Angel Chatter Oracle Cards With Angelic Frequencies

Angel Chatter Oracle Card Deck

$ 39.95

This is THE only oracle deck that Christine uses in her Angel Readings.

Holding this sacred deck can begin to alter your perception and life.

The Angel Chatter Oracle Cards offer these features and energies:

* 44 individually channeled messages

* 14 Archangels that provide balanced high frequency energy

* Channeled Sigils that resonate with each archangel

* The entire project vibrates with the energy of the Violet Flame allowing for clear, precise and loving messages to filter through each time.

* Sacred Geometry is embedded; the Flower of Life on each card supporting the Rose Compass so all messages radiate love to the universe and you. We have come to understand that this is the sigil that Ishtar, The Goddess of Goddesses, has chosen to represent her.

* 96 Page Guidebook that provides a variety of additional meanings for each card and detailed information for each angel; their Chakra Connection, Sacred Light Temple, Name Meaning and more.

* An Askfirmation is also provided within the guidebook. What's an Askfirmation? A positive, present-tense question that is presented to the universe for answering which takes the pressure off you to know it all and allows magical events to unfold.

* All comes nestled in our exclusive gift box.

 * Another attribute that also makes this deck unique is that it is the only oracle deck in the world that has such additional support with our Angel Intention Medallions,  Sun Drops, and our Aromatherapy offerings. Every product is charged with angelic energy and exists only to empower. To our knowledge, this is the only angel oracle deck in the world to have such support to continue you on your empowerment journey.

Still not sure? Watch this video where Christine explains how to use them and why you may wish to use them:



 What others say:

I love these cards and so do my customers. These cards got my attention and I use them during my readings as a tool for the universe to drive home that final message through confirmation or addition.

-Chris Fleming

Internationally known medium, paranormal researcher and TV Host of  'Help My House is Haunted' TV Series (UK Series)


The Angel Chatter™ Oracle Deck with Askfirmations is one of my favorite oracle decks! I have 11 decks, but I regularly reference Christine’s deck and keep it in my purse. 

Chayla Baer


I highly recommend Christine Alexandria's Oracle Cards as a daily tool but more, you become a reminded you are part of our intergalactic world of L-O-V-E.

Cathy K. Gettysburg PA


To see the cards in action, pop over to YouTube and you will see the energy radiate through Aura Photography!

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