2018 = The Year of Love, therefore Love IS The Answer!

2018 = The Year of Love, therefore Love IS The Answer!

It's true... LOVE is the answer and does conquer ALL.

I chat about Love on a regular basis... The Love of Self leads to all things juicy that you desire. Are you getting the message yet? For those that may not have heard or embraced the fact, here it is again and yes you shall read this repeatedly throughout the coming 365+ days...


2018 IS the Year of Love

This is not just about the gooey, toe curling, romantic kind of love (although this does fall under this umbrella as well). It's more importantly to LOVE YOURSELF FIRST. Yes I was yelling at you. Why? We ALL need to love ourselves more. Why? Because Love IS The Answer! The more each person loves themselves. The more each person honors themselves. The more each person values their gifts, the more exciting and enjoyable life BEcomes for each soul independently.


Because as each loves themselves first and foremost, you are sending a direct message to the angels and the universe that shouts:

Hey! I'm important too!

Hey! I'm taking care of me!


You ARE required to do so!

Take time out on a regular, hopefully daily, basis...just for you. The range of Self Love Acts is as wide as it is varied. Feel like treating yourself to a cuppa? Do so! Need to take a nap? Honor it! Feel like pizza? (one of my weaknesses) Enjoy! Feel like taking a walk? Do so without those hand-held devices glued to your face; enjoy your surroundings! Feel like learning a new something or other? Sign up! You may not become the new best thing in that world, but who knows. Bottom line? You are expanding and doing something you enjoy.

Why is loving yourself so darn important? Because what you desire is shifted more in your favor the more you honor YOU. The more you honor you, your gifts, your desires and are proactive in Loving You, you realize that Love Is The Answer... because you are fueling YOU. We are at a very large and pivotal energetic shift globally at the moment. More true than ever; your thoughts are creating your reality. Please be aware of what you are attracting and how. This message runs so deep it is tangible. So easy to understand, but can take a lifetime to conquer.

It's time.

How do this seemingly monumental feat? The angels shared some tried and true ideas above. What are some of your Acts of Self Love? If you are in a quandary about how to do this, chat with Chamuel, Angel of Self Love. You may also use this Askfirmation:

Why is it so easy to honor my needs and love me first?

By asking in this manner and using this Askfirmation specifically, you are better understanding you believe that Love Is The Answer and are now allowing you to BE first. The key here is the allow the angels to support you with surprises and nuances and yes even nudges to remind you of that; Put You First.

Here's to 2018 and Knowing that Love is the strongest energy around and it's high time we all loved ourselves more.


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    So Exciting, thanks so much amen

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