Can you do it all? Be a Goddess-preneur AND chat with the angels?

Is a balanced life possible or just a lovely concept? Are you seemingly trying in vain to stay connected with the angels as you go about your day and at times it all seems like a BIG muddled mess creating a barrage of feelings like this:

We’re all busy. We live a busy life; family, chores, job, career, hobbies, time for friends, errands and so on. Did you even take you into consideration during the process?


Most don’t.


Can you be productive and yet maintain a healthy glow from inner peace and ongoing chatter with the angels?


In a nutshell, yes.


Each day brings new ideas, new projects, new ‘must dos’; therefore, each day will present a variety of ways to keep balanced, connected to the angelic realm while doing all those human activities!


One can never go wrong by giving thanks. Why start there? It fuels you at a deep cellular level, expands your capacity to give, receive and be open to new opportunities as well as angelic messages. Each morning in my world starts out curled up in bed with all three of the ‘fur kids’ snuggled next to me. My poor husband has learned and scampers off to work giggling at the site. One of the cats nudges me and purrrrrs. It is the sweetest wake up call and am very grateful for it. People, places, events, etc. then present themselves as I add to the Grateful Chain; family, great new client, great new sales rep, and great new store carrying all of products. I then proceed to other matters; even if something hasn’t come to fruition yet, I give thanks for it being in my life and project outward to a time that it will happen. This all happens with more purrrrrs and hands over my heart to let that love and gratitude sink deep into the psyche.


Breakfast; never miss it. This is rather difficult for me since I’m not a perky morning person and certainly don’t desire food immediately. However prior to our morning walk, I down a large glass of water with daily vitamins. By the time we return, I’m hungry. Only high protein foods for breakfast are allowed; could be a multi-grain piece of toast with beet hummus sprinkled with sprouted beans, or eggs or …. rarely juice - too much sugar and throws off the energy. Coffee? practically every single day. Love those cappuccinos! It is what serves me.

The Balancing Act commences in earnest ….

The proverbial To Do List is created daily; usually over breakfast. As an example, today’s went something akin to:

* Chat with Sales Consultant

* Chat with friend about collaborative retreat

* Blog Post

* Walk Gabi - twice

* Bake chicken for cats

* Make sweet potato chews for Gabi

* Laundry

* Package orders

* Package more merchandise for product showroom in Washington

* Client call

* Submitting to great stores

* and so on…


It’s a full day, no matter how you look at it. However, the gratefulness ritual first thing in the morning has kept the angelic chatter open. If there is a scheduled ‘to do’, that stays. All others are open to discussion. The angels know me better than I know me at times. Therefore, I listen to what is to be accomplished on the list and in what order. They frequently remind me to go outside, even if it is for a few moments; it recharges the soul and I come back to whatever task refueled. I allow myself to go with the flow; one is simply not designed to sit at a desk all day long with no respite!

I admire what is on my desk. This mean I keep it pretty clutter-free and love playing with my crystal shards in a rose quartz bowl. It’s like those zen gardens you may see in offices, but only better. It’s all about LOVE!

These tips so far may seem rather mundane and boring, not to mention very human. True, on one hand, but on the other, it keeps me very connected to angelic realm at all times. It is the simplest of events that can keep one connected with great ease. It’s on those days I do not take time to eat properly or take the time for me that I falter and so does the chatter. All musings become mush at best, walks become drags and eating consists of whatever is closest at hand (good thing junk food isn’t a well known commodity in our home!)

Truth be told, there isn’t one magic tip. There isn’t one magic bullet. There isn’t one size fits all. Wish it did, but it just doesn’t work that way.

What does work is enjoying each moment as it presents itself. As an example, right this moment, as I type, the gulls are laughing, the pink roses are dancing in the breeze and the starlings are sitting on top of the sunflowers enjoying the bounty. THIS is what refuels my soul. It only takes a moment, but moments accumulate and become minutes which become hours. These moments connect to the nature’s beauty and joy. These moments keep the angelic chatter flowing. These moments are pure.


Living each day in a state of grace, gratitude and joy. This is what makes life ever joy-filled and ever present with the angels. This is what makes the chatter non-stop. This is what makes life, well life! Nuances are noticed. Signs are unveiled. Messages not only given, but received.


Report back to me how this has helped. What seeds perhaps became planted within you to spur you on to take those moments for you to BE and how this helped to expand your angelic chatter.


Until next time, remember you are adored, loved and revered above all.


  • Retha

    Loved the starting the day with Gratitude. How simple, how easy to get on w/ the rush of the day. Stay present in the moment, a must. We miss too much if always thinking about the next moment or hour. Thanks Chris, very lovely put and I loved your insights!! Sending Love, Retha

  • Paula

    Beautifully written! Just what I needed to hear! My natural flow is slow paced and sometimes watching others “busy” can sometimes make me think I’m too sloooow paced. However, the Ego does keep us comparison critters at times and I forget that me being me is who I Am! And I like it there when I’m not in my head thinking I "should " be doing it differently! So even when it seems that what I’m doing is mundane I know when I listen to my guidance it feels right!
    Thanks for sharing this! It really helped!
    With gratitude,

  • Kathy Huslage
    One dream I felt “given” to Me was about a big cloud in the night sky (like the Milky Way?) and then like a shower of stars falling from the cloud to earth, with the message that We are not MEANT to stay in the high places. We are to “mingle” here on earth, and that is the work/purpose of Us being here- Like “Get down and get dirty” or in other words- Get involved! The phrase from My youth comes into play here: “Don’t be so heavenly minded that You’re no earthly good”! ; ) Now, WHILE You’re “getting involved” You can still remain in a calm Spiritual state by remembering that in REAL reality You’re an “observer”, which helps You keep a true perspective on things (as in the “Don’t sweat the small stuff” advise). I SO agree that Gratitude is the best! WHO can hold anger and hatred in Their Heart while being Grateful? NO-ONE! There’s simply NO ROOM for the negativity when You’re feeling Grateful!!! : ) I also agree that One must "fill-up One’s OWN gas tank before endeavoring to fill Others! It’s not selfish, it’s realizing that when You love Yourself, that’s how much You can love others! In the end, what’s best for You, is what’s best for the Highest Good, and what’s best for the Highest Good is what’s best for You. What a Wonderful Cycle! : ) Also,Yes! Going outside and reconnecting with Nature essentially seems one of the fastest ways to reconnect with God. And of course, this is what ALL Our Souls really want! Finally : ) in regards to de-cluttering, I admit I have “organized piles” here and there in the house, yet what I insist on de-cluttering is My e-mail inbox. I keep only essential e-mails, one from each of My Daughters, one or two business ones, and one or 2 appt. reminders and that’s it- The rest are erased everyday, poof! : )

  • Donna Frasca

    Wow, my day is very similar to yours starting with the three felines I have that wake me up everyday at 6am. The only difference is I am a morning person and get most of my work done by 10am which leaves the rest of the day to dabble in whatever.

    Love your crystals, they sure make a great visual don’t they? I have a Zen diffuser that sends out spearmint all day long. I find it helps my creativeness. Since I work from home, going outside for earthing breaks are a must.

    Thanks for the great post Chris, it sure helped :-)

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