What can I expect during meditation?

We all meditate to bring our conscious self closer to the angels and source. It’s a way to take a break and come back to our heart and when done consistently, we can take our meditative practice “off the cushion,” so to speak, and make it a part of our daily lives.

Part of what a regular meditation practice offers is spiritual insight through symbols, signs, and colors. For example, many of you have inquired where the symbols on our Archangel Oracle Cards came from. The answer? They were given and received during meditation. A friend and I sat down one evening and channeled the symbols in a matter of two hours.

And the same can happen with you.

What propels you to meditate? Is it simply taking five minutes for yourself and concentrating on your breath? Is it to gain insight and knowledge from the angels? Is it to garner advice on life in the here and now?

You can also feel an expansion of your soul during meditation that allows colors, scents, images, and yes even symbols to come to you. The more adept you become at meditating, the deeper you allow yourself to go and to expand beyond the room you are sitting in.

Have you ever felt like you were flying during meditation? As you fly, do you look down and see the world below you? This is what is commonly known as “astral travel,” and it allows you to gain even deeper insights to the universe.

Before meditating or beginning any spiritual work, call on Archangel Michael to protect your energetic space. Simply ask him and his legions to stand shoulder to shoulder to protect your space during meditation, which will prevent lower energies from disturbing your work. By calling on Big Mike, you make your space protected from these kinds of energies and this allows you to go more freely into a meditative state.

Starting a meditative practice or continuing one is a life-long affair with you. It can take you to where no man has gone before and beyond. Expect the unexpected and life as you know it will become more glorious.

Use this Askfirmation:

Why is it so easy for me to have a profound meditative practice?

Now allow the angels to answer and support you.

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