It takes courage to go inward and BE by yourself

It takes courage to go inward and BE by yourself

Dearest ~


It takes courage to go inward and BE by yourself. Sometimes what we encounter within is not pretty, yet spending quality time with ourselves is glorious. We bring yo you another Act of Self Love, all through the energy of Chamuel.


Let's face it, being spiritual and embarking on your soul's quest isn't for the light- hearted. It can be challenging to love the human within this sparkling soul.


It's profound, illumination, and healing work, yet great joy is woven into the very cells of your being when you embark on this courageous magical journey.

Society has trained each one of us that it is better to stay busy. You need to work longer house to reap great monetary rewards. Society, in general, prides itself on what is done each day. So often, the phrase is muttered: What are you doing today?


How often have you asked another or been asked:


How will you BE today?


What are your plans?


Each of the above questions invites some freedom and kicks the concept of busy-ness out the door.


But isn't it easier to keep busy? Always running to do an errand, toilets to clea, fires to figuratively to put out? Of course, it is, or is it? If you have ever found yourself saying or thinking any of the following phrases, you have fallen into the 'Keeping Busy Syndrome':


  • Where did the time go?
  • How did it get to be *insert day of the week*
  • I don't have time for myself
  • Are you kidding me? Who has the time?


It is the kind of mind chatter of literal verbiage that speaks volumes. It is in that moment your should is telling the truth loud and clear, and yet,


There is great pride in how much is accomplished daily.

Let's admit that we have both fallen trapped in this thinking and, at times, pat ourselves on the back because we did so much in one day.


It's okay; it's part of being human. However, now glimpsing a bit of this busy-ness within you, let us set the intention that you shall become more aware and, in time, become determined to break the Keeping Busy Syndrome.


That takes courage. It takes courage to BE and 'idle away the time'.


After all, keeping busy has become a badge of honor within our society, and if you dare break that cycle, feelings of laziness can surface.


You are not being lazy, you recharging and reconnecting with your soul.


You see, Dearest, when you keep busy, you stay busy. You collapse into bed nightly and repeat the same kind of routine the very next day. Things may shift; do I wash dark or colored clothes today? I must run to the grocery store or squeeze in the oil change for the car. It becomes a rut, a routine but a rut. A rut that is filled with rushing, running, and doing.


Of course, somebody must purchase food, and the oil must be changed, but you can choose when and with what kind of energy you perform these activities. It also must be shared that what kind of energy you perform these activities. It also must be shared that what happens between these events can illuminate what is happening within. How do you occupy your 'downtime'? If you find  yourself constantly on and rarely breathing deeply, these are cues that you are on autopilot and are losing a sense of your brilliance.

If you don't take the opportunity to go within, you can quickly lose track of what is important to you and fall prey to the illusion of what matters.


That takes courage. It takes courage to break the familiar routing, even if those routines and rituals fall under the guise of clean home, taking care of family, working, etc. There is comfort in the known and familiar. It's scary on the other side; it's the unknown.


It takes courage to stop the mindless, mind-numbing scrolling to ensure you aren't missing out on anything. Shhh, hopefully, you know by now you aren't missing much. Folks will still share great panda videos, how to tile a bathroom or the weekly card reading. Take a break.


You deserve it.


It takes a courage to break the cycle and start something new.


It's the leap of faith that your soul is begging for, but your ego is doing its darnedest to override.


It is scare to step into the energy of trust and own the knowledge that  are ready not only be caught on the other side but thrive.


It is scare this alone time, the time spent digging deep. Oh my god, what if I don't like myself and I'm not as good as I thought? If you think those thoughts, odds are you are better than you think because you have such high integrity, and a pure heart guides you.


I know it can be scary because I've done it and am just coming out of another deep time. The first three months of 2023 were a whirlwind of busy-ness; I was very busy taking care of my family, husband, daughters, and dad, and I came close to complete the burnout.


Repeat that complete burnout.


I was ready to chuck the very things I love doing and all things Angel Chatter to the curb. That was a wake-up call like none other. I knew I didn't want to do that, but I had no energy to invest in this creation. I had no energy for the very things I love. I wandered from room to room. I dabbled in the gardens and did a bit of sewing. Most of what I did was half-hearted. While my glass is not overflowing now, we're getting close. Close enough that I share these tender moments with you.


I asked all of my guides what was needed every morning upon awakening. Some days I cancelled a visit. Some days I stumbled around our home. What did help was going inward; I read books that beckoned, novels, and books to expand my gifts. I ate healthier foods -  yes, NO ice cream! That is how committed I am. I didn't sleep the day away. I went deep into the woods near our home and chatter with White Buffalo Woman, Clyde, my Cyclops guide, and Hattie, the enslaved woman I met while living the earth in human form!


I hung up the hammock the last owners left. Get this; it took over 1.5 years to hand up that baby - that's what keeping busy can do to you - who has the time to spend the day lazing about a hammock idly?!


I spent more time with my parents, just hanging out.


I journaled like a crazy person to remember. I pulled away from society in general; thank you if you continued to hold that space for me and welcome me back.

Thank you.


I slowly rebuilt. Even my outstanding VA, Pauline, held space for me. She decided we needed a revamp for our sites, and I invite you check them out. I rallied one day and had enough coins to take photos of the entire product line, but that was about the extent of my input. Thank you, Pauline.


It took courage for me to stop the merry-go-round temporarily; I desperately needed to get off that ride, catch my balance, and remember.


You do as well. Hopefully not nearly as close to complete burnout as I was.


This is why it is essential to go inward.

❤️ You remember

❤️ You can imagine a different way to BE

❤️ You can see more clearly what is not serving you and become empowered to let it go

❤️ You garner insights to take steps forward and di it confidently.

❤️ You get the courage to BE rid of things, routines, the busy-ness

❤️ You pull towards your energy that makes you smile and feel reborn.


I doesn't matter if you move, divorce, or get a flashy new car. Indeed, you life changes with each of these events, but it can be a quick change. If you don't do any inner work, the energy follows you, and the patterns repeat. You feel empty even in your new locale, driving that flashy car, looking for Love in all the wrong places. You're still busy, and your soul screams to BE recognized and fulfilled.


I'm sure you've heard the saying that it's a fox in sheep's clothing. You may change outwardly, but your essence is still the same. 


It's taking responsibility, changing your life, and not putting the onus on the other, your car, your new home, or your new lover, to make you happy. 


Nobody and nothing can do that for you.


It all starts within. 


It all starts with LOVE towards self. Thanks to Chamuel, The Angel of Self Love, for this ongoing reminder that the more you love yourself, the more others can honor and Love on you.


Why is this? When you commit to loving yourself more, you raise the barometer of worthiness with this silly little thing called Love. This silly little thing that makes life worth living. But it starts within. 


I'm here for you as you embark on this journey, as are the growing members of our group on Facebook 

If you are not a member, consider this a wing slap to join. If you are a member, start sharing. Remember, what is shared in our sacred space stays in our sacred space, and only members see your posts. 


If you wish more support, please consider having a private session, click HERE 



I have a serious question for you. 


Do you have the courage to go within?


If you think you do, BRAVO! Here are some suggestions:
  • Do not go on social media for a minimum of 24 hours
  • Do not play online games
  • Sorry, no TV show binging is allowed either
  • Permit yourself to do nothing; laze about in your hammock
  • Take a leisurely walk (no power walking right now) and connect to nature.
  • Journal and use the headline: What Do I Need to Remember In This Moment?
  • Play
  • Lay on your grass and watch the clouds
This is quiet time. Will the earth still turn as you take time off? I promise it shall. Will the laundry wait? Oh my, yes, it will! Can the returns wait one more day? Pretty sure they can. 
YOU are the most important energy right now. YOU deserve to spend time with you, which takes courage, darling. It does, but I also know you have what it takes. 
Spending time with yourself helps you to:
 Protect your peace
  • Decide what matters to YOU
  • It empowers you to BE the disruptor and encourage others to do the same simply by showing up
Just to name a few things. What else can you envision that spending time with yourself can provide? 
I honor and shower you with Love,

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