Citrine, it's not just a sparkly stone

Citrine, it's not just a sparkly stone

This week's crystal choice is citrine.

Did you know that most citrine is actually heated amethyst? During this process, the stone literally gets bleached out and reveals the gorgeous golden sparkles that most have come to associate with citrine. 

Natural citrine is a very dark translucent brown that is often confused with brown tourmaline. Here's a picture of a natural citrine to share what I mean as a picture can speak much better than words at times:



You can see the underlying golden sparkles, but yet it naturally feels a bit heavier. I have a rather large natural specimen in my collection that is adored and often have it sitting near me as I create new products or course offerings.

Now compare the natural to its altered counterpart:

Both are indeed citrine! Both will work predominantly with the sacral chakra and deal with abundance. However, since they are different in their looks, very different as you will agree, they are also different in their energetic offerings.

The natural version will offer more grounded energy. It is darker, think more earthstar chakra; therefore more grounded. It also offers energy to help you overcome that squeamish feelings of not being good enough. In other words, it offers you courage!

The heated version will be lighter in its tactics to get you motivated in reaping abundance in all its glory. Due to its lighter coloring, it offers you to also be lighter in your energy and while doing so help to create better boundaries. Boundaries? Yes so you are better able to stand strong and no longer be that doormat that folks can mistake you for periodically.

To my knowledge the natural version is only available, or certainly more readily available, in its raw state. Therefore, if you find it in jewelry, it will most likely be wire wrapped.

The heated version can be found in its raw state or as the picture above, polished. Jewelry stores, even the higher end ones, will most likely carry polished, heated citrine in their inventory. This option makes the heated version quite easy to find at any well respected metaphysical, jewelry and healing business. 

Both kinds of citrine work well with Gabriel's energy. Heightening your creative juices will creating an 'empire' of your liking whether it's an empire of joy, money, health, and of course love. 

 Enjoy your citrine, it is a lovely stone that wished to be shared this week; it woke me up as I had asked which one was to be this week's topic. Who's next? Only they know at the moment. 


  • Joanne

    Amethyst is the higher self and when it comes through the pressure of incarnating in the heat of earth and constricted it turns into citrine. Yet we have more power than we realise available to us. Many times the pressures here make us feel very small. Thank you crystals for the beautiful metaphor <3

  • Debrah Castaneda

    With the heat treated Citrine you then will get the energies of both the amythist and citrine. ?❤️

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