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FIVE Things you can do to empower yourself spiritually February 02 2018

I am often asked how can I do this or that? The 'This' or 'That' implies to better embracing and owning one own’s spirituality.

It all starts with YOU.

It starts within.

It starts at the beginning.

Step One


Meditation doesn’t have to be an event that takes like FOREVA. An enlightening session can be as short as five minutes. It’s an easy practice to start, but can take a lifetime to master, but don’t let that hinder you! Meditation opens new horizons, instills stillness within, offers profound peace and leave.

It’s easy to start; call upon Archangel Michael, The Angel of Protection. As Big Mike enters the room, it may begin to feel a bit warmer; don’t be alarmed, it’s one of his signs. Having him to stand guard will you meditate helps to ascertain that all information you get during your meditation is clear and not muddled. This also helps the ego to go sit in the corner for a bit ... might as well give it the proverbial lollipop too.

Sit in a comfy place. Don't go into hyper drive of Am I doing this right? If you are comfy, that is all that matters. Seriously if you can't sit with feet firmly on the ground because you're more comfortable cross-legged, that is all you will think about. I want to cross my legs! or OOPS, I just crossed my legs, best put them flat on the floor. Just stop. BE comfy.

Now place your hands over your heart and listen to your heartbeat. This helps to slow your mind as well as offering you something to focus on. Your breath will naturally slow all resulting in you deepening you meditative state. Again, it doesn't matter which hand is on top.

Stay in this quiet moment that turns into moments. This connection helps you to connect with your heart; the birthplace of your soul. Once connected, allow yourself to remember this connection, this purity, this love. Revel in this moment. Embrace it.

This simple act begins to open doors and enhancing your spiritual side.

Step TwoGet outside. Take a walk on the wild side ... in nature!

Oh, leave that brilliant magical electronic device at home or in your pocket. NO walk will do you a bit of good if you are staring down at the screen. Besides, you might just trip over a tree root or something if you are too busy looking down.

I have gotten into the habit that whenever Gabi and I leave our home I present a situation that I would like clarity on. I start by asking Archangel Sandalphon as he oversees the Earthstar chakra and reminds me to BE more often which allows him and the other Gang Members to answer. My queries can run the gamut; something as inspiration for dinner to expanding on a new product/project idea to explaining something much deeper.

I then let go of that intention and allow to BEcome inspired.

We, Gabi and I, then have a blast as we go about our magical journey walks. Once we reach a certain spot in the woods, she is allowed off leash and free to romp and go swamping. This leaves me free to enjoy the moments with her. Experience that joy, silliness and BEing at peace.

Why at peace? I am centered; living through the energy of love and joy through Gabi. I am so focused on her that nothing else enters my mind at the moment. Those quite little moments of stillness open doors to answers. It’s in those moments my questions begin to unravel to allow answers to softly dance in. They dance in so softly that it is without a doubt a message from The Gang in response to my queries.

It’s feeling the ground beneath my feet that I become more centered, more grounded if you will. It’s feeling the sun’s warmth on my face that my heart lightens. At the moment we are in the midst of another Arctic blast and I can feel the chill course through my body waking up every cell. It’s glorious to feel alive! That essence only deepens my spiritual connection to the universe that surrounds us.

During our walks stillness creeps in. Life creeps in. Love creeps in. My connection to The Gang and God/Goddess strengthens and is fortified.

Give it a try.

Step Three

Chose LOVE over FEAR

Unfortunately life does not always go according to plan. In fact, it rarely goes according to plan.

Every day is truly a new beginning. You can chose to dance in lower energies by whining, jumping in the unsavory, or by focusing on lack of whatever and wherever you feel lack in your life.


You can focus on Love. True, easier said than done… at times. However, no matter how low you feel life has become, there is always something there to be grateful for.

Here are some ‘normal’ ideas to whet your appetite and remind you how lovely your life really is.


  • Love offered from another; social group, family member, friend
  • A sunny day
  • Heat
  • A home
  • Shoes - one never has enough shoes!
  • The ability to see what you already have and offer gratitude. Yep, snuck that one in there.

When we chose a higher vibration (Love), we automatically are choosing to see more of what we can have, BE, and do. Once seen, it’s hard to hide again. Once seen, it is heard. Once seen, it becomes easier to embrace and truly BE.

Choosing fear? Not so much. Let’s just say, you’ll get loads more of what you really don’t want. All the complaining the in world won’t change it. You must change from within and begin to see the beauty of life. The beauty? Only opens you to more of what spirit is offering you.

Chat with Jophiel. She is the Angel of Joy-Filled Power. She’ll be more than happy (pun intended) to put a smile on your face and remind you that you are your most powerful when in JOY.

Step Four


This is not about taking the closest Zumba or kickboxing class. This is participating in a form of exercise that has a spiritual component such as Tai Chi or Yoga.

This is akin to walking outside and reconnecting with nature and all it offers regularly. However, most of yoga and Tai Chi classes are held inside and therefore one can’t use the excuse that it is cold or rainy in order to partake.

When beginning a more spiritually based form of exercise, one naturally slows down. It’s within that stillness that the heart speaks and speaks loudly. Ego is forced to sit in the corner with a lollipop. Why is that?

One simply cannot perform all those yoga poses with grace and ease! I’ve been known to fall over while attempting Crow. It wasn’t pretty, the class was concerned, but I just sat back and laughed. My worse fear was fulfilled; I fell.

Oh but the lesson! I got back up and am now slowly conquering Crow. One day I shall. In the meantime I am humbled and chuckle through the stumbling and teetering and who knows? Perhaps another fall awaits me.

I chat with Metatron on these days. He oversees the Soul Star chakra (about 6” above your head) and oversees your soul’s mission. I present to him a variety of things; how I wish to BE better is the most common theme. I ask that before class commences and by the time Savasana (corpse/relaxation pose) rolls around, I receive answers. My mind drifts. I allow myself to receive hearings from them. I gather to me insights and inspirations.

In one word? It’s magical.

Step Five


Let’s face it, who doesn’t LOVE a good oreo cookie? (that’s my guilty dream of late). I don’t keep them in the house for I know once that bag is open, the bag magically becomes empty and they enter my belly. Not necessarily the best idea. Why do i do this and ignoring a non savory craving?

Because I value my body and what it does for me. I recognize that by eating a higher vibration of food, I am honoring me and my spiritual path. This is not to say I don’t have an oreo once in a while, but IF I do, it’s a small snack pack. Of course as time changes, so do my cravings. You know what? They all revolve around sugar. One thing I have learned that if I ‘suffer’ through a couple of days of No More, the cravings POOF vanish and I can go back to eating better for me with greater ease.

Think about it, what is your guilty pleasure? Switch out my current fave of Oreo to your choice. Indulge. Indulge deeply. How do you feel afterwards? If you are anything like me, not so great. Of course there is the initial high, but it quickly morphs into remorse, bloating, muddled thinking and more (we won’t go into ‘potty talk’).

Now think of the times you eat right for you. Your body felt energized. Ideas could come in fast and furious AND you had more than enough energy that allowed you to act upon them. You rarely got sick. You became excited with life and your connection to source was equally clearer.


Because you were fueling your body and therefore your soul. When you fuel at optimum levels, you can more clearly see, hear, know and sense wisdom from the other side. You are more at peace. You radiate an energy of love, BEing centered that has others wishing to know your secrets.

In other words, you can walk your talk with a genuine smile on your face.

It’s uncanny what our bodies tell us when we eat food that is not good for us. No, no, don’t be mistaken, I’m not going on a Thou Shall BEcome vegan or vegetarian or …. This is about eating what is right for you and only you. Bottom line, some folks need to stay a carnivore.

Gabriel is my go to in this arena. He is the Angel of Miracles and oversees the sacral chakra; the place of sensuality. He guides me to juicier and healthier foods and encourages new recipes to continue to expand my horizons, not my waistline.

Wrap Up

These five seemingly insignificant steps can help in more ways than you may imagine. Are these the only things you can do? Of course not! I look forward to reading what other tricks you have tried successfully that have opened your spiritual horizons as you dance this thing called Life.


Need some help? Pop me a note or schedule a session.

New Moon Amplified with Lunar Eclipse...what it means for you February 24 2017 2 Comments

This Sunday, February 26, 2017, we have another whammy event:

New Moon combined with a Solar Eclipse.

You may say 'SHAZAM' now.

Many of you are already feeling the energy build; perhaps you have felt a web or veil covering your eyes. This is due to the time of year that this particular New Moon is in; all very watery energy; Pisces. All intuitive powers are becoming more heightened. Many of my clients have reached out with thoughts that lend to 'am I going crazy?' or 'what just happened?' Gifts that you had as a child and shoved away due to being 'not normal' are now resurfacing and you are better able to connect.

Those of you that can have a tendency to dull the edges with outside influences (alcohol as an example) may feel the pull to do so again. Stand Strong Chatterer! It isn't a test truly, but if your gifts are being heightened, YOU are ready. No longer does the need to dull them exist. You have a beautiful gift and one that is meant to be shared. 

For those of you that are empathic, the same holds true. Be sure you are doing daily self care acts to build and strengthen your resolve. Make your home a sacred space. Do a space clearing to rid of the old and allow the magnificent new in. Not sure what to do? I can help energetically and is a service I can explain more fully upon inquiring.

No matter what camp, or any camp you feel drawn to, know that ALL is heightened right now, including your ability to manifest like a Manifesting Machine. Here's an idea, instead of focusing on 'the job', 'the house', 'the client', 'the winning lottery ticket' etc. Focus on HOW you will feel. Step into the revelry. Step into the joy. Step into the empowerment of HOW you feel when these events happen. You'll know you are there when you get those beautiful 'angel tears' (eyes becoming watery at the edges as a way to confirm the pureness of the energy you are in).

By focusing on the HOW part of HOW you will feel, you are allowing 'this or something better' to flow to you at greater speed. All only know what they know. It's why it's called the unknown. By allowing the unknown to step forward, it can be more glorious than you could possibly expect.

This is why I've been badgering so many of you to do your Acts of Self Love daily. Helping you to boost your inner juices, your inner vibe, your inner stirrings from the soul. When this is more full, you are better to step into what is truly desired vs. what you think you desire.

It's for more candle work... I HIGHLY recommend (no more joking here) Auriel and/or Haniel's candle for this event... I know, I know... time is of the essence and will you get it in time? No you will not get it prior to Sunday (unless you are seeing us in Raleigh at the BMSE show this weekend), but you shall for next week. Sit with your FEELINGS as you hold the candle and light 'er up! There is a bit more to it, but suffice it to say, this starts you on your journey.

The veil IS lifting Chatterers, time to step into your power and divinity. 


2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 = 1 January 01 2017 1 Comment

Happy New Year Chatterers!

With 2016 still fresh in many minds of the tumultuous times, changing times, not sure which way to turn times...It is indeed time to start anew, fresh and create life as YOU wish.

Why this sense of 'urgency' now? Well, it's really not news if you have been following me and subscribing to the monthly newsletter, but NOW is pretty much the time to set the stage for the remainder of your life.

Want to start a new career? Look into it, even if it means going back to school. I know a young man (they get younger as I get older) that switched careers in his thirties and while he may be starting 'over', he couldn't be happier. There is always a way; if you wish it to manifest enough. Will it take time? Perhaps. Just don't let the 'if onlys' get you... you know... if only I had more money to go back to school (there are scholarships for that), if only I had more time (you can find the time), if only I had more support. (join our sacred group on Facebook and you will receive plenty of support there)

Why now? The numbers, 2017 add up to the number 10. This beautiful number represents completion with the '0' and new beginnings with the '1'. In other words, as the past year came into its completion (you may now breathe a huge sigh of relief), it is time to start fresh.

Even if that means you reinvent yourself. Isn't that evolving is all about? Not necessarily reinventing one's self, but coming back to your truest self. It is more imperative than ever to listen to the whisperings of your heart and follow its lead. It is time to stop listening to the dramas that society creates through the fear that ego is spoon feeding all. It is time to take that blessed breath, close your eyes and use this Askfirmation:


Why is it so easy for me to live the life of my dreams?


Then allow the angels to answer and show you how to get there. It's up to you to take that first step and the one after that and the one after that. It is time to break the chains that have held you back, whether they be those good intentions that folks reason with you on the whys you shouldn't do something or those ahem, blessed 'if onlys'. I speak from experience so listen carefully:

IF something doesn't get you juiced up and you are frustrated. LOOK INTO SOMETHING NEW NOW! Why? Because the angels hear your frustration and IF you don't take that step, no matter how small that step may be, they will end it for you. They only wish what is best for you and and will make 'it' end whether it is a job, living situation, relationship, etc. For that is what you ultimately yearn for. Remember, their only mission in your life is to help you live life on your terms. IF you are conforming to others and not happy in the process, they listen and heed your energy. While you may not cognitively concur that you asked for something to end, trust me that in a year's time you will be grateful it did; only IF you don't wallow (it's okay for a day or two) but then take those steps to move forward.

Here are some ways to help keep you focused with your soul's energy:

* Spend time in meditation.

* Spend time in automatic writing. You may not get discernible answers immediately, but with practice you shall. 

* Take a candle, of course I prefer one of mine ;), but no matter, take an unused candle. Wrap your hands around it and set your intention. AS BIG AS YOU DESIRE. Light it daily until gone. By focusing on your intentions daily, you are gently nudged to keep going. You may have chance meetings. You may have a call from a dear friend who has the answer. You may...

This IS your year to shine brighter than ever. The world needs you as you, not me. Not your great Aunt Gertrude, not even Buddha. YOU and only YOU.

It's time. 

I wish you success beyond your imagination.

I wish you love that curls your toes and lights up the sky.

I wish you happiness that is contagious.

I wish this and much more, now and always.

It's a bit of an Angel Rant, so bear with me October 13 2015

As you may have picked up by now, I'm not super regular with my blog posts. Everyone is busy, including me, and I only write a new post when I feel there is something important to say.

Now is that time...

I'm sure you have heard of the phrase 'unconditional love'. A rather new product for us at Angel Chatter - the Good Intention Line -

Yeeeaahhhh... this is so indicative of our society today. Humans have made love so conditional we feel compelled to say unconditional.

Phrases such as:

I love you, please be careful

If only you would/could....

I'd love you more if ...

I'd have love if I were prettier/handsomer, richer, thinner....and so on.

What other conditional phrases can you think of? Ones you may have heard? Or ones you may have even uttered yourself without realizing it?

You see, love is love. Love is pure. Love is freeing. Love is recognizing another for who they are and only wanting the best for them and this is accomplished by reflecting back to them their true essence. It is not accomplished by putting conditions on them ultimately making them feel inferior. Love has NO conditions. Do the angels ever say they will love you more if ....?

Of course not. So why do humans?

Join with me and starting today and place no conditions on the love you give. By doing so, I promise the love you receive will be just as pure.

Well THAT was rather freeing. Spread the word of LOVE! Thanks for reading and look forward to hearing of your responses.


Self Love - start within and then radiate to the world!

Can you do it all? Be a Goddess-preneur AND chat with the angels? August 04 2015 4 Comments

Is a balanced life possible or just a lovely concept? Are you seemingly trying in vain to stay connected with the angels as you go about your day and at times it all seems like a BIG muddled mess creating a barrage of feelings like this:

We’re all busy. We live a busy life; family, chores, job, career, hobbies, time for friends, errands and so on. Did you even take you into consideration during the process?


Most don’t.


Can you be productive and yet maintain a healthy glow from inner peace and ongoing chatter with the angels?


In a nutshell, yes.


Each day brings new ideas, new projects, new ‘must dos’; therefore, each day will present a variety of ways to keep balanced, connected to the angelic realm while doing all those human activities!


One can never go wrong by giving thanks. Why start there? It fuels you at a deep cellular level, expands your capacity to give, receive and be open to new opportunities as well as angelic messages. Each morning in my world starts out curled up in bed with all three of the ‘fur kids’ snuggled next to me. My poor husband has learned and scampers off to work giggling at the site. One of the cats nudges me and purrrrrs. It is the sweetest wake up call and am very grateful for it. People, places, events, etc. then present themselves as I add to the Grateful Chain; family, great new client, great new sales rep, and great new store carrying all of products. I then proceed to other matters; even if something hasn’t come to fruition yet, I give thanks for it being in my life and project outward to a time that it will happen. This all happens with more purrrrrs and hands over my heart to let that love and gratitude sink deep into the psyche.


Breakfast; never miss it. This is rather difficult for me since I’m not a perky morning person and certainly don’t desire food immediately. However prior to our morning walk, I down a large glass of water with daily vitamins. By the time we return, I’m hungry. Only high protein foods for breakfast are allowed; could be a multi-grain piece of toast with beet hummus sprinkled with sprouted beans, or eggs or …. rarely juice - too much sugar and throws off the energy. Coffee? practically every single day. Love those cappuccinos! It is what serves me.

The Balancing Act commences in earnest ….

The proverbial To Do List is created daily; usually over breakfast. As an example, today’s went something akin to:

* Chat with Sales Consultant

* Chat with friend about collaborative retreat

* Blog Post

* Walk Gabi - twice

* Bake chicken for cats

* Make sweet potato chews for Gabi

* Laundry

* Package orders

* Package more merchandise for product showroom in Washington

* Client call

* Submitting to great stores

* and so on…


It’s a full day, no matter how you look at it. However, the gratefulness ritual first thing in the morning has kept the angelic chatter open. If there is a scheduled ‘to do’, that stays. All others are open to discussion. The angels know me better than I know me at times. Therefore, I listen to what is to be accomplished on the list and in what order. They frequently remind me to go outside, even if it is for a few moments; it recharges the soul and I come back to whatever task refueled. I allow myself to go with the flow; one is simply not designed to sit at a desk all day long with no respite!

I admire what is on my desk. This mean I keep it pretty clutter-free and love playing with my crystal shards in a rose quartz bowl. It’s like those zen gardens you may see in offices, but only better. It’s all about LOVE!

These tips so far may seem rather mundane and boring, not to mention very human. True, on one hand, but on the other, it keeps me very connected to angelic realm at all times. It is the simplest of events that can keep one connected with great ease. It’s on those days I do not take time to eat properly or take the time for me that I falter and so does the chatter. All musings become mush at best, walks become drags and eating consists of whatever is closest at hand (good thing junk food isn’t a well known commodity in our home!)

Truth be told, there isn’t one magic tip. There isn’t one magic bullet. There isn’t one size fits all. Wish it did, but it just doesn’t work that way.

What does work is enjoying each moment as it presents itself. As an example, right this moment, as I type, the gulls are laughing, the pink roses are dancing in the breeze and the starlings are sitting on top of the sunflowers enjoying the bounty. THIS is what refuels my soul. It only takes a moment, but moments accumulate and become minutes which become hours. These moments connect to the nature’s beauty and joy. These moments keep the angelic chatter flowing. These moments are pure.


Living each day in a state of grace, gratitude and joy. This is what makes life ever joy-filled and ever present with the angels. This is what makes the chatter non-stop. This is what makes life, well life! Nuances are noticed. Signs are unveiled. Messages not only given, but received.


Report back to me how this has helped. What seeds perhaps became planted within you to spur you on to take those moments for you to BE and how this helped to expand your angelic chatter.


Until next time, remember you are adored, loved and revered above all.

Take a breath, it's all going to be A-Ok July 26 2015

Dearest Chatterers ~

It's seems like we are always getting the news, 'it's time', 'get ready', 'your desires are heard' and yet nothing seems to be moving forward.

While it may seem that way, rest assured that all IS moving forward. your desires are being heard and acted upon and much, much more behind the scenes is going on. More than any of us mere mortals may ever realize.

Take these ever poignant moments and revel in the sweetness that life is offering you. I was recently visiting my folks and we had a blast doing a whole lot of nothing for a few days. We went blueberry picking, eating more than we actually bagged as you can tell below.


We took daily walks with the pups, Gabi & Gus chatting away being ourselves. We noticed loads of birds; the mockingbird serenaded us daily with his vast array of songs; frogs, crickets, robins and much more. It really does fascinate me how well they mimic life's music.The dogs would frolic on Magnolia Lane in the open fields resulting in Gabi never happier coming out filthy and smiling from shaggy ear to shaggy ear.


We ate copious amounts of food; clams, Smith Island Cake (sorry no pictures, will try better next time), fresh cantaloupe and more. Swam daily at the pool. I left there after one week feeling very rejuvenated. Much needed rejuvenation after our first major trade show; The Atlanta Gift Show.


as  you can tell - we were so not in Kansas any more! Imagine three buildings, each over ten floors PACKED with companies selling their wares to businesses across the country. This connects back to my opening; getting close, desires heard, etc. While the world was not waiting for Angel Chatter to arrive (Horrors I know), we did make sales, we did make incredible contacts of stores that I've been eyeing for years and there are some large companies very interested. It's just taking the step forward, allowing us to be seen and knowing what you have to offer, no matter what it may be, has great value. Disappointed? Initially I must admit yes. (I like to keep it very real), but discouraged? Not at all. Taking the time afterwards to regroup and rejuvenate is just what the angels ordered. We are now back home and orders are coming in because we believe in all Angel Chatter stands for;

inspiration and empowerment to live life on your terms


It's why I create each and every product. To help inspire and empower you. Help you live life on your terms, not anyone else's. If you haven't noticed our newest offerings and caught wind of the second edition of the oracle deck, check it all out. My favorite of the moment are our Sun Drops; Sun Catchers with Intention:



Take a few moments, connect and chat with the angels. Not sure whom to chat with? Doesn't matter if you know their name or not. Just begin to chat. Trust me, they take no offense of you not knowing their name, However, the more you chat with them and listen, you will begin to discern their names and much more.

All you have to do is listen.