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The Askfirmation Set

$ 17.99

Double The Power

The Askfirmation Book


Daily Askfirmation Deck


If you haven't already purchased the Askfirmation Book  or the Daily Askfirmation Deck, save a bit of money and get both!

The book will take you on the journey of not only their creation, but how to formulate your own. The deck? Let's just say, they pack a power punch. Simply pull one card daily and allow The Gang to show you answers. 

What Others Are Saying:

I have been told to do affirmations for years, supposedly to say them a million plus times to convince our monkey minds that I am worthy, wealthy, slim, etc. Of course all they ever did was poke my ego to say, who you? No way. Try again sweet pea.
My ego can be very insulting. Sound familiar? Then I discovered Angel Chatter Askfirmations? Askforwhat?

Christine Alexandria was brilliant when she came up with asking positive questions instead of negative ones.

And they are based in science. Our brains are designed to look for answers. The beauty of the Askfirmation cards is that I can pick a card, read the Askfirmation and I do not have to come up with an answer. My brain is busy looking for a positive solution as I go about my day. And very often, at some point an idea comes to mind that is the perfect answer for me. 

So instead of asking why should you purchase these cards, ask instead why not?

Barbara Patterson


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