No One Can Take Away Your Destiny

No One Can Take Away Your Destiny - Angel Chatter

Read the title again.

No One Can Take Away Your Destiny

Period. The End.

Take me for example. While in high school our guidance counselor said I would make a great court reporter. Really? Had never heard of that, but said OK because she was an authority figure! To this day, I believe there was some sort of kick back for THREE of us from the same high school went there.

To my knowledge, not one of us ultimately stuck with it.

Can you see me as a court reporter? Seriously? Obviously I didn't either. 

I jumped into corporate (obviously still in denial of who I am) and became the best administrative assistant, ever - in my eyes certainly. ;) 

I got married - still married to the same guy... going on 34 years.

I left corporate when we had our first child. Became an amazing domestic goddess and raised two rather off the charts magnificent humans.

Obviously still had no clue what my gifts were, let alone how to use them or to BE of service. Certainly I would never EVER change my Momma Bear Title for anything. However, as the younguns grew, it became obvious to everyone, but me, that this role was diminishing and I best find something else to do. 

Enter The Gang, aka the angelic realm. 

Enter The Dunno Years

As The Gang slowly began to wake me up, wing slap me with confirmations with all the 'silly' intuitive games I'd play; who's calling (keep in mind this was long before caller ID and the cell phone invasion), where it 'hurt' (I'd play this with myself while in yoga class. Another's energy would catch my eye and I'd do a quick body scan only to hear them moments later share where and how their body hurt - 99% of the time I got it right). Those were private amusements and certainly encouraging. 

I ventured forth. Took many classes; Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Magnified Healing, Hypnosis, Chakra (first had to learn what a chakra was - true story), Crystals and well you get the idea.

Still had NO idea where it was going and my husband while patient was becoming slightly demanding. Was I going to teach, see clients, etc? 


Insert heavy sighs and multiple eye rolls on his end, but the support kept rolling in. All in the name of Love. 

Inch by Inch, Yard by Yard

Slowly, ever so slowly I emerged. Slowly I BEcame a tad confident. Slowly I BEcame empowered.

Enter Stage Left the Naysayers and doomsday throwers and all around not nice folks.

All in the name of 'love' I would be challenged:

  • How do you know you can do this?
  • Never heard of Reiki
  • Never heard of that angel
  • Smirks, Coughs, endless eye rolls
  • and well you get the idea

THEN came the big guns. Curses and more thrown at me. Yes, people still do curse another and not just in the profanity sort of way. Curses in the sort of way to wish another harm, confusion, etc with failure as the ultimate conclusion. 

It's a real thing. 

Luckily for me I have, while small, a powerful network of goddess to coddle, love on, support and yes wield their own power to pull me through. For I was never and will never back down. 

Destiny awaits us all. 

Inch by inch, yard by yard, I BEcame more confident. I BEcame more powerful. I BEcame more committed of my destiny and while the hows shift on a regular basis, the whys rarely do. 

I'm here to inspire and empower.

How To Stand Taller

Everything I post on social media, OK, almost everything is done with intention. To support you, inspire you and help you to remember your whys, your essence, your destiny. 

There are unfortunately many who work for their paycheck and live for the weekends, vacations and retirement. Don't be one of them. That's surviving, not thriving. It is time to THRIVE. 

The time of surviving is over. It is time that each one of us is excited to embrace the day for we are excited to share our gifts. 

Time to Chat with These AngelS

Yes multiple angels this week.

First up Uriel, Angel of Safety. Do not confuse Uriel and Safety with Michael and Protection. Two very different energies. Uriel reminds you that YOU are safe to BE you. If ALL felt this energy and owned their essence, there would be no war. Repeat, there would be no war. For ALL would know their gifts and would honor others accordingly. True Story.

Use the Askfirmation Why is it safe for me to BE me? This is the quintessential game changer of all game changers

Archangel Uriel Mandala - Angel Chatter


Focus on Uriel's Mandala to the right during any meditations when you desire to get to the core. The core of you. Feel your root chakra expand in its energy and filtering through your BEing reminding you of your essence and why you are needed... NOW.



Archangel Metatron - Angel of Destiny. If you have been with me for a while, Metatron's title does shift, Motivator, Soul's Purpose and more. For the purpose of this blog, he came out with a new one, Angel of Destiny. 

Archangel Metatron Mandala - Angel Chatter

Metatron oversees the Soul Star Chakra - approximately 6" above you head. He lovingly reminds you of your destiny - your whys. If you don't listen or act, you will either:

  • BE severely wing slapped - he has a bit of humor ;)
  • BEcome miserable with life and always overwhelmed.

The latter is due to you not following and pursuing your dreams aka your destiny. I suggest you listen openly and act accordingly. Trust me, you will BE much happier.


Archangel Chamuel - Angel of Self Love

Chamuel oversees, the Heart Chakra, along with Raphael - the Angel of Healing. However, for this week's blog, Self Love is paramount.

Archangel Chamuel Mandala - Angel Chatter

Why paramount? If you are brilliant at ignoring you, your gifts, your interests etc. how can you ever pursue your Destiny? Court Reporting anyone? 

It is when your soul BEgins to stir that you BEgin to remember. It is when you remember those dreams from childhood of how life will BE lived; on your terms. It is the time when you BEgin to put yourself first; albeit somewhat cautiously perhaps initially, but first it is. 


BEgin to combine these three powerhouses in your weekly, if not daily chatting aka meditation. Your life will BEgin to shift and remember, NOBODY can take away your destiny, except you by ignoring it. 

Want more? Perhaps it is indeed time to work together. I have a variety of options; private weekends (one left for 2019), one off reading, 3 month mentorship and just released the YES to Me Program which includes an extended private weekend!

Why? It's time for YOU.





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