What Coronavirus is teaching me...

The word on everyone's mind and lips these days is Coronavirus. There is simply no escaping it with reports of new cases, deaths, and preparations that you can do. 

As typical, I pulled back. I pulled back to inquire with the Angelics on reasoning for this virus and what it can teach us soul to soul.

Please keep in mind that these are simply my musings, channelings, etc. I am not a doctor. Nor am I belittling the seriousness, or potential seriousness of this virus. I will not engage whether it is man made or not. Is it really important at this phase of the game? The thing is, is that it is here, creating havoc across the globe and teaching.

Truth Will Out

The phrase, Truth Will Out is a favorite within our family. We embrace it as a way to rise above the fray, the drama and more and remember to BE. 

What we will all see now and in the future, are the true essences of people as they are forced into self quarantine, preparing for self quarantine and more. I've heard of reports of people fighting over toilet paper. 

Yes, toilet paper. While it would not be pleasant to not have toilet paper, it is far from the end of the world. There are after all newspapers, mail, papers and more. 

Did we hit Costco with perhaps millions of our closest friends and stock up? Yes we did. Did we do this out of fear. No we did not. We did this as we looked ahead and saw perhaps shortages happening because we (humankind) created those shortages out of fear. We joined the party at our local Costco. As we drove in, we were SHOCKED - the parking lot was empty by Costco standards! Empty I tell you!

We entered cautiously, were they closed? They were not, it just happened to be early in the day for a Saturday. As most humans, we are creatures of habit and thus so followed a pattern when entering the store. Start on the right (entrance and do The Loop). By the time we hit the paper goods, toilet paper was indeed out of stock. Ah well...

However, as we approached the finish line (checkout) we now saw carts with the most prized possession, toilet paper. My husband scampered back with one package. 'Did we need two?' Nah we decided. We'll be fine. 

Conversations ensued amongst us 'hunters' and there was a sense of community and relaxation about it all. We let a mother of three ahead of us - after all, she had three rambunctious boys and we don't. It was the right thing to do. As we approached our unloading time, there was yet another package of toilet paper under the conveyor belt. I asked those in front of us if it was theirs. 'No' was the answer.  Nobody claimed it. We chuckled and added it to our purchases. Apparently we were to take home two packages of the precious TP.

We prepared. I made big batches of split pea soup; so if there is a run on that, I got you covered. My husband made his world famous beef stew; ditto on the run of beef stew. Likewise the 'lions' are also covered with bounties of cooked chicken (yes they are indeed spoiled) as well as their canned food in excess.

Lesson: Afraid? No we are very calm about this and being diligent in preparing. We are BEing proactive. Since then, life carries on in our 'normal' fashion.

What Else is Covid-19 Teaching Me?

Many of you know I was to leave for Israel this week for a sacred pilgrimage. This was to be one of those trips of a lifetime. My family was getting into the fearful mode for my health and safety. Meh. was my reaction. I actually felt safer going there than I did elsewhere.

However, the universe has obviously different plans for us all. As borders were beginning to shut, our trip was ultimately cancelled and is now postponed until October. Thank YOU for those behind the scenes magicians to make all of this happen without a hitch. 

However, as mentioned above, there were those on the tour that complained. Honestly I'm still shaking my head on that one. 

No comment.

Lesson: Go with the flow. You can control only so much within life. In those areas that you cannot, pull back and observe.

Handwashing, the New In Thing to Do

This I find extremely humorous. When did hand washing fall out of fashion? 

The answer is indeed irrelevant, but one that hopefully causes a chuckle.

However, as many of you know how to cut your cords, a primo opportunity has arisen to do just that.

Cut your cords while you wash your hands.

I have timed it (you're welcome) and if you say the mantra/prayer slowly, two rounds gets you well past the suggested 20 second recommendation. IF you are a fast talker, do three or more rounds.

New to the Cord Cutting Ritual? Here you go:


Thank you for cutting all cords that no longer serve me.


Thank you for healing all as each cord is cut.


Thank you for transmuting all cords.

By cutting your cords multiple times a day, for you are washing your hands multiple times a day, you more firmly ingrain your energy into one of love as you rid yourself of dead, unwanted, lower energies that have attached to you. Want to know more about cord cutting? It's all laid out for you in my latest book, Angel Chatter, Heavenly Guidance in Zadkiel's chapter.

Plus you'll have nice clean hands.

Lesson: Wash your hands and cut those cords!

Overall Lesson that Covid-19 is Teaching

There is an oldish saying:

Yesterday is the past.

Tomorrow is the future.

Today is a gift; that is why it is called a present.

We don't know from day to day what will happen. We can plan with the best of them not only for covid-19, but retirement, future, business, children and more. Friends of my family were on that ill-fated cruise ship that won them a long stay in Nebraska in federal quarantine. His wife has been allowed home, but he is entering his fourth week and yet his posts remain humorous, insightful and much more.

One never knows how life will detour you. 

As I have said many times before, you cannot control all events by any means. What you can control is how you act in response to each and every event. How do you act if someone cuts you off in traffic? How do you act if a trip is cancelled? How do YOU respond in any given moment can change the trajectory of not only your life, but those around you. Think and heart on that; you have the potential to change the world with your actions.

One thing I've learned about me is that when folks become 'idiots', I AM the one who is drained and over-tired. That is exactly when I pull back, nap, self care in some fashion and most importantly, shut my mouth. 

Covid-19 is teaching us all how to embrace life fully and completely. It is teaching us to live in the moment of NOW more than ever.

Lesson: It is teaching us how to BE.

Due Diligence - The New Norm

We have put our gym membership on hold. Extreme? Not really considering the locale we live in; very populated and full of world travelers; tourists, government officials as well as military personnel. 

I can easily chop down a tree (did that yesterday, thank you very much), go for those blessed walks in the woods, garden, yoga all at home. 

Why do this? My husband has recurring issues with his lungs; bronchitis, etc. Why expose him needlessly? Again, not out of fear, but rather BEing proactive.

This is also prime time for 'home cures' to come into fashion. Please perform your due diligence. 

  1. Does it make sense?
  2. Really, DOES IT MAKE SENSE?
  3. Do your research. Many sites will look official, but are not. BE your smart sleuthy self and dig deeper.
  4. Certainly if it does no harm, go for it, but please don't fall prey to snake oil remedies.

Lesson: What can you do to keep you and your loved ones safer?

We Are In This Together

We are all indeed in this covid-19 adventure together. Millions flocking to stock up. Friends of family in quarantine. One of my students, as well as family friends are in the Red Zone in Italy. We are all BEing affected by this unknown. 


This can bring us together or pit us against each other. 

What do you choose to do? How are you choosing to treat another and yourself?

This is not a Survival of Fitness Scenario. This is the Survival of humanity; the compassion, the integrity, the LOVE that can prevail for another. 

Globally we have had many opportunities to do this; tsunamis, earthquakes, 9/11, fires, tornadoes as examples.

Yes we rallied, had drives to donate much needed supplies, donated time as well as monetarily to that worthy cause. Once the act was done, many went back to more familiar ways for 'this' took a chunk out of the daily comfort. We went back to UNBEing. We, being the humans that we are,  seem to have the attention span of a gnat or fruit fly. We don't keep that level of compassion up for long. We forget. We get 'busy', too busy to take a moment to offer a smile, to listen to another, to learn. To BE.

Lesson: How are you allowing your compassion for another to emerge? How are you allowing yourself to shift for the better permanently?

What Angel to Chat with Now

This was a tough one to answer as they all scrambled forward for a variety of reasons:

Raphael - Healing

Zadkiel - Transmutation of all

Shamael - Harmony woven into our day to day activities

and more.

However, the one that talked the loudest was Jeremiel, Angel of the Keys. He's 'funny' in the sense that it is indeed his candle lit at this very moment in my office. 

As he carries with him a plethora of keys, metaphorically and literally, he reminds YOU, that you have the answers you search for within. He can help you to relax, ponder, heart on any situation and ultimately embrace the answer that is best suited for you. 

His demeanor is rather quiet and he easily slides into your life; melding into the wood work so to speak, but don't mistake this as one who is not powerful. Ask and allow him to enter and he is certainly one worth getting to know more intimately. 

Until next week, I wish you great healing, transmutative energies, harmony and the knowledge you have many of the answers you search within you heart. 



  • Pratima

    Beautiful post!

  • Melody Walker

    What a lovely and reassuring message in this time of chaos. BE smart, BE kind, BE observant in our daily lives and help when we can. I love the hand wash mantra!

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