How Much Do You Actually LOVE Yourself?

Chamuel, Angel of Self Love - Angel Chatter/Christine Alexandria

Here we are again.

Thanks for joining in on this rather empowering and sensitive and elusive topic of loving one's self more, without coming across as narcissistic.

It is a balancing act, but one worth walking for unless you do, how can you ever live that life. You know, that life you covet, desire and don't tell many, if any, about.

Why don't you tell them? You may come across as greedy. In fact, I had a student say that very thing to me years ago and I whirled right back on her with 'Have you learned nothing yet? ALL deserve to live life as they desire. ALL. Not just a few select. ALL and this includes you as well as me. 

Loving One's Self More

If you have been with me for a while; first THANK YOU for hanging around evolving as we are and yes even ascending to higher vibrations. If you've been with me for a bit, this next phrase hopefully will sound like a broken record: 

The time for surviving is past.


Is the time to THRIVE.

How often have we settled? More often than we may care to admit. However, some stories sink in and sink in deep that can affect us the rest of our lives, until that is we acknowledge it and can then LOVE it into submission so it no longer controls us. 

Just in the past few weeks my husband shared a childhood story. He and his family were out to eat. He was one of the first to order his meal and after doing so, his dad remarked, 'You always order the most expensive thing!' This of course embarrassed the young lad and he learned way back then, to never order first. To always under order as compared to the others for fear of being greedy and singled out. 

Kinda sucks, right? To learn at a young age that you can't have what you would like? 

We all have similar stories embedded within. Think about it, you know you can come up with at least one right now if you just quiet your mind for a moment or two. 

Oh, you thought of one, didn't you? It hurts, doesn't it? Do you feel a slightly empty whole in your heart? Where else in your physical body do you feel that residual angst and 'less than'? 

Chamuel to the Rescue!

Chamuel is The Angel of Self Love and as such, is the perfect angel to call upon to get this party rolling. 

Obviously, since you are about to do a spiritual/energy ritual, you are to call on Archangel Michael, the Angel of Protection or as I call him, Big Mike. 

Thank Big Mike and his legions for BEing present to protect you as they hold sacred space within so you may unleash this one ill serving mindset. Remember, Rome was not built in one day and; therefore, you will not clear all out in a single day. Address one mindset at a time. In this manner, you are able to move forward with more grace and joy than if you cleared or attempted to clear out everything in a single session. Please don't attempt the latter; you could literally end up experiencing a healing crisis.

Far warning, the room most likely will slightly heat up, it's one of Big Mike's calling  calling feathers to let you know he is present with you at this moment. Relax into his protective energies. Then and only then do you call upon Chamuel and Raphael combined together.

Why Raphael? He is The Angel of Healing. Pure and simple. Are you not ready to embark on a true healing of loving magnitudes?

Of course you are. 

Place your hands over your heart or over the areas where you feel this angst and imbalance. Allow your hands to melt energetically within your BEing. Feel the protective shield that you have placed surrounding this incident begin to crack, break and crumble. It may take a moment or two, or three or four, but it is so worth it. 

As it is crumbling, feel yourself coddled and protected in the most loving and supportive angel wings. 


As this angst crumbles, feel it, own it, see it BEing encased in the emerald green ray as well as the pink ray. You are allowing healing from the source of LOVE at this juncture. 

Allow little you to BE seen. Allow little you to share how it made you feel. Allow little you to enter your embrace and never BE separated again. 

Allow the LOVE to reunite little you and present you. 

Breathe it in. Breathe it in fully and completely. 

Allowing the LOVE to Remain

As you are now glimpsing the power of LOVE. The question may rise, how to keep this going and make it a permanent aspect of your life?

Ask Chamuel to remind you daily. 

Do you remember the phrase from the Beloved childhood story, The Tortoise and The Hare? 

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Each day connect with Chamuel and ask what small thing you may do today to LOVE yourself more. Here are some ways Chamuel has guided me:

  • Cancel an appointment, outing, excursion that while may sound like fun, you know it is not in your best interests on that given day.
  • Saying YES even if it is out of your comfort zone.
  • Taking a nap! Yes I said nap.
  • Give yourself permission to BE and not race to accomplish the long list of TO DOs each and every day.
  • Eat ice cream just BEcause - just making sure you are still paying attention.
  • Take a walk in nature. Yes, Forest Bathing.
  • Setting a schedule of going to bed at night and rising in the AM.
  • Putting your magic phone in another room and not using it as an alarm clock (you will thank me on this one).
  • Clutter Clearing.

Your turn. Ask for small doable and tangible tasks. Each small task, once fully implemented are there permanently forever more. Each small task helps to raise your vibration to one who honors their desires, missions and much more. 

Meditate with Chamuel, The Angel of Self Love

Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Self Love - Angel Chatter/Christine Alexandria
Gaze upon Chamuel's mandala above. Within the corners are Chamuel's channeled sigils as given to me initially for the purpose of the Angel Chatter Oracle Deck. Notice the sigils are reminiscent of a heart. However, this heart is 'upside down' and open. This, this very important fact is now allowing LOVE to enter fully and completely. This heart shall remain open until ALL across the universe LOVE themselves fully. 

Meditate with Chamuel. If new to meditation, I do recommend Chamuel's meditation which is available via the site here. 

We all have time to spend with ourselves, let's get to work. Certainly if you wish to have human support, please reach out for a private session

Until next week, let's get this Love Fest going!

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