favorite Angel Goddess' logo? That's exactly why it was given to me; selenite in the form of angel wings! For those that have had a private session with me at the expos we do around the country, will have met this beauty as it adorns my reading table. I travel with this angel to keep my crystals clear and high in energy as well as to keep my channel pristine for each and every client that sits before me. 

The word 'selenite' comes from the Greek word, moon. You might easily see how this came to be as its natural glow is very moon-like. You might also think it would then be associated with the Moon Angel, Auriel. It does, but not just Auriel; it really doesn't connect with any one specific angel for it enhances all angelic communication. It offers greater clarity, chatting and enhanced visualization with the entire angelic realm.

We also keep Selenite near every major electronic equipment we have in our home; TV as well as computers. The crystal works diligently to keep those radio waves (EMF) from hitting us and doing ultimate harm. Some of these are more hidden; within the entertainment unit while another is in full display as a massive (2' in height) twin tower in our family room. They all help to block those kaka energies that are physically unseen while clearing the others that we may inadvertently bring back home while out and about.

Do you have your own business or frequently work from home? Place a log of Selenite on your desk to make truer decisions and increase the ability to listen to another's input. It also helps to make wise choices; the right folks to work with, the next new project, timing of projects, etc. It promotes honesty and the ability to see it or lack thereof from others that you are working with. 

We also have four smaller logs, one at each bedpost, to support our marriage. Selenite with its natural truth serum helps keep communication pure between loved ones and reminds you that you are here to learn and listen wisely to others in your inner circle.

Perhaps now you may better understand the power of the gentle stone and why it was time to sing its praises!



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