CHANGE - How Much Do You Really Desire It?

Archangel Chamuel Mandala. Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

Don’t we all desire change? 

Something to BE better in our life? Things like:

  • Income
  • Home
  • Car
  • Relationships
  • Health

and well you get the idea. 

However, when push comes to shove, it’s the rare person that says they wish to change and then do something about it. Don’t believe me? Check out the plethora of self improvement books!

Every single one of us limits the very growth we claim we wish to experience. 

Wait, I AM limiting my own growth?

Yep, all in the name of fear. 

  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of BEing rejected
  • Fear at sucking at the very thing you wish more than anything
  • Fear of the unknown

Fear is so deeply embedded in one’s psyche, it is difficult to imagine how very deep. Trust me it is indeed there. I’ve been prattling on this for decades; even our weather reports are fearful! They are filled with tantalizing segments such as stay tuned.... what WILL the storm do? Will you need your generator? And so on. If something as seemingly benign as weather can be fear based, imagine the rest of your life. 

The more personal, the more ingrained and more difficult it is to recognize. The more emphasis and energy you  have towards ‘it’ the more fear is built around it. 

Take Weight As An Example

This is not judging by any stretch, for there are some medical reasons for weight gain; medicines, thyroid issues, hormonal and so on. However for many others it is a simply a hand to mouth routine that has taken on a life of its own.

Many overeat out of boredom. Some overeat as a form of protection (if I am overweight, I can remain unseen and not taken seriously). While some use it as energy protection, a buffer if you will to thwart off lower energy. 

All good and valid reasons. However, if one wishes to lose weight and does nothing about it, well then that is a different story. Wouldn’t you agree that a salad is a better choice than a bowl of ice cream (kryptonite for me in recent times, but one I too am addressing). 

It is a slow switcheroo. Taking out the lower vibratory foods for you, for they can and do vary from person to person, and replacing with higher vibrating foods that fuel the sacred vessel known as your body. For you know when high vibrational foods are consumed, you do indeed have more energy, sleep better for the sugars, as example, don’t keep you awake, have better clarity and your health? Improves. 

So wouldn’t it stand to reason that one would naturally eat healthier to obtain that? Of course it does, but we don’t. By not having the energy to perform this or that task, we are not responsible. 

Or are we?

There’s an Old Saying

There’s an old saying:

The Devil You Know

Is Better

Than the Devil you don’t know.

Loosely translated this saying shares it is better to be comfortable in your misery (the devil) than uncomfortable with the unknown. It’s called complacency. I may be miserable in this house, relationship, job, etc., but at least I know what to expect.

It could be worse ‘out there’. Who knows, maybe this IS a great house, relationship and/or job and I’m being greedy in expecting better.


If you are miserable, unhappy, unfulfilled, it simply does not match you and your energy. 

Time to acknowledge that you are indeed the cog that holds your personal universe together and take responsibility for what you can do to alter it all. 

Complacency is a funny thing. It creeps up on you and before you know it, you are mired in complacency. It’s comforting; like a comfy old sweatshirt you cuddle up in on those cold and rainy days. 

There are days when forward momentum just won’t happen. Those are days to catch your breath, rest, dream and of course heal.

Allow those days. Just don’t allow those days to BEcome weeks, months and years.

Take a Step, a Leap Forward

Each day presents a new BEginning. Shocker I know. Each day we have the choice to DO and BE. Each day. Each day is filled with moments of quiet, just as each day is filled with energy of antsy ness to move forward. 

Notice and take note of your natural rhythms. It will not only work with the circadian cycle, but your own cycle. It will shift according to the task at hand, but if workable, work within the guidelines you naturally offer. 

As example, when I was channeling the Mary Magdalene Oracle Deck, it only happened around 3pm every day. There is a significance to that time, but it was when she and I connect and connect deeper on any given day. So why bother trying to channel her at 10am? I would just spin my wings and got nothing but annoyed. Therefore, I would be productive in other areas of my life and wait until 3pm to chat with her.

Pay attention to the many clues your physical body offers. 

Each day you can take steps forward. Even if they are seemingly small steps, they are still forward momentum steps.  YOU can do this.

Enter Chamuel, Angel of Self Love

Chamuel oversees the heart chakra but all stems from the LOVE towards self. True it may sound selfish from the egoic mindset, but if you don’t follow and act upon your desires, nobody, NOBODY will do it for you. 

Initially they may offer encouragement, connection, tools to help you, but if they go unheeded they will stop supporting that dream that you really have no desire to manifest. 

Chamuel can and does assist in this arena. It’s a lifelong journey to LOVE yourself more each and every day. However it is a journey so worth embarking upon and picking up the LOVE every single day.

Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Self Love. Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

Focus on Chamuel’s channeled mandala above (more information is indeed provided in my latest book and her essence is felt in the aromatherapy and jewelryand allow the essence and power of LOVE come forward. Allow it to BE recognized and embraced. Hold on tight and let it infiltrate throughout your body. 

As your vessel fills with LOVE, change becomes part of your daily experience and one that is looked forward to.



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