Isn't It Time?

Angel Chatter, Archangel Haniel's Mandala

Isn't it time to stop lying? Especially to yourself? Isn't it time to Speak Your Truth? Even if speaking your truth means some relationships go adrift. Isn't it time you began living a life you are excited about? Hopefully you agree. If so, read on to take the first step.

Haven't you felt frustrated at some point in your life for you felt all was against you and the walls grew to block you from where you were going?

Me too. 

Yep really. 

You feel ashamed that you are not where you should be. You may have felt ashamed for actions or inactions that you took or didn't take out of fear. You may have felt ashamed you weren't doing what you set out to do.

Just stop for a moment a breath a bit deeper. Go on, inhale for four counts, hold for four counts and exhale for four counts. Sidebar ~ This is standard breathing in my guided meditations and I recently found out that the Seals Operative Corp uses the same technique to reduce stress. 

Let's Address those SHOULDS first, shall we?

I realized loooooong ago that should is actually an evil word. Yes evil. Why is that I hear you asking. Think about it:

  • If you should do something and don't desire to, but do it any way, you BEcome angry.
  • If you should do something and don't desire to, and pull on those big people pants and say NO, you are left feeling guilty.

It's a no win situation!

Honestly, there are very few shoulds in the world. Very few. Honestly at this exact moment, I can't think of a one. 

Can you?

Certainly there are of course the pre-disposed societal ones; wash your hands, don't pick your nose, etc. However, if you boil down even those two examples, aren't you still left with a choice?

Thought so.

What to do to get rid of the Shoulds

It's rather simple really. Follow the Steps Below:

  1. Initially, just notice how often you think or say should. Just notice.
  2. Immerse yourself in Step One for approximately one week. Step One will BE revisited throughout the rest of your life if you take this seriously. 
  3. When you think or say should, STOP immediately. Take a breath and offer that you could.
  4. Continue Step Three for as long as necessary. Make a game out of it! Yes a game. This is not a call to judge, but to empower. 

It's really that simple and possibly life changing.

Why Coulds?

Why not!

Seriously, every time you think or utter the word couldyou are offering yourself options. Options! The weight of shoulds lessen and your shoulders actually begin to loosen. 

The key is to stick to your decision once could is uttered. Life is allll about decisions. You could:

  • Wash the dishes tonight
  • Not wash the dishes tonight
  • Go to that meeting
  • Say YES to you
  • Say NO (hopefully not to you)
  • Go for a walk
  • Watch TV

Get the idea? Every single time you offer yourself a way in or a way out, you BEcome more empowered. You don't have to do everything and actually are not designed to. Never have been. Never will BE.

Could is actually an empowering word. It frees you from the societal expectations. Isn't that part of BEing? Breaking the rules that are so engrained that one can wonder why they were put in place to begin with. 

What Angel is Chatting With Me This Week?

Angel Chatter Oracle Cards


Haniel wings down. This card and indeed Haniel has been in the forefront during this entire blog post. Why? For when you speak from the heart, YOUR heart, it is always the truth. Always. The moment you get into shoulds, ego has stepped in and told you that in order to be liked, successful, even loved, you must do this or that. 

Pashaw. The VERY best way to BE liked, successful AND loved is to BE YOU. One of the ways to BE you is speaking your truth. Easier said than done, or is it? If you are on tap to win the People Pleaser Award, then this may be an interesting journey. Speaking your truth can be scary. Speaking your truth can  be frustrating - folks aren't fans of the truth; they like ego being fed constantly and frequently do so naturally. Most would argue they aren't, but listen closely Chatterer, listen closely... so much of what we hear and see is fear based - ALL egoic.

Speaking your truth is liberating! Certainly some relationships will end. You know which ones I'm talking about; the ones that feed ego through fear, dominance or other such yuck. Those are the ones that may feel good in the moment, but you are left sighing, grimacing later for the energy is constantly sucked out of you. If left unattended, ulcers, or more, are likely to ensue. 

Your challenge this week is to take one moment, one incident and say COULD. Speak your truth. Don't allow anyone to dominate your actions. You deserve better, much better. You deserve love, companionship, support and much more (the list is honestly soooo long I didn't wish to ramble on). You'll know when the time is right and just jump in. Your emotions, YOUR EMOTIONS are valid. They were never meant to be buried and disregarded. Speak Your Truth Dearest, Speak Your Truth.

Want some help doing this? I've currently two mentor package openings - I only take a limited number per month so I can truly focus on you. 



  • Kathy Huslage

    I JUST answered this question from My Husband last night: “When My life is looked back on, do You think I will have accomplished enough?” FIRST, I made sure He wasn’t planning on dying soon, THEN I told Him what I’ve learned from over 2 years of NOT WORKING in a conventional outside job, which is, that the only true job We need to do here on earth, is to get to know Who We REALLY ARE (Our Essences/Inner Divine/Christ Consciousness, or whatever You like to name it), and just BE that Essence and let it Naturally exude out of Us and shine on others. I told Him that even if He never lifted a finger, He would have done/BEEN ENOUGH! I am learning that We do NOT have to strive constantly for this or that. We need to allow Ourselves to be known to Ourselves, and Loved by Ourselves, and just BE. Your mere presence in the company of Others is enough! : )

  • Vicki Simpson

    Love this. I realize how filled with “shoulds” my life is. Feel very limited with my “coulds” because of the shoulds… and all the expectations that people in my life have of me and who and what I should be…. kinda stuck… You always hit right to the heart of the matter.

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