Story Time

A Story of a Girl and Her Angels

A long time ago, there was a girl. This girl could see and chat with angels. 

Her friends told her she was weird. Her family wasn't sure what to make of her, even though they loved her very much. School mates didn't spend much time with her. 

This girl spent time dancing, creating and attempting to fit in. She did at times, but mostly she felt like the oddball. 

This girl evetually got married, had children and life was wonderful, but she was still lonely. The angels heard her and came back to play and chat. 

Her winged and haloed friends, the angels. She listened. She learned from them. She began to emerge and help others. She even took classes. However, those classes left her desiring more; they were too quick, she had more unanswered questions and those teachers didn't linger. As soon as the class was over, they too disappeared from her life. 

Others began to ask this now woman to teach them. She was nervous, would she let them down? Could she help them? Could she be there for them? 

Could she?

She can. That woman is me. It's time once again to open the doors to this year's offering of the Angel Chatter Intuitive Course. This course is not just for those that wish to become angel readers. This course is for all who wish to deepen their connection with the angels. 

Your course, for that is exactly how it has been designed, gets revamped annually based on feedback from students. Therefore, each year it improves. Your course is eight months long, certainly not for those that wish a quick fix or dip into feathers. This course will have you dig deeper, soar higher and walk out on the other side with more confidence than ever before that YOU are indeed chatting with angels.

Just like me. 

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Student Retreat for Angel Chatter Students

As a student of the Angel Chatter Authorization Course, you are eligible to attend the annual Student Retreat for an extra fee. All who attended last year's retreat begged for more! Since it is held in our private home, we can only accommodate 20 students and yes only students may attend. Due to the small community gathering, it is simply not fair to those unable to attend to be charged up front. Hence the additional fee. 

We create a very sacred community within our Secret Facebook group and it grows in energy when we meet in person as we dig even deeper. This year's Retreat is already in the planning stages and scheduled for September, 2020. 
Pictures from 2019 Student Retreat
Angel Chatter Student Retreat
Angel Chatter Student Retreat

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