2018 - The Year of The Dog

2018 - The Year of The Dog

We did it!

We launched into another new year - this time via the Chinese calendar. We have now officially entered The Year of The Dog.

What does Dog bring to the table?

When you think of dogs in general, what comes to mind? Often times the characteristics and energy of:

  • Loyalty
  • Friendship
  • Love
  • Protection
  • Faithfulness


What a perfect reminder in this Year of Love! 

How so? Take those prominent dog traits and apply them to yourself. 


Loyalty and dogs

How loyal are you to well, YOU? How well do you stay true to yourself and your dreams? 

Yes, yes, yes, life can get busy through a variety of adventures; illness, family, moving, etc. However the constant is you. Some things may get put on hold for a bit. 

Take me for example, some of you may know from my book, that I announced I wished to be a psychologist in 7th grade. That is how strong my call was (and still is) to help others. It played into my empathic abilities (now that I know what that means - for I certainly didn't in 7th grade!) This is what I wanted to do and felt strongly about it.

Until 10th grade. THEN my guidance counselor told me I would be a great, great mind you, court reporter! Seriously? Court reporting? Since she was in the position of authority, I listened. Off I went to court reporting school.

I hated it. 

Became an administrative assistant. While I enjoyed the work and most of the people, I was bored out of my mind in so many levels. I found myself the one they would come back to to 'dump' their woes for I listened and offered advice as best I could. 

I got married. I then turned this gift towards our children, friends and beyond.

FINALLY, I snapped back and started in earnest my studies in this field. I BEcame loyal to myself once more and I will never look back again.

Uriel, The Angel of Safety, is the perfect blend of safety and loyalty. Being safe to be you is the primary focus for the rest of your life. 


Friendship and dogs

Of course dogs are 'Man's Best Friend' and anyone who knows or has met Gabi knows this from this very special Yogi Dog. 

She teaches ALL to not only see through any color, race, sex and age barrier, but reminds me daily to BE my best friend.

We go on our magical walks in the woods. She gets to go swamping and have a blast and I get to meander and chat with those 'not seen'. During these walks, sans phone (unless I am snagging pictures) I re-discover me and realize I create my reality through thoughts, acts and the essence of BEing my best friend. 

Sandalphon, The Angel of Grounding, is my go to angel here. Not only reminding us both how great we feel once we have been for our walk, but that beautiful message of BEing my best friend.


Love and dogs

Now I understand you are either a dog person or not. There are very few in the gray area of ambivalence, so bear with me. 

Dogs, in general convey and exert that beautiful phrase that I can't stand:

Unconditional Love

Love is LOVE. There are no conditions when it comes to love. Think of it this way; if you have a dog, have they ever made you feel less than? Okay if you haven't played with them, or taken them for a walk, you can get the look. That's not what I am talking about.

Dogs love you for YOU. They are giddy when you return home, even if it's been only an hour or two. Dogs are great for snuggling. Dogs are great for breaking the minutia of day to day. Their love for you is pure. They hold up the mirror to you daily and pretty much shout out - 

Do you see this glorious person that I do? 
Do you realize how GREAT they are?
Do you know how much I LOVE YOU?

Dogs challenge us to be who they know we are. Uriel is my go to angel in this arena with that never ending reminder that we are safe to BE us.

Chamuel, The Angel of Self Love, is hands down to go to angel here. She is always present with reminders of eating properly, the perfect clothes (not outfit, but clothes that make me look better), sleep, and all those glorious acts of self love that can be performed daily.


Protection and Dogs

I hardly need protection from Gabi's Bear, but that's all I got since she is such a gentle soul.

However, there have been incidents where I felt challenged or uncomfortable. Without a doubt, she rose to the occasion and put me first. She stood between me and them. Even most recently I encountered some unusual energy in the woods. Gabi felt it and I have never seen her move so quickly at the end of our walk to get out. 

How does this relate to us? Be listening. By heeding those thoughts, no matter how silly or ridiculous we may feel in the moment. Just because you can't see the danger of 'it' doesn't mean it is not there.

You are intuitive. Listen, not just for protective purposes, but in all arenas of your life. 

Michael, The Angel of Protection, is of course who I call upon and hope you do as well in any situation that makes you feel uneasy. I know I did that day in the woods and felt him pushing us along with his back as he watched behind us for what was there. 

Faithfulness and Dogs

Without a doubt, Gabi is my constant companion and steadfast guide. One could say she is an angel with fur and honestly I couldn't disagree. I've learned more from her than some of the 'best teachers'. 

She teaches me to have faith in the future and myself. 

Keep the faith - goes back to phase one - Loyalty to Self. If one is loyal to self, all else falls into place much easier for the is no charade. There is no mask. There is no anything. If you are true to you, all must come to fruition that you are here to do.


There isn't just one angel for this category I chat with. I chat with the entire Gang on a regular basis for they all impact and support my life with them and through them. It just depends on the day and project (even or especially if that project is me) on who shows up leading the pack. 

Wrap Up

This is The Year of the Loving Dog. How's that for a combo phrase? 

This is the Year for YOU. How to better BE you? It's time to sign up for The Authorization Course and begin your journey in earnest back to you and be proud of who you are and why you are here.


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