Angel Chatter ... Heavenly Guidance and Earthly Practice to Connect With Angels
Angel Chatter Book/Christine Alexandria
Angel Chatter ... Heavenly Guidance and Earthly Practice to Connect With Angels
Angel Chatter Book/Christine Alexandria

Angel Chatter ... Heavenly Guidance and Earthly Practice to Connect With Angels

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🌟 Introducing "Angel Chatter: Heavenly Guidance" by Christine Alexandria 🌟

Unlock the Mysteries of the Celestial Realm and Supercharge Your Spiritual Journey with the Power of 14 Archangels!

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey into the realm of celestial guidance? Look no further – "Angel Chatter: Heavenly Guidance" is here to illuminate your path, connect you with the benevolent energies of 14 Archangels, and take your spiritual evolution to new heights.

👼 Dive into Divine Wisdom: Discover the awe-inspiring world of archangels, those magnificent beings of light entrusted with guiding and protecting humanity. Christine Alexandria, a renowned spiritual teacher, author, and intuitive, has meticulously compiled their collective wisdom in one comprehensive guide. Whether you're a seasoned spiritual seeker or just beginning your journey, this book offers profound insights that resonate with every experience level.

💫 Unveil the Power of Chakras: Unearth the profound connection between the archangels and your chakras. With "Angel Chatter," you'll understand how to balance and align your energy centers, tapping into the divine flow that empowers and revitalizes your mind, body, and soul. Say goodbye to energy blockages and welcome a newfound sense of clarity, vitality, and harmony into your life.

🛡️ Elevate Your Spiritual Toolbox: Empower yourself with a treasure trove of spiritual tools, rituals, and practices to bring you closer to the archangels. From meditations that establish direct connections to personalized invocations for guidance, this book equips you with practical techniques that bridge the gap between the earthly and ethereal realms.

🌈 Explore Areas of Angelic Specialty: Each of the 14 Archangels has its unique area of expertise, from healing and protection to manifestation and creativity. With "Angel Chatter," you'll gain unprecedented insights into their individual specialties and learn how to call upon their energies for support and guidance in various aspects of your life.

📖 What Awaits You Inside:

✨ In-depth profiles of 14 Archangels

✨ Chakra activation and alignment techniques

✨ Step-by-step rituals to connect with the celestial realm

✨ Personalized invocations for angelic guidance

✨ Real-life stories of transformation through angelic encounters

✨ And so much more!

🌟 Elevate Your Spiritual Connection Today: Imagine a life infused with divine wisdom, guidance, and protection. "Angel Chatter: Heavenly Guidance" is your all-inclusive ticket to a deeper, more meaningful connection with the archangels. Whether seeking clarity in your life's purpose, healing from emotional wounds, or manifesting your desires, this book holds the keys to unlocking the doors of angelic assistance.

Take advantage of this opportunity to transform your spiritual journey! Order now and let the celestial realm's wisdom guide you toward a life filled with purpose, love, and abundance.

Embrace the angelic guidance that awaits you in the pages of "Angel Chatter," and illuminate your path towards a more vibrant and fulfilling life. Your destiny is calling – will you answer?

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Reviews for Angel Chatter, Heavenly Guidance:

Christine Alexandria's new book, Angel Chatter, is a welcome addition to the world of communication with the angelic realms. Her conversational tone is immediately comfortable, drawing you in like the summer garden party's most exciting and fun conversationalist. It's fun, yet you know something deeper is going on here.
I am a veteran reader of literally thousands of books on spirituality and a fair number of volumes about angels. I found Christine's book more fun to read than most and fascinating and informative. Her approach to angels having chakra and crystal connections was resonant, and she introduced me to some of the "lesser known" angelic forces who are ready and willing to help humankind – if only we would ask. Archangel Sandalphon is my new favorite.
There's something refreshing about Christine and her open and real approach centered on sharing. There are no claims here to be the only path to the angels, none of the ostentatious trademark symbols and borderline dogma that clutter up so much of the angelic information in the marketplace today. Instead, an original, inspiring and truly joyous approach to angelic encounters is shared freely.
It would be easy enough for those who are very earnest about their spirituality to write off this book as a result of its breezy tone early on. I hope that doesn't happen. Read on. There is real depth here, beyond the specific information regarding the angels. For example, I appreciated reading about Christine's challenges in a small town, and how she faced discrimination and fear from fundamentalist types who felt her work with angels and chakras was "from the devil." I have witnessed angel activists on both sides of the Atlantic face this kind of opposition. It's not all fluff and feathers here. There are deep issues at hand, and this author handles them with grace and her signature humor.
Christine's dedication at the front of the book says it is for "all who wish to chat with the angels in a more fluid, easy, and joy-filled manner." If this were her goal, she would have accomplished it with grace and a lot of light.
Kathleen McGowan
New York Times Bestselling Author


This beautiful book by Christine Alexandria will guide you to read, breathe and listen as your belief system will connect with an intuition unlike anything you have ever experienced!
Chris Fleming
International Medium
TV Presenter


There are hundreds of books on angels. Writing one "different enough" to stand out is hard, but Christine Alexandria has done it with ANGEL CHATTER. Steeped in angel energy since childhood, Alexandria shares everything she's learned generously and at a level that will work for a novice or expert.
Spotlighting the fourteen Archangels that are her working group, Alexandria explains each angel with clear and varied ways of interacting with them. No fluffy bunny or rainbow unicorn verbiage here – this is a reference volume. Christine Alexandria gives the reader every possible way to partner with these winged beings of light, from name meanings to compass directions, chakra locations, crystal associations, and more. Also exclusive to this volume, each Archangel has "Askfirmations" assigned to them, "Askfirmations" being Alexandria's unique, out-of-the-box twist on the affirmation idea that has been part and parcel of most metaphysical toolbelts for decades.
If angels haven't been your thing before, ANGEL CHATTER just may change your mind about these celestials. As Christine Alexandria proves in delightful detail, having a solid "wingman" never hurts as you fly through life.
Psychic, medium, channel, inspirational speaker
Author of The Self Development Project, Volume I: Clean Out Your LifeCloset


Christine Alexandria takes you on a journey of learning all 14 angels, including your guardian angel. Her knowledge of Angel Chatter gives you such amazing insight and clarity. The details go way beyond my expectations. She helps you connect and have direct conversations with these lovely angelic beings. It is a great read and a good reference book for guidance and information. Highly recommended. 
Louie M. Otero


Christine's approach is a wonderful joining of many modalities into one cohesive system that thoroughly explains the angelic realm." —
Jesse Bravo, psychic medium