Covid-19 is Still Teaching - This Week? The Art of BEing

 Let's just face facts. Coronavirus or covid-19 is here for the long haul. There is no amount of wishing or praying that will eradicate it. 

Sorry to BE the bearer of bad news, but there it is. 

Last week, they (The Angelics) offered a bevy of lessons and how you can BE more proactive in staying healthy and keeping your loved ones healthy. Please pop over to read my musings and insights from them.

The momentum of Covid-19 is Building and how that affects you.

'Flatten the Curve' is often shared and many have listened and are staying home. I witness this in my own part of the world as the roads are frequently empty on those rare moments I venture out. However, the curve is not close to flattening world-wide, yet. 

The momentum of how covid-19/coronavirus is affecting each person in their personal life is unstoppable. When this is all done, I dare say that there will not be a person alive that hasn't personally known of someone who was directly affected.

It's that insidious of a virus and that strong of a teacher.

However, to not fuel the fear factor that is already running amuck world-wide, let's pull back energetically a bit. 

You have choices. 

Yes choices. 

You may choose to go about your day to day activities as normal, or as normal can be given the massive closings and pretend nothing is wrong.

You may choose to go about your day with renewed vigor and intention by staying home and rediscovering the beauty within. 

How you are currently choosing to live your life is ultimately, believe it or not, all part of the Ascension Process; whether you will stay in 3D or move ahead.

Ascension Process? 

The Ascension Process is when one, or a collective group of people, intentionally move their awareness from one level of BEing to another. In this scenario it is more from the 3d Dimension (greed and fear based) to the 5th Dimension (more love and expansion focused). Yes, we bypass the 4th in many arenas. 

Look back on recent history. One must admit that it is fear based; therefore very 3D. Even the weather reports can't be happy if it is sunny or rainy or snowing...there must be something wrong so lets instill unhappiness and fear; it's all about the ratings vs. simply passing along the information. The news in general has become a reality show in a variety of ways filled with sensationalism and blame. 

Let's pull back shall we and look at that blessed larger picture. 

Using the news as an example, yes, stayed informed but read/watch a variety of shows so it is not one-sided. Heart on this; what is the premise of their reporting? Who/What are they bashing or filling you with? 

Covid-19 is a BIG Shift in humanity's awareness and hoping you agree. Videos of musical concerts performed by neighbors, exercise classes offered so one can participate on their balcony, virtual classes galore, the Met Opera offering operas and so on. The level of compassion and community overall is rising and quickly.



This isn't a survival of the fittest, this is survival of humanity. 

Do you wish humankind to BE continued filled with fear and stress? 


Do you wish humankind to BE more compassionate and present?

Ascension Process my darling. We are all living it at this moment of civilization. 

What are Some of the Ascension Process Symptoms?

Below is the most well known traits of the Ascension Process. How many do you check off?

  1. Sensitivity to your surroundings.
  2. Physical Shifts - foods and exercises that have changed drastically.
  3. Mood Shifts? People have become 'idiots' in your mind for they don't seem to see the truth. Your tolerance for 'stupid' (judgment remember) is lower.
  4. Personal Energy Shifts? Some days you are quite charged and others you are quite listless.
  5. Sleep Pattern Shifts. Wanting to sleep, but having difficulty and/or waking up during the night with visions, messages, etc.
  6. Relationship Shifts. Marriages, familial, friends, social and well you get the idea. The time for fluffy relationships is long over.
  7. An acute awareness of 'Home'.

I'm curious, how many did you tick off from that list?

I have felt this building for years and have experienced, on and off these symptoms for over a decade and I'm sure you have as well. However, now we are getting blasted daily with them. 

We can ascend, like how that played in nicely? ;) beyond the fear and choose LOVE. We can choose expansion. We can choose harmony. Or we can choose the safety of the known and stay put.

Your choice with no judgment from here.

The Other Side of Covid-19

My husband and I took a walk last night and we were sharing with each other how we see the world coming out of this. We both agreed that many businesses will change their business models. We both foresee many empty office buildings once the collective has enjoyed the beauty of working from home and both sides understand the benefits. (for the record, he is not a woo-woo person, he is very logical)

Teleconferencing will be more of the norm.

Automation of classes, etc.

We are BEing forced to change.

I shared that my fervent hope is that many will 'wake up' and remember. Remember to BE. Enjoy those blessed little things we say we desire to experience, but then don't take the time to get there...

He chuckled and told me I was smoking something. See? NOT woo-woo.

However, that IS my fervent wish, that more remember and can slow down. That this self imposed, government mandated imposed, isolation helps to do just that. It can reminds us that retail therapy really isn't therapy, it's a diversion. 

Rushing is just that, rushing.

Less is sometimes more.

Living and loving where we live and how we nurture not just the physical body, but our sacred space and more unfolds.

Not needing constant reassurances and stroking when one has done their internal work and is comfortable with self. Circle of influence tightens and true friends emerge.

This all leads to:

The Art of BEing

I have touched on this very topic before, The Art of BEing, and it is time to bring it up again.

The Art of BEing is that moment when one is fully present, not multi-tasking and enjoying the conversation. It is that moment when one can sit in wonder of a flower and see the entire universe within. It is that moment that all is right with the world. 

Rose colored glasses? Not really. Is all right with the world? Not really, but one doesn't fret over the little things. One reaches out a hand, a heart to help another. One judge doesn't judge as much, for one knows that all have their own backstory and baggage to carry and ultimately all are trying their best. 


One lives more via the heart vs. the mind/ego.

So during our isolation, we are BEing forced to face facts. Face the fact if one is happy or not. Loving life as is or not. Now one is BEing given the gift to appreciate the nuances throughout their day; the unexplained gift of perhaps being stuck at home to dig deep and explore. We now get to whittle down those lists of 'someday I'll get to it' to now having ample opportunities to do just that. 

One is more compassionate.

One is more giving.

One is more understanding.

One is more aligned with ALL. 

Take the moments offered during this time and remember. Remember to BE. Allow yourself five minutes perhaps daily to journal and meditate. 

Remember your essence and what motivates you, what juices you up, and so on. Call your loved ones, listen and share stories. Learn grow and BE. 

If you go back and read back blog posts, this has indeed been building for quite a while, little did I know what and how it was to unfold. 

Until next week. Love yourself, appreciate and love your life, reach out and help another as best you can. 

Remember, you are not alone, we are in this together.


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