Let's Chat Crystals!

Let's Chat Crystals!

I'm often asked which is the best crystal to start with when a newbie to working with stones?

The answer is an easy one; Rose Quartz


It's very easy, incredibly easy in fact, to find and its very essence makes it less complicated for a person to keep stepping forward on their chosen path. You see, rose quartz is the premier stone of Self Love. The more one loves themselves, the more they allow to ask and receive for what is deeply desired. 

If you think about it, it's an epidemic of sorts; ALL could love themselves more. In fact, that is one of my theories of why this beauty, that comes in all shapes, sizes and finishes is so readily available. It's true, you may find raw versions like you see in the photo below. You may find rose quartz in polished versions that include various shapes such as hearts, geometric, etc. Lastly, you may find rose quartz woven into jewelry in its polished or raw state. So it is really up to you and your personal tastes as well as your goal for each piece you obtain. As an example, I have a beautiful bracelet that includes polished rose quartz. Likewise we have 7lb raw chunks throughout our home to keep the love going for all who enter.



Look at these beauties! That soft pink color (also the color of self love) exudes gentleness, softness, and yes love. However, don't under-estimate all the gooey love stuff for weakness! This stone, in its gentleness, is a power house of crystals.

IF you are new to acquiring and working with crystals, I strongly suggest you visit your nearest metaphysical store to pick them out. See which one(s) catch your eye or simply feel good to you. Once you are more comfortable with picking out the right stones for you, you can then venture more safely and securely into ordering online through trusted sources. 

Let me know how you love your rose quartz and how you have implemented its energies into your life; it's a great journey once started.


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