It's a bit of an Angel Rant, so bear with me

As you may have picked up by now, I'm not super regular with my blog posts. Everyone is busy, including me, and I only write a new post when I feel there is something important to say.

Now is that time...

I'm sure you have heard of the phrase 'unconditional love'. A rather new product for us at Angel Chatter - the Good Intention Line -

Yeeeaahhhh... this is so indicative of our society today. Humans have made love so conditional we feel compelled to say unconditional.

Phrases such as:

I love you, please be careful

If only you would/could....

I'd love you more if ...

I'd have love if I were prettier/handsomer, richer, thinner....and so on.

What other conditional phrases can you think of? Ones you may have heard? Or ones you may have even uttered yourself without realizing it?

You see, love is love. Love is pure. Love is freeing. Love is recognizing another for who they are and only wanting the best for them and this is accomplished by reflecting back to them their true essence. It is not accomplished by putting conditions on them ultimately making them feel inferior. Love has NO conditions. Do the angels ever say they will love you more if ....?

Of course not. So why do humans?

Join with me and starting today and place no conditions on the love you give. By doing so, I promise the love you receive will be just as pure.

Well THAT was rather freeing. Spread the word of LOVE! Thanks for reading and look forward to hearing of your responses.


Self Love - start within and then radiate to the world!

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